Pharaoh’s Pleasure (Pleasures in Time 1)

PharaohsPleasureFinalAmazonBestsellerHunky grad student Kellen Fox is screwed, and not in the good way. Forced by his horndog employer to finish a museum exhibit in a single night (or else), he stumbles across a spell hidden in a carved scarab. Little does he know that reading the spell aloud will summon the gorgeous 17th Dynasty pharaoh Senekenre from ancient Egypt.

As it turns out, Kel is the only one who can help Senekenre with a delicate problem regarding his ability to sire an heir. Kel’s more than happy to lend a hand (among other things), but rendering this assistance may well change Kel’s life forever.

Excerpt available here.

  • Erotica, MM
  • Word Count: 8,670
  • Heat Level: 4
  • Published By: Belaurient Press

Content Advisory


“Brief but satisfying with a promise for more.”
– Amazon purchaser

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Excerpt from “Pharaoh’s Pleasure”

Kel’s mouth went dry. “Wait. You’re telling me this Amhemnet guy used magic to send you to another time? To this time?”

Senekenre nodded. “Yes, thanks to you. I take it you invoked the spell?”

“If you mean I read it out loud, yeah. I didn’t know it was a spell.” Swallowing hard, Kel forced himself to reach out and touch Senekenre’s arm. It was warm under his fingertips. “Oh, shit,” he whispered, yanking his hand back. “I’m not hallucinating. You’re real. You’re really here!”

“Yes, I know.” Senekenre came closer. At this distance, Kel could see the dark hint of stubble under the other man’s tan skin, as well as a small scar along his jawline. “You thought I was a dream, young scholar?”

“Uh, yeah.” The logical part of Kel’s brain screamed at him to step back, get the hell away from the exhibit space and its time-traveling visitor. The rest of his brain wanted to ogle Senekenre’s broad shoulders, cut abs, and sleekly muscled legs. “I mean, we don’t get a lot of visitors from the 17th Dynasty, you know?” He realized how idiotic he sounded and flushed. “I’m sorry. This is all a big shock to me. Could we start over again, sir? Your majesty? Sire?”

“Sire will do, young scholar.” Senekenre’s head tilted to one side, openly considering him. “But what land is this, that produces such beautiful men?”

Kel’s pulse sped up at the pharaoh’s jaw-droppingly sexy smile. Aaaand the long-dead pharaoh is flirting with me. Holy shit. He couldn’t remember anything in the research materials about Senekenre being gay or bi, but that didn’t make it impossible, either. “Uh, you’re in the United States of America, sire. It’s a country far to the west of your kingdom, across a large ocean. It didn’t exist in your time.”

“Oh. And are all the men here like you?” Senekenre said, reaching out to stroke the line of Kel’s jaw. “Such pure, smooth skin, and your hair, the color of a winter sunset. If you were of my time, I would make you a member of my court, simply so that I could look upon you every day.”

Kel licked dry lips, willing his cock to behave itself. “Just look?”

Senekenre smiled. “Hmm. Perhaps … kiss?” He leaned forward, brushing his lips against Kel’s.