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Let’s Get Healthy: Day Eighty-nine through Ninety-six (AKA Hoo Boy, Redux)

Minutes on treadmill: 30
Resignation level: beyond reasonable belief


Okay, here’s the story. For the past eight days I was not only working ten hours a day, I was also making twelve mermaid doll bodies for a con that happened over the weekend (when I volunteered to run a “Decorate Your Own Mermaid Doll” demo I wasn’t aware that I’d be working a contract gig at the same time). I was literally finishing the day job, then shifting three feet over to my sewing machine and cranking out doll bodies.

Did I walk during that time? I tried to. I think I managed maybe ten, fifteen minutes a day, when I wasn’t doing an exhausted faceplant or having weird anxiety dreams about programming triggers in Storyline. I know I should have been doing the full thirty minutes. It just didn’t work out that way. I didn’t get much sleep last week as it was.

On the plus side, I don’t seem to have gained any weight, which is nice. Then again, I also wasn’t eating much during that time. I also wasn’t doing much of anything beyond working, sewing, feeding the cats, and grabbing a few hours of sleep before getting up to do it all again, which means I’ve lost some gains on mobility and endurance. Boo.

But it is Monday, things are back to normal, and that means yours truly was back on Chuck grinding out the time (and I have the sweaty hair to prove it). Even better, I have some new story ideas that came to me while I was sewing, and I’ll be inputting those into Uncertainty Principle and King of Blades, as well as the holiday novella that I WILL have done by the middle of October, come hell or high water.

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-nine through Eighty-eight (AKA Hoo Boy)

Okay, I didn’t stop this, honest — my laptop died and access to my blog was damn near impossible using my tablet so there it is.

In the last week I’ve had good days and bad days with regards to walking (didn’t do any on the 10th because I felt like crap), my actual period started on Wednesday and is progressing normally (which means I’ve bloated up like a sick camel), and today I spent fifteen minutes on the treadmill and 2-3 hours cleaning the upstairs bathroom that used to be Ramón’s baliwick but will be used by me as well from this point onwards because I’m working in my office and don’t want to keep going to the master bathroom when I have to pee.

And yes, it took that long. No, it’s not because the room was absolutely disgusting — he does tend to clean up after himself. But the light of my life is also a ginormous pack rat who tends to store stuff wherever he can find a flat surface, so much of the cleaning was me sorting through piles of printouts stacked haphazardly on the counter and trying to figure out where the hell a given item 1) was and 2) where it was actually supposed to reside.

But the bathroom is clean now, and it will stay clean from this point onward. It’s also the one with the non-functional tub (we replaced the drain earlier in the year and managed to crack the drain pipe in the process), so if all things go well on the job front the nasty old tub will be yanked sometime in November and replaced with a beautiful tiled shower stall. You’d better believe I’m collecting pictures of stalls and dreaming of subway tile and a lovely glass door.

Which reminds me, I have to clean the downstairs bathroom tomorrow. Oh, the glamorous life of a writer…

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-eight (AKA Improving Slowly)

Time on Treadmill: 10 minutes.
Pain level: Looking longingly at the ibuprofen but I don’t desperately need it

Yeah, I know — it looks like I’m going backwards. I’m still not sleeping all that great so I did ten minutes on the treadmill, then swept the dining room, kitchen, and library (cat hair gets everywhere) to get some more movement in because the thought of getting back on the treadmill made me want to cry. I think I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow, however, because tomorrow is Saturday and that means I can sleep as long as I like. So even if I do get a couple of pain flareups during the night I don’t have to get up at Oh Dark Thirty for work.

The ironic thing? There’s nothing in my contract that says I have to maintain business hours — I could work at night if I wanted to. But it’s easier to be up at 8 AM so that you can field any phone calls coming in from clients, so that’s what I do.

In more creative news, I plan on bingeing on jewelry and writing this weekend, since my dear friend Cinco sent me yet more sterling silver flatware handed down by her great-grandmother, just waiting to be turned into jewelry (I already have a design in mind for one spoon handle), plus matching earrings for that vintage 1920s art deco pendant, and a cool sterling silver piece set with malachite that I unfortunately killed by putting it in the pickle jar (live and learn. I also now have a LOT of copper-concentrated pickle that I need to evaporate before I can send the crystals off to the Hazardous Waste center. When I’m not doing that, I’ll be working on Shifter Woods: Growl and King of Blades, whee!

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-seven (AKA Still Ow)

Time on Treadmill: 20 minutes.
Pain level: Not quite at “I want to cut my leg off” levels anymore, but not fun

To be bluntly honest, I didn’t sleep last night, so I feel moderately horrible today. Every time I tried to move (and I toss and turn a lot), the leg would start screaming and wake me up so most of the night was spent dozing fitfully between moments of, “HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK?”

Gentle, slow walking helps and that’s why I managed to get twenty minutes done today, but by the end of the day my leg was hurting so badly that I couldn’t even bend down to slip on my gymshoes. That’s when I decided to heed my age and call it a night. That being said, the pain level is definitely improving, even if it’s still not fun, so I’m hoping to be back to normal by Monday.

Writing … yeah, no.

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-six (AKA Ow)

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Pain level: Oh fuck

Okay. I have a home office, but I use a Mac as my desktop and my current contract requires a PC so I’ve been using a PC laptop in the dining room. Which has wooden chairs, which I’ve just spent two days sitting on for a total of twenty hours. Yes, I took breaks and got on the treadmill, but by the time I’d wrapped up the work day the back of my left thigh was throbbing like a rotten tooth.

