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Free books at Smashwords!

I’m participating in the big holiday sale at Smashwords this year, and all of my series starters (Storm Season, Empress of Storms, Degree of Resistance, Shadow of the Swan, and To My Muse) are FREE until the end of the year! If you haven’t read any of them yet, head on over and check them out!


Come see Nicola in Vegas!

I am fully vaccinated, have gotten my booster shot and flu shot, and thus I will be heading to Las Vegas to attend 20Booksto50K® 2021 at Bally’s on the Strip!

What is 20Booksto50K® 2021, you ask? Why, it’s one of the most amazing indie author and publisher convention in the world, where we gather to learn how to improve both our craft and our business acumen. I’m bringing a notebook and I hope to come home with all kinds of good intel on how to create effective ads and improve my promotion game.

But wait, there’s more! There is going to be an enormous signing event at the hotel on Friday, November 12. It’s free (although you may have to pay for parking), and I’ll be bringing two complete sets of my Two Thrones books as well as a selection of other titles. If you want to pick up some absolutely stupendous books by talented indie authors, come on by and check it out!


King of Blades is up for a Swoon Award!

The new Swoon Awards are now on their semi-final rounds for 2020, and King of Blades is in the Fantasy Romance category! If you enjoyed the book and would like to see it go to the final round, please click here to go to the voting page (the actual voting survey is about halfway down the page).


Cross Current now available

Okay, all you Olympic Cove fans, get ready because Cross Current (Olympic Cove Book Four) is finally available, woohoo! You can get it from Amazon and other ebook retailers, and the print version will be out next week. (And I’m musing about writing a short story that details how Fionn and Duncan met in Boston. Hey, it all started with a bar fight in a mer bar––you know you want to read that!)

And Matt thought being a high school teacher was tough…

Fresh from a divorce, history teacher Matt Taber decides to rent a cottage on Olympic Cove and relax before school starts up in the fall. But the Fates have other plans for him, in the form of four mates––a gentle giant of a merman and three selkies who have to satisfy a royal demand––and a change of career.

Can Matt adjust to this new reality before the Mad Nereid starts spreading yet more chaos in Olympic Cove, or will he lose his mates––and his life?


One Sweet Christmas now available

Welp, I finally did it! My GBBO-influenced holiday romance One Sweet Christmas (written as Natasha M. Stark) is now available on Amazon for $2.99, or you can read it through Kindle Unlimited. If you like flirty banter over Genoise batter, this is the holiday read for you!

Take a Colorado ski town at Christmas, add a handsome baker, an unemployed personal assistant, and a dash of social media panic, and stir…

PA Rose Shaffer doesn’t believe in Hallmark moments or small town romance. So when her car breaks down in a Colorado ski town a few days before Christmas, she does her best to ignore the hot local baker—until she gets roped into helping him make an emergency wedding cake. Now she has to placate a Bridezilla social media influencer, pull off a genuine baking miracle, and resist the lure of chocolate eyes and a cinnamon roll heart.

Eric Kaufman thinks he’s finally lived down his failure on Let’s Bake, America! after a social media influencer picks him to bake her wedding cake. But when disaster strikes, a pretty stranger has to help him pull off the bake of a lifetime. To his dismay, he finds himself falling for the smart, funny Rose, even though she’s on her way to LA. Can he talk her into giving small town life—and him—a chance?