I Can’t Take You Anywhere

Over at the Evernight Readers Group page on Facebook, there’s a Flash Fiction Friday contest that runs every week, and features flash fiction written by Evernight authors for a specific prompt. In February I wrote a flash piece set in the same universe as “A Boon by Moonlight.” Somehow, I suspect that I’ll be writing more about these two.

“You realize you’re a glutton for punishment, yes?” Jerrek said lazily, taking a sip of his drink.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Zach muttered, trying to keep his mind off the long, flexible foot that was now making its unholy way up his calf. He just thought it would be nice to take his new boyfriend (if that word could be applied to an exiled Sidhe noble — knowing Jerrek, he probably thought of Zach as his concubine) out for a meal.

He didn’t count on the sidhe’s playful side. “Jerrek–”

“You’re the one who wanted to go out and eat,” Jerrek said mildly, as the ball of his foot slid past Zach’s knee. “I wanted to go home. If we must eat here, I may as well entertain myself while we’re waiting for our meals.”

Zach sucked in a breath as Jerrek’s foot found his groin, massaging the firm ridge forming under the denim there. Swallowing hard, he reached out and snagged a passing waiter. “Check, please?” he managed.

Jerrek smiled, flexing his toes again. “Good boy.”

  1. Yes please! Loved their story!

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