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A Theory of Crystal

Yeah, so, um, I was a little distracted in March due to my cat’s illness and death, and I kinda forgot to add A Theory of Crystal (Paladins of Crystal Novella 1) to the website. It’s available on Amazon and in KU, so enjoy!

Holy gods. There’s three of them. And they’re all gorgeous.

Rebellious farm girl Yelena Kozar has come up with a solution to get out of an unwanted marriage—disguise herself as a boy and run away to the capital. Before she can start her new life, however, she meets three handsome scholars who are trying to unlock one of the greatest secrets of magic.

Yelena convinces them to hire “Yul” as their assistant, but as she works alongside the scholars she soon finds herself drawn to each of them. When they discover her secret and fall in love with her, Yelena dares to dream of a future with her men—until a deadly magical object threatens all of their lives…


Shifter Woods: Claw now available

Shifter Woods: Claw, the fourth and final novella in the COMPLETE Esposito County Shifters series is now available on Amazon and Smashwords, and will be available from all ebook outlets in a few days!

Broke and on the run, she didn’t expect to find safety with a big, grumpy wolf shifter. But can he protect her from the humans who want her dead?

A halfling wolf shifter, Angela never felt like she belonged in the human or shifter realms. But when she gets sold out to the Chicago Outfit and has to run for her life, something guides her to Esposito County and the wolf pack leader who agrees to take care of her. But she’s not going to fall in love with him, and she’s definitely not his mate.

He assumed he was going to be alone for the rest of his life. And then a beautiful brunette showed up with trouble on her tail…

As leader of the local wolf pack, Matt’s life is one of lonely duty until he rescues a lovely halfling with a hauntingly familiar scent. She’s everything he ever wanted in a mate, and she’s running from deadly trouble. But Matt knows how to handle trouble and will destroy anyone who tries to take his angel away from him.


Shifter Woods: Growl now available

Shifter Woods: Growl, the technically fourth but listed as third (because I am not J.R. Ward and cannot mix MF and MM stories in a series) novella in the Esposito County Shifters series is now available on Amazon and KU!

I knew he was trouble from the first moment I saw him. But I can’t resist trouble…

Life in Esposito County, NM is good for cougar shifters like me. I have a job, a fine little girl, and all the peace and quiet I could want. But when a tiger shifter/FBI agent with a honey-sweet Cajun accent and the body of a Greek god showed up asking for help, I couldn’t say no.

Especially when I looked into those gorgeous amber eyes. I was lost.

Next thing I know, I’m in bed with him. Then I get involved in his case and someone starts hunting both of us. If that wasn’t enough, I’m starting to hear his thoughts. That only happens with bonded couples, and there’s no way I can be mated to this gorgeous outsider.

Or is there?