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Re-release of Grading the Curve now available

My second release of 2019 is 1) a re-release of my very first M/F romance Grading the Curve and 2) my first Natasha M. Stark release, the name I’ll be using for contemporary romances. The reason why it’s taken four months to get GtC out is that this version has been significantly expanded from the original, going from 15,000 words to a nice chunky 30,000 with more exposition about Ellen, Alex, and their assorted friends and a more immediate threat to the new couple. It’s gotten thumbs up from all the betas, so I’m really hoping that y’all will enjoy it as well.

Ellen Novak is a scholarship student who just wants to get her college degree and start her life after years of financial struggle. Alexander Cord is a widowed English professor who hides his loneliness behind a sardonic facade.

School rules have kept them at arm’s length all year long. But on the last night of Ellen’s college career, the two of them risk everything to find out if their mutual attraction is more than a classroom crush.


New merch is now up at Zazzle!

Zazzle sent me a polite email today explaining that if I didn’t upload any new items I would be charged a non-contributing account fee. Since I wanted to come up with long-promised logos for various stories anyway, I took this as impetus to come up with some new merchandise designs.

The first up is the official company logo and tagline for Trickster Technology, the coyote shifter-owned cybersecurity company featured in Trickster. You can now buy Trickster Tech t-shirts in mens’ and womens’ sizes, a lovely Trickster Tech coffee mug, and Trickster Tech stickers in your choice of sizes, perfect to stick on your laptop and scare off any potential hackers. Woo!

Next up are logos for Mayhew Nurseries, the Esposito County Sheriff’s Department, and the Pacifica Protectorate. It’s good to be a graphic artist!


Re-release of A Boon by Moonlight now available

My first release of 2019 is a re-release of my M/M fantasy romance short A Boon by Moonlight — or as I like to describe it, “boy meets Sidhe/boy asks Sidhe for favor/Sidhe asks boy for bow chika bow bow in return.” Originally released in 2013 by Evernight Publishing, the Belaurient Press version has been re-edited and the associated short story “Snow Day” has been included.

Zach Mayhew is willing to do anything for his dying grandmother, even find a fairy ring and beg that she be allowed to spend her last days in Faerie. But when a gorgeous Sidhe noble demands a night in his bed in return, Zach learns that a boon asked by moonlight can have unexpected consequences for his heart.


Behind the Iron Cross now available

My new historical novel Behind the Iron Cross is now available from Amazon, Smashwords, and other online retailers for only 99¢. Get in on this lush, sexy tale set in between-the-wars Berlin while it’s still at its sale price!

In the hedonistic wonderland of Cabaret-era Berlin…

…where money can buy you anything you desire…

…and love comes with a pink rose and a practiced smile…

The year is 1923, the Great War is over, and Berlin has become the manic playground of Europe’s elite. Against a glittering background of nightclubs and hot jazz, a sensual American heiress, a wounded playboy, and a desperate German army officer forge a decadent pact of pleasure. But their nights of uninhibited passion soon lead to a forbidden emotional connection, one that will threaten their future … and their lives.