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It’s time once again to help you over your Hump Day and spice up your week with a tasty M/M erotic romance from Evernight Publishing. This week, I’m featuring Remmy Duchene’s Head Over Heels — check out the excerpt below for a teaser!

Thank you so much for having me here today – I am Remmy Duchene and I write interracial manlove! I have a thing about cultures. *grins*

Today I’m here to talk about scars and this strange thing we have about being “perfect” in everyone’s eyes.
Papa Roach sings “And my scars remind me that the past is real.” Is that true? Are your scars just reminders that you weren’t just born yesterday and all the things (good and bad) that happened to make you who you are today were actually real—they actually happened? If that is true, why do we spend so much money every year buying creams and oils and potions trying to get rid of that scar where little Johnny pushed you off your bike and you scraped your knee? Or when you thought Parkour was a fun sport to try and missed your landing?

We want to be deep and rock out to Papa Roach singing about the wonderfully, angsty lives of scars yet we are too vain to keep them around or show them off. In Head Over Heels, my newest release from Evernight Publishing, my character Christian is a firefighter who was caught in a burning building. Needless to say he’s scarred all over and it’s a source of pain for him.

This touches on the idea that though they always say boys should be proud of their scars, it’s still a sore spot for most of us. We want to be flawless, perfect and though we know perfection is a myth, we still want that. One of the things I hope people take away from this book is you don’t have to be perfect in the eyes of the world but ideal in the eyes of those who love you.

Let me explain.

If your lover sees you and you have a few pounds on but he/she stills adore the halibut out of you, that you’re not perfect in the eyes of everyone else but to this one person that matters to you most in the world – you are so fabulous there is nothing he/she would change about you.


Firefighter Christian Shane, badly scarred from a fire that ravished a city block, runs away from New York to Beacon Cove, hoping to hide away in his family’s beach house. All he wants is to be left alone.


Case Jenkins never met a sexy, muscled stud he liked. They were always jocks and always dicks—plain and simple. He was too much of a nerd and not built like a brick house. But when he sees Christian Shane, he can’t control himself. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and Case isn’t quite sure he has enough patience. But there’s a mad-man trying to burn down the world, and in the end, both men must come to terms with their feelings.


Story Excerpt

Christian’s nightmares had gotten progressively worse over the past two days. Since he could do nothing but sleep, there was no way to avoid it. Every time he drifted off, he woke up in a cold sweat. The first few times he jerked awake, he heard someone screaming. Then he realized the sound was coming from him as he clutched at his throat. The machines beeped furiously and his nurse rushed in, pleading with him to be careful.

He felt like a moron.

He’d chosen the career, and the moment the bad of it raised its ugly head, Christian felt useless and confused. When he thought deeper about it, he felt discarded and betrayed. For so long he hungered to become a firefighter and worked tirelessly toward his dream. During his fight to make his dream come true, everything else had fallen by the wayside, and somewhere over the years he’d become a sheltered, jaded ass.

Christian sacrificed everything for his dream. Then, that dream scarred him for life.

One day faded away, followed by a few more he couldn’t keep track of. From time to time, his doctor would force him out of bed to walk around a bit with the help of a cane and a nurse. Another moment when he was lucid, his friend the doctor was standing in the room, peering pensively at his chart.

“Hey, Doc.”

“You’re a very lucky man, Christian Shane.” Dr. Clancy O’Neal didn’t look at him but scribbled away at his clipboard. “A really lucky man.”

“I don’t feel like it.” Christian’s throat was like he swallowed sandpaper—dry. He shifted on the bed, and a burning sensation shivered through him from his back. “I feel like someone doused me in hot water.”

“That’s what happens when you have half of your back covered in burns. You could have died, Christian.” Clancy looked up then to focus his piercing green eyes on Christian. “You have to always remember that. It doesn’t matter how scarred or damaged you think you are, life is way more precious than beauty—and if I swung your way, I’d definitely tap that.”

Christian laughed. “You do swing this way.”

“No, no. Not that way.” Clancy hooked the clipboard to the foot of the bed.

Christian arched a brow and tilted his head. “Em… maybe it’s the drugs, but I’m lost. What way are we talking here?”

“I meant.” Clancy laughed. “If I went for the buff, firefighter types.”

“I see.”

“Seriously, though. Just remember you could have died, but you didn’t.”

For so many years, Christian had said those same words people he pulled from fires. He would tell them to be thankful they were still alive with only a few scars, to be happy. As he lay there, hearing those words tossed back at him, he felt physically ill. “Quick! Hit me over the head with a mallet.”

“Stop being dramatic. You’ll be fine. You just have to remember you’re alive and there are people who didn’t wake up this morning.”

“Why are you saying all this?”

“Because I’m your friend and I know you. You spend hours per week making sure your body looks a certain way, and these scars are messing with that. I don’t want you to think anything changes because of them. You’re still as sexy as before… just with a few additions.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Nicole. Remmy, this has just gone on my TBR pile. Love the premise of this story 🙂

  2. Great tease. Well done.

  3. What a great post. I do love that lyric. “Because I’m your friend and I know you.” <- Christian is lucky for many reasons. Fab snippet. 😀

  4. I think the doc does swing for buff beautiful firefighters, lol. Great excerpt, Remmy. Thanks for sharing it with us, Nicola.

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