Give In / Closer to the Beast / All For One / Sleep

Over at the Evernight Readers Group page on Facebook, there’s a Flash Fiction Friday contest that runs every week, and features flash fiction written by Evernight authors for a specific prompt. In February and March I wrote four flash pieces for a MMF paranormal erotic romance I’m mentally mulling over (straitlaced Victorian police inspector discovers he’s an oracle and promptly becomes a football for all of Paranormal London. Can a dissolute French vampire and an American lady werewolf save him from shadowy forces seeking to use him for their own ends? Hell if I know, but I’ll find out when I write it).

Luc sighed, stretching out over the bed. “Really, Inspector, you’re being very tiresome about this.”

Gerard clenched his fists, fighting the lure of the vampire’s words. He didn’t want to go to the bed, sink onto the faded cotton cover, let the inhuman creature masquerading as a handsome young dandy take off his clothes. Kiss him. Stroke him. Penetrate him, in more ways than one.

He didn’t. He didn’t.

“God help me,” he whispered. “I–”

Luc lifted a hand, curling one finger. “Come,” he said quietly.

Gerard did, with a groan of pleasure that sounded obscene even to him. His coat was already on the floor by the time he was pulled down to the mattress. It was soon joined by his waistcoat, then his trousers. His shirt, Luc simply tore open. His undergarments, Luc tore off.

“Stop being ashamed of wanting this,” Luc’s opulent voice purred. “Enjoy it, mon amour. I know I do.”

Gerard found himself eagerly kissing the vampire, tongues tangling around each other. Each kiss sent fire streaking through his veins. And then those succulent lips moved to his neck, sucking and nibbling at the flesh there.

He closed his eyes, moaning as Luc bit.

Caddie pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, giving Gerard an amused look from her whiskey eyes. “My kind tend to live on the fringe of polite society, Inspector,” she drawled. “We don’t like humans all that much.”

“And yet you choose to live in a city full of them,” Gerard said softly, struggling against his own urges. He would not turn into a monster, no matter what Luc had done to him. And he would not throw himself on this lush creature and rip her clothes open, feast on those alluring breasts, thrust himself into that tight, welcoming heat like an animal.

She stepped closer in a slow, taunting sway. “We’re all animals, Inspector. I would think you’d know that by now. Some of us are just closer to the beast than others.”

He gritted his teeth. “You’re reading my mind.”

“No, your body.” Her hand reached down, cupped and held the now-throbbing bulge at his groin. “It’s a fascinating story. Why don’t you tell me more?”

Her fingers tightened deliciously, dissolving his last thread of control. With a groan, he grabbed her shoulders, his lips coming down on hers in a brutal kiss. He would regret this later, but for now he would have her, and damn anyone who tried to stop him.

Gerard pressed his back to Luc’s and Caddie’s, swallowing hard as he eyed the pale, misshapen creatures surrounding them. “Please tell me you know what these are?”

“I have no idea,” Luc admitted. “I’d heard rumors, but nothing that indicated Herr Professor Seidler had succeeded in his experiments.”

“Can they be killed?” Caddie asked.

“My previous answer stands, ma belle.”

She swore under her breath. “Well, let’s see if they can bleed.”

A patchwork creature crept closer, blackened lips pulling back in a soundless snarl. Gerard could sense Caddie preparing to shift, Luc’s muscles tensing for a lunge. “Wait!” he begged.

He reached back and fumbled for their hands, gripping hard. “Thank you. And I’m so sorry.”

He was rewarded with two reassuring squeezes. “Don’t fret, mon amour,” Luc said. “If we get out of this, I promise that ma belle and I will take turns pleasuring you senseless tonight. You may not walk straight for days.”

“Weeks,” Caddie corrected.

“Braggarts.” But they were his braggarts. “I’m holding you to that. Both of you.”

Luc laughed. “From you, Inspector, I would expect nothing less. And now, all for one?”

“And one for all,” Caddie muttered.

With a squealing shriek, the creatures attacked.

Gerard was just drifting off when he felt a long, cool body slide into bed behind him, curling up along his back. “Must you?” he grumbled.

“I’m cold,” Luc said.

“Of course you’re cold. You’re dead.”

“Mm, vampire, not dead. There’s a difference, mon amour.”

“Will you two shut up?” Caddie growled, nestling tighter against Gerard’s chest. “Tryin’ to sleep here.”

Gerard felt Luc peer over his shoulder at the werewolf in his arms. “Oh, good. I was worried when I couldn’t find you, ma belle.”


“I was.” The vampire’s voice held a theatrically wounded note. “I’m flabbergasted at your lack of faith, cherie. Why does no one ever believe me?”

“Because we know you, ‘mon amour,'” Gerard muttered. “You’re a liar of Herculean proportions. You should be on the stage, truly.”

There was a pause, then a chuckle. “I suppose I see your point, Inspector,” Luc allowed. “Although if I had my preference, I’d rather be in bed with you two. Getting warm.”

Gerard took the hint and shifted onto his back, sliding his other arm around Luc until he had both his lovers cuddled against his chest. “Better?”

Luc sighed happily. “Much.”

“Good. Now go to sleep.”

  1. Hmm sounds really interesting, will have to get the book and see their characters fleshed out

  2. 😦 I’ve never been good at waiting, I always found where my presents were hidden and opened them ahead of time !

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