Free Reads

Because everyone likes free stuff, I’ll be putting short stories for your reading pleasure up here as time permits. Click, read, enjoy!

Flash Fiction

  • Give In / Closer to the Beast / All For One / Sleep
    A quartet of flash fiction pieces set in a to-be-written Victorian paranormal erotic romance.
  • I Can’t Take You Anywhere
    A flash fiction piece set in the Boon by Moonlight universe. Zach wants to have a nice dinner out. Jerrek has other plans.
  • Cover Boy
    A flash fiction excerpt from a planned MF contemporary erotic romance. Book cover artist Lauren finds herself falling for an enigmatic photographer she’s never met. Yet.
  • Working It Out
    A flash fiction piece in the Olympic Cove universe. Ian has achy muscles from learning to use his trident. Aphros kindly helps out.

Short Stories

  • Prelude to a Storm
    A prequel to Storm Season and Breaker Zone. Ian does a good deed, and winds up with two new friends.
  • Snow Day
    A short story set in the Boon by Moonlight universe. Zach and Jerrek get stuck in the house due to that darned polar vortex. Whatever will they do to stay warm?