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Palace of Scoundrels now available


The deliciously sexy sequel to Empress of Storms and book #2 in my Two Thrones series is now available from Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords,


Trickster hits #1 in Gay Romance on



Trickster, my coyote shifter M/M erotic romance, was recently sold to Me and the Muse Publishing for translation into German. After a very successful pre-order, the German translation of Trickster debuted at #1 in’s gay romance category, and is currently #162 in’s Kindle bestseller list! If you enjoy reading hot, hilarious M/M shifter romances in German, hie thee to and pick up a copy!


Empress of Storms now available


Yes, it’s here! My MF high fantasy erotic romance Empress of Storms is now available from Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords, and a print edition is available from CreateSpace!


Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition reviewed in USA TODAY


WELL then! The Bad Alpha anthos just got a very, very nice write-up in USA Today. Congrats to all my fellow authors!


Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition now available from Evernight Publishing

BadAlhaMM-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-3DrenderOrder your copy of BAD ALPHA: Manlove Edition TODAY!

Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition features a select collection of stories with shifters so ruthless they will stop at nothing to protect their pack. These aren’t sugar-and-spice heroes. Our alphas are feared, inked, and don’t ask questions first. They take what they want, never give in to their enemies, and think love is for the weak—until they meet their mate. Are you ready to learn how to tame a savage heart?

And yep, my story “Bully Boys” leads off Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition!

When Victorian solicitor Arthur Finter cuts down a dangerous London alley, he stumbles upon pit bull shifter Alpha Gunner Jones in the middle of a dogfight. The hardnosed bully boy scents Arthur and recognizes him as his mate, but will a rival shifter pack separate them before Gunner can lay final claim to Arthur?