Shifter Woods: Howl

She’s snowbound in a cabin with a gorgeous Alpha. Problem is, she doesn’t like or trust Alphas…

Laurie lives by two rules: 1) as a reporter, always get the story, and 2) as a coyote shifter, stay away from overbearing Alphaholes. That is, until she runs into tall, gorgeous Alpha Caleb Lynch while investigating a human trafficking story. When a blizzard strands them in his cabin, Cal’s stubbled good looks and irresistible scent make Laurie’s coyote sit up and howl. But she can’t risk letting this Stetson-wearing cinnamon roll of an Alpha anywhere near her heart…

All he wanted was to be left alone. And then he met her…

After Cal loses his mate he assumes he’s going to spend the rest of his life alone … until he finds a wet, shivering reporter wandering near his cabin on Sandia Crest. As soon as he scents Laurie he knows he’s been given a second chance at love. Laurie may not like or trust Alphas, but that isn’t going to stop Cal. He’ll use all of his coyote cunning to claim this clever, feisty female.

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  • Paranormal Romance, MF
  • Word Count: 26,000
  • Heat Level: 4
  • Published By: Belaurient Press

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Content Advisory


Rated Five Stars. “The meeting (and bantering) of two coyote shifters during the course of an investigation is sweetly done, with just the right amount of sass, backstory and compassion to make a reader warm up to the characters.”
– Amazon review

Rated Five Stars. “This is a sweet, sweet romance and I enjoyed it so much. I’m looking forward to additional novellas in this series. I recommend this book and series to all lovers of shifter stories.
– Becky Condit, Amazon review

Rated Four Stars. “I really enjoyed this story. Laurie and Caleb are intriguing characters. Neither is in the market for a mate, but the chemistry between the two is undeniable. Both the romance and suspense aspects of the story are well developed and totally absorbing. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.
– Maura, Coffee Time Romance & More

Rated Four Stars. “With a full story that is hot and steamy in places packed within the pages, this is sure to delight.”
– Merissa, The Romance Reviews

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Upstairs, Caleb stretched out in the big, comfortable bed, remembering how Paul Sleeping Turtle, Mike Ivanov and he had used some stout ropes and a lot of good-natured cursing to haul the mattress and box spring and over the loft railing. Anna had stood well out of the way downstairs, laughing at their language as they’d sweated and lugged the damn things upward. That night, however, she’d rewarded him in the newly installed bed, and Mike cheerfully baited him the next day about hearing the noise from a good mile away.

He’d never brought another woman to the cabin after Anna’s death, never even wanted to. But Laurie was different. He could smell her even up here, her essence rising with the heat from the fireplace and perfuming the loft with the smell of warm, sweet female in heat and in need of a good fucking.

He had no idea why Laurie had suddenly gone into heat while he was doing the dishes, but the change in her scent was unmistakable. Granted, sometimes an unmated Alpha could send a young, untried female into heat from simple proximity. But Laurie Rivera had to be in her early thirties, and if she was a virgin he’d eat his badge. The view he’d caught of her in the reflection of the kitchen window was of a female openly eyeing him and liking what she saw.

He grinned at the hand-hewn beams overhead. You know damn well what it means. She’s my mate, whether she likes it or not.

Which, ironically, was the problem. From what she’d told him, she was skittish as hell about the idea of being claimed. He couldn’t blame her, considering her experiences with her first Alpha. But it certainly messed up any chance he had with her, as well. And he didn’t have the luxury of taking his time and courting her, letting her get to know him over time. The moment the plows came through in the morning, Mike and this Gavin guy would be at the cabin to pick her up. After that, Laurie would be back in the city with her career and her life, never to return.

Albuquerque isn’t that far, though.

Oh, yeah? When was the last time you were there? The last time you had time to go there?

His subconscious—or his coyote, he wasn’t sure—had a point. He had to act tonight before he lost her. So, time to be sneaky.

He kicked off the blanket, bracing as the cool air hit his bare skin. He usually didn’t sleep naked during winter, but he wanted as much of his own aroma circulating as possible. He’d made a vow, yes, and he would keep it … unless Laurie gave him permission to break it. And the best way to make happen would be to tempt her upstairs with the scent of his desire and the promise of fulfilling her own.

Running a hand over his chest, he brushed the firm nub of a nipple and the crisp hair that led in a trail down to his groin. He followed it now, wrapping a hand around his soft cock and squeezing. It twitched at the stimulation; when he squeezed again, running his thumb over the upper ridge of the head, it began to thicken lazily.

He started a light, teasing stroke, not enough to get himself off but more than enough to get fully hard. Closing his eyes, he imagined Laurie climbing the stairs to the loft and his bed. The mattress would dip a bit as she climbed on it, moving on all fours to him. He knew she was the kind of female who, when her mind was made up, would stake her claim. There would be no fear, no anger, nothing but need and the deep knowledge that they belonged together.

He pictured her straddling his thighs, bending over to give him a deep, luscious kiss. Her breasts would swing forward and he could cup them, relishing the firm weight of them in each hand before he leaned up to take a nipple in his mouth. He already knew how the salt of her sweat and the sweet spice of her skin would taste, and how to rub the velvet flat of his tongue across the nub to make her gasp. He wanted to learn all the sounds she made in bed, the feminine moans and sighs that were music to a male’s ears.

His sweet female would be eager that first time, taking him in hand and guiding his straining cock between her legs. He groaned as he imagined the hot, wet squeeze of her sliding down around him, a perfect fit that would drive him out of his mind. She’d start riding him, her breasts jiggling with each rise and fall, and that perfect friction building between cock and cunt, all hot juices and slippery softness and his dick going deeper and deeper into her until he could feel the electricity rising, building at that sweet spot between balls and spine…

He pulled his hand away, half-enjoying the sparking, stuttering feeling of having his orgasm denied. Now he just had to wait.

Please, Laurie, I need you. Come to me.