Pacifica Rising

In 2040, Evie Contreras is a rogue cybertech in the Pacifica Protectorate, apprenticing herself to master engineers to learn their trade. When she finds out that the protectorate lied to her about the death of her fiancé Ben Drake, she risks everything to rescue him from cyborg slavery. In doing so, she will set out on a path of discovery that just might save the future of mankind.

Degree of Resistance (Pacifica Rising 1)

Twelve years ago, the government told Evie that the man she loved was dead. They lied. Now she will risk everything to get him back, even if he doesn’t remember her…

Freelance tech Evie Contreras works for the Pacifica Protectorate, the “perfect society” that rose from the ruins of the West Coast after Civil War II. But Evie knows about Pacifica’s festering core and the secrets that keep it in power. And when she discovers that Pacifica turned her fiancé Ben into a cyborg soldier/slave, she will risk everything to rescue him.

Saving Ben is the first step in a deadly game between Pacifica and a shadowy resistance group known as Rubicon. In return for Rubicon’s help, Evie must retrieve a hidden artificial intelligence that may hold the key to protecting Earth from a deadly new disaster.

Assuming Pacifica doesn’t find it—and her—first.