Paladins of Crystal

Crystal Shard (Paladins of Crystal 1)

A week ago I was working at Sav-R-Mart. Now I’m helping five gorgeous shifters track down a stolen pendant. It beats cleaning up on Aisle Nine.

I’m only twenty-one and I’m already tired of being broke, getting harassed by my boss, and life in general. So I asked the universe for a change.

That’s when I got pulled into another world where magic, gods, and shifters are real. Now I have an absent-minded muse, brand-new magical powers that I can’t quite control … and the Buff Lords. Five huge, hot, dangerous paladins who can turn into Big Cats. And I’m supposed to help them recover a stolen royal necklace.

But as I soon find out, all they really want is me…

Crystal Blade (Paladins of Crystal 2)


Crystal Reflection (Paladins of Crystal 3)


Crystal Citadel (Paladins of Crystal 4)


Crystal Empress (Paladins of Crystal 5)