Crystal Shard (Paladins of Crystal Book 1)

A week ago I was working at Sav-R-Mart. Now I’m helping five gorgeous shifters track down a stolen pendant. It beats cleaning up on Aisle Nine.

I’m only twenty-one and I’m already tired of being broke, getting harassed by my boss, and life in general. So I asked the universe for a change.

That’s when I got pulled into another world where magic, gods, and shifters are real. Now I have an absent-minded muse, brand-new magical powers that I can’t quite control … and the Buff Lords. Five huge, hot, dangerous paladins who can turn into Big Cats. And I’m supposed to help them recover a stolen royal necklace.

But as I soon find out, all they really want is me…

Excerpt available here.

  • Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance
  • Word Count: 80,000
  • Heat Level: 4
  • Published By: Belaurient Press

Content Advisory


Rated Five Stars. “This high fantasy romance is a slow-burn reverse harem with an exciting storyline, great mystery elements, a take-charge sarcastic heroine, five deliciously handsome paladins, secret identities, shifters, and sizzling chemistry.”
— BookBub Reviewer

Rated Five Stars. “Funny, snarky, and sexy. Bring it on!”
— Archaeolibrarian

Rated Five Stars. “This is the first book in a new series by the author, a fantastically written story with some twists and turns.
— Beth, Archaeolibrarian

Rated Five Stars. “Oooooohhhhh! I loved this! I really did!
— Debbie, Archaeolibrarian

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My idiot muse lowered the glass of red wine she’d been sipping and beamed at me. “Hello, darling. How are you getting on?”

I still wanted to smack her so hard. “Just dandy, no thanks to you,” I snapped. “After I almost got eaten by a forest cat and you ran out on me, I got picked up by a Shaper and her family. By the way, you didn’t pay for my meal.”

She seemed puzzled. “Where would I get money from, darling?”

“That’s a you problem. And I can do Shaper magic as well, plus I’ve been drafted by a pair of royal paladins, whatever those are, and they’re expecting me to be able to shape etherium knots. Which I can’t even though I have an instruction book because when you whacked those languages into my skull you didn’t include how to read them!”

Taina leisurely tucked a lock of multicolored hair behind her ear. “Can’t one of them read it to you? Or better yet, teach you how to read?”

“They can, and one is. That’s not the point,” I snapped. “You left me in the middle of nowhere with no money, no idea of where I was supposed to go, or what I was supposed to do!”

“I know,” she said simply. “And it’s started you on the road to your destiny. Now you know you’re a Metal Talent and you’re learning how to shape and source. That’s a very good thing, darling.”

Was it possible to get a migraine in a dream? I rubbed my forehead anyway. “I still blow up tracker charms, though.”

“Well, you’re just starting out,” she allowed. “What about the paladins?”

“What about them? They’re big, dangerous, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to kill me if I can’t make an e-knot.” They were also gorgeous and the insane part of my brain wanted to jump them, but I was damned if I would admit to any of that.

The bitch burst into giggles. “No, darling, they won’t kill you, I promise you.”

I wish I had a tisane. It would’ve been wonderful to have something to throw in her face. “So says the woman who abandoned me.”

“Demigoddess,” she corrected. “And you’ll figure out how to make an etherium knot. As for your paladins, I suspect they want to speak with you.”

She nodded behind me. I turned and saw Lords Bozo and Chiem waiting for me at the back door. “Great. Now I have to deal with them in my dreams, too?”

“My goodness, you’re far too grim for someone your age,” Taina said, still smiling. “Go with them. I believe you’ll learn much about them, as well as yourself.”

Not like I had a choice because just then the bar disappeared and Chiem, Karev, and I were back in that wooded clearing where we’d parked. The air felt warmer, though, and there was a full moon overhead that lit the space like a spotlight.

Chiem sauntered up to me, taking off his hat and running a hand through his thick, dark hair. I could smell something woody and warm on the breeze—sandalwood?

He smiled. “You know we won’t hurt you, Crystal.”

I tried to step back and bumped into Karev. How the hell had he gotten behind me? “We have no intention of hurting you,” Lord Bozo … purred? “Unless you ask very, very nicely, of course.”

I had a voice kink, and thanks to his accent and that sexy purr I could feel my nipples tightening and the muscles between my thighs clenching hard. “I don’t want either of you to hurt me,” I got out breathlessly.

“Then we won’t.” Chiem closed the distance between us, his hands coming up to cup my face. I could feel the heat radiating from his body and wanted to lean into it. “All we’ll bring you is pleasure.”

“As much pleasure as you like,” Karev murmured, pressing gently against me from behind as his hands rested on my hips. I’d become the filling in a Buff Lord sandwich. “We’ll do anything you want, princess.”

Princess. I liked that. My lips had gone dry and I licked them. “Anything?”

“Oh, yes,” Chiem murmured. “All you have to do is ask.”

I could do that. My head buzzed with deliciously dirty scenes from the steamy romances on my reader app. I’d never told anyone, not even Trish, how many of them were menage romances. Going to bed with two men who were completely focused on me and my pleasure had always been my hottest fantasy.

And now I got to live it. Well, dream it. But that’s even better. I can do whatever I like in a dream and no one will ever know.

I leaned back against Karev, reaching up and linking my arms around his neck. “Okay, then. Kiss me.”

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