I know exactly what this is — I’ve done it before during marathon quilting sessions. I basically compressed the muscle and nerves back there. See the middle muscle in the triple bunches shown at left? It feels like someone has jammed a knife in there and is wiggling it back and forth. Bending/lifting the leg (as in going up and down stairs) or squatting to sit down hurts even more.

No, this isn’t deep vein thrombosis. I’m fully hydrated, I’m not showing any other signs, and I’ve had this before. Unfortunately, the only thing that will fix it is to not sit in the dining room anymore and tincture of time. I’m taking ibu, but it’s only dulling the top layer of pain. Looks like I’ll be working in the living room from my chair there for the rest of the week, and then I have got to sort out a work place in my office.

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-five (AKA That’s Better)

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Bio Breaks: Pretty much lived in the bathroom today.

Between the progesterone, the supplements, the walking time on the treadmill, and the Synthroid, both my bladder and my GI tract have been quite active today in getting rid of yesterday’s culinary adventure. Hoo boy.

Unfortunately there’s still a lot of crap in the air and it’s causing all the usual symptoms, plus a fair amount of coughing. The weather predictions said that temps were supposed to drop down into the low nineties this week, but now it seems that temps will be going back up to 99°F and thereabouts for Wednesday through Friday. Between the ozone and the ragweed, going outside is an adventure in testing my pulmonary limits.

Today was also my first 10-hour day on the current contract, which was topped off by a somewhat complicated dinner so no fiction writing went on today. Once I get on a regular schedule, that should change. I hope.

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-four (AKA Oh, Dear)

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Water retention: Off the charts

Because writers don’t actually get holidays, weekends, or vacations, my writer group met tonight to crit one of our member’s latest submissions. The only problem was, the restaurant where we usually meet was closed (“We’ve had lots of meetings there on Labor Day and it’s never been closed,” our glorious leader was heard to grouse).

Luckily, there was a restaurant around the corner of this strip mall that was open, so we met there. Well, I say “luckily.” Normally I adore this particular type of food, but today’s outing was easily one of the weirdest dining experiences I’ve ever had (there were two servers, both of them well over sixty, neither spoke English all that well, and submitting an order was an adventure. Getting silverware, for one thing, was ridiculously difficult. Getting the actual food was even more so. I can only assume that they were doing their best to chase us out so that they could close and go home). The food was also very, very spiced (and more than a little oversalted), and as a result I am retaining water like you would not believe. It’ll come off in a day or so, I know, but dang.

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-three (AKA Wait, it’s September?)

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Time sense: Somewhat confused.

Well, it’s not all that surprising, considering that 1) it’s a three day weekend of which, 2) I worked one day. Which is why I’m not sure if today is Saturday or Sunday, gut-wise.

It doesn’t help that the weather is fluctuating again, which is not doing my allergies any help whatsoever. I take Claritin in the morning and Chlor-Trimeton at night, and my nose is still running like a tap and various joints are sore as hell. I was planning on taking it easy today, but the cats still need to be fed, laundry still needs to be done, and food still needs to be procured.

On the plus side, I did finally put together a sterling spoon pendant (frigging thing was fighting me all the way) and that’s in the tumbler now so I feel like I achieved something today. With regards to writing, we’re watching Carnival Row and for some reason it keeps prompting scenes from books in the Pacifica Rising series, don’t ask me why. My brain is a weird place.

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-two (AKA Yep, Definitely In Perimenopause) #romancefit

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Energy level: Improving.

The Shark-Week-That-Wasn’t-A-Shark-Week gave up the ghost after two days, so I decided screw it and started to use the progesterone cream again, which means the retained water is coming off nicely and, um, how to put this politely, my GI tract is working overtime. So healthwise everything seems to be good.

I finished my first day back at a contract job feeling like I have a good handle on everything, and as I suspected I slept like a log last night and didn’t have any anxiety dreams, which was fabulous. I will be working tomorrow to make up for the holiday on Monday, but that’s cool — it means I’ll get a nice paycheck for August that, combined with what I have in the bank and what Ramón should be getting from his former employer as a last paycheck, will cover the mortgage, our two non-utilities bills, and leave enough left over to eat on for September. His unemployment should kick in soon, which will help even more, and then I will be getting a rather chunky paycheck for all the ten hour days I’ll be working in September. If Ramón manages to get a job within the next two weeks (and recruiters keep contacting him, but I had to remind him that this is a holiday weekend and everything probably bogged off after lunch so that’s why he’s not hearing anything today) things will definitely be looking up.

Writing-wise, didn’t do bubkes for the last couple of days, which is understandable, but I hope to get back to it this weekend and knock out some serious wordage. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

Let’s Get Healthy: Day Seventy-one (AKA Looking Forward To The Holiday Weekend) #romancefit

Time on Treadmill: 0 minutes.
Mood: Exhausted.

Yeah, I bailed today, and I’m sorry about that. The anxiety dreams and my natural sleep cycle mean that I’ve been getting maybe five hours of sleep a night and to be honest I’m fricking exhausted.

But that will all change because I found out what the schedule is like for September and what I’ll be expected to deliver, and it’s all well within my wheelhouse. I figure I should sleep well tonight and pop up tomorrow bright and early and ready to finish the current module.

In the meantime, I did slope off to the local Mediterranean buffet place because I was starving and didn’t have the energy to cook, so at least I ate healthily? Relatively healthily? I mean, cauliflower was in there, as was roasted chicken and other veggies and lentils. Okay, I had some baklava for dessert, don’t @ me.