Working It Out

Over at the Evernight Readers Group page on Facebook, there’s a Flash Fiction Friday contest that features flash fiction written by Evernight authors for a specific prompt. This is a flash piece that takes place a few days after the end of Storm Season, and the prompt was “cameo.”

Ian arched into the massage as skilled fingers worked out the knots in his back and left arm. “The next time your father wants to teach me how to control the weather, remind me to say no,” he mumbled into the pillow.

Overhead, Aphros chuckled. “Rather hard to say no to Poseidon, love.”

“Watch me. And why does my back hurt? All I was doing was pointing my trident at the sky.”

“It’s heavier than it looks, plus you have to channel your power through it. That takes a toll on your muscles.”

The fingers left his skin, and Ian moaned as a spill of warm oil coursed over his upper back. It felt like liquid sunlight, soaking deep into his sore muscles. “Oooh, that’s good.”

Aphros continued his sinfully enjoyable massage, hands moving lower down Ian’s body with each stroke. When Ian felt them caressing his ass, he wriggled. “Is By going to make a cameo appearance, or is it just us?” he said over his shoulder.

The demigod’s smile was anticipatory. “It seems I have you all to myself, love. Any complaints?”

Ian felt the first slick press of a finger and sighed happily. “None at all.”

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