Esposito County Shifters

Shifter Woods: Howl (Esposito County Shifters 1)

Snowbound in a cabin with a gorgeous Alpha. How am I supposed to resist that?

When I’m not trying to hide being a coyote shifter in the middle of Albuquerque, NM, I’m a reporter. All I ever wanted to do was get the story. The last thing I expected was to wind up on the run from traffickers on Sandia Crest.

No. The last thing I expected was to be rescued by Sheriff Caleb Lynch. Tall, cowboy sexy, snarky … and an Alpha coyote shifter. Just like the one who tried to wreck my life when I was a teenager.

Did I mention that I have problems with Alphas?

Now we’re stuck in his cabin while a blizzard hits the crest, and I’m going into heat. My body wants his so badly … but can I trust an Alpha with my heart?

Shifter Woods: Roar (Esposito County Shifters 2)

Okay, so he can turn into a bear. Didn’t expect that.

After three years of fighting in the MMA almost killed me, I did the smart thing and got into photojournalism. At least, I thought it was the smart thing until I got separated from my partner on the side of a freaking mountain while tracking down a story, then a blizzard hit, then I got stranded in this smoking hot guy’s cabin.

One little problem. Turns out smoking hot guy’s a bear shifter. Oh, and he thinks I’m his mate. I’m totally down for some hot and dirty funtime, but someone who’s fated to be my soulmate? Is that even real?

And what if I want it?

Shifter Woods: Snarl (Esposito County Shifters 3)

I’ve got a lone wolf shifter who looks at me like I’m his kitty girl. But my dad’s ready to turn him into cougar chow.

Running the family ski resort on Sandia Crest made me one busy cougar shifter until Jack Hawthorne turned up. An Alpha wolf shifter and former SEAL, he lost his pack to his brother while he was serving, so he needs a job. And Dad, who was Jack’s former commanding officer, wants him to work here.

Which is fine. But now I have this tall, gorgeous wolf shifter heating up my dreams and making my life even more complicated. Meanwhile, Dad is on my case to find a mate.

Trouble is, the one male who is completely off limits is Jack. We’ll see about that…

Shifter Woods: Growl (Esposito County Shifters 4)

Cougar shifter Denise Elgin is a single mom who just wants a quiet life. But when tiger shifter/FBI agent Marco Fontaine shows up in her back yard asking for help, Denise winds up involved in the federal takedown of a cartel kingpin.

Marco can’t stop thinking about the beautiful cougar shifter he met after he escaped from Sugar Bear Daughtry. He knows his growing attraction to Denise could put both her and her daughter in danger, forcing him to ignore his growing attraction to Denise. But when the Daughtry cartel strikes back, Marco must use all of his skills, both tiger and human, to protect the female he loves.