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MidWeekTeaseHappy Hump Day! It’s time for some more sexytimes from my current WIP Breaker Zone. In this teaser, Nick is very glad to be home after a tough day, and Aidan and Liam want to show him just how much he’s appreciated. Ahem.

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

With his life in ruins thanks to a psychotic ex, Dr. Nick Gardiner winds up at Olympic Cove looking for sanctuary (and free beer) with his friend Ian. The last thing he expects to find is Ian living with two redheaded sea lords and learning how to be a storm god. Adding to the confusion is a wounded merman named Aidan who washes up in the cove, requiring Nick’s professional help. Nick soon learns that the handsome mer and his partner Liam have their own plans for the ER doctor — to claim him as their agapetos, their destined mate, and fulfill his need to submit.

A chance encounter at a local junk shop reveals that Nick has his own role to play in Ian’s battle against the insane Nereid Thetis. Under the reluctant mentorship of Chiron, Nick must master the use of the Rod of Asclepius if he wants to rescue his mates from a ghastly fate and help Ian save the planet.


Two hours later, Nick was showered and spread out naked on his stomach over the bed while Aidan and Liam gave him a rubdown. He hadn’t expected the mers to wait up for him, but they were both in the living room as he came into the cottage. His appetite, dulled with worry about Delphine, roared back with a vengeance when Liam brought out a slightly overcooked but perfectly edible pizza. He explained the day to them as he dug into the food with relish, polishing off a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert.

“I know we had pizza in the freezer, but do I want to know where you got the pie from?” he said, licking a last smear of strawberry glaze off his fork.

Aidan grinned around his own mouthful of dessert. “Ian drove us to Publix,” he said after swallowing. “I never had pie before, so I tried a piece earlier. I think I’m in love.”

“Great. Now you’re cheating on me with pastry.”

The mer gave him the filthiest smile. “I’m open to a foursome if you are. Me, you, Liam, and pie.”

“That does sound like a good idea,” Liam drawled. “But not right now. Tonight, chuisle, we’re going to take care of you.”

Once they were sure he was finished with dinner, the mers chivvied him into the shower, Aidan shucking out of his own clothes and joining him for an oddly thorough washing session. Afterwards, he was escorted into the bedroom, where an equally naked Liam waited for them both with a bottle of massage oil. “More goodies from Publix?” Nick asked, stretching out over the coverlet.

“Yup.” Liam popped the final p with relish. “Hope you like coconut and pineapple.”

“Yay. I always wanted to smell like a piña colada.”

“Hush and relax, boy.”

He did, sinking into the deep, soothing joy of his men’s touch. Liam worked on his shoulders and back, gently undoing all the knots that had accumulated during the day. Aidan’s hands rubbed his legs and feet in long, strong strokes, sensual without being overtly sexual. Although when the handsome mer started massaging his feet, Nick let out an orgasmic groan. “Oh, God. Keep doing that and you can have anything you want,” he mumbled into the coverlet.

Aidan’s hands stilled. “Anything?”

“Mm.” Belatedly, Nick realized he’d just handed them the equivalent of a blank check written on his body. After a moment, however, he relaxed. Whatever his Doms wanted to do with him was fine. He trusted them, body and soul, and knew that they would always take care of him. “Anything.”

Aidan’s hands left his feet and drifted up his calves, then his thighs, until they rested just under the crease of his ass cheeks. “What if we wanted to have you, chuisle?” His hands slid onto Nick’s ass, rubbing the globes of muscle there. “Both of us?”

The question confused him. “I’m yours, sir. Both of yours,” he said honestly. “If you want me, have me.”

“I don’t think you understand, boy,” Liam said softly, shifting until he was opposite Aidan and massaging one cheek. “We both want to be inside you, here. At the same time.”

Nick’s breath caught as Liam’s meaning dawned. Both of the mers were well-endowed, and sex with either of them required a certain amount of prepwork and stretching. To be penetrated by both of them at the same time was theoretically possible, but… The medical part of his brain screamed about fissures, damage to delicate tissues, muscle tears.

The submissive part of his brain rolled over and begged. To be used like that, opened so wide and taken by the masters he loved, sent blood coursing to his cock. He shifted uncomfortably, knowing his face was flushed and glowing red. “I’ve never done that before,”

“Neither have we.” Liam squeezed his ass harder, digging pleasantly into the muscle. “But we want it, Nick. We want to feel you tight around both of us, fill you up all the way, until all you can think about is us.”

“Let us do that to you, chuisle,” Aidan murmured, hand so warm as it slid into Nick’s crease, massaging the tight whorled muscle there. “Let us in.”

Nick swallowed hard, pressing his face into the coverlet and his ass into Aidan’s caresses. “Yes, sir. Please.”

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  1. A bit outside my realm of expertise but well written.

  2. Phew, it’s getting hot in here! Glad I got to read this tease :=D

  3. Oh man, glad I didn’t miss that. *grabs a fan* Hot stuff. 😀

  4. Oww. Theoretically possible and possible seems worlds apart to me. But fiction is generous enough to make it so, so hell yeah!

    • Oh, it’s certainly doable, as a whole wealth of double penetration gay porn will illustrate. Whether or not it’s pleasurable depends on preparation, relaxation, and mindset.

  5. The mers certainly know how to party! Great tease, Nicola!

  6. *fanning self* Um, what? Oh, to be a fly on their wall…

  7. I’m going to go get a COLD drink now. Hot stuff 🙂

  8. I think my screen is smoking! HOT Teaser. When did you say this was out again? 😉

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