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Wicked Wednesday Reads: Sigil Fire

Happy Wednesday, darlings! Today I’m here with Erzabet Bishop and her hot new F/F paranormal romance Sigil Fire, now available from Amazon and other online sellers. Take it away, Erzabet!

Sonia is a succubus with one goal: stay off Hell’s radar. But when succubi start to die, including her sometimes lover, Jeannie, she’s drawn into battle between good and evil and a past that isn’t ready to let her go.

Fae is a blood witch turned vampire, running a tattoo parlor and trading her craft for blood. She notices that something isn’t right on the streets of her city. The denizens of Hell are restless.

With the aid of her nest mate, Perry, and his partner, Charley, she races against time before the next victim falls. The killer has a target in his sights, and Sonia might not live to see the dawn.

**Includes First Christmas: A Sigil Fire Holiday Story**


Story Excerpt

The dream wrapped around Fae like gossamer silk. It was always the same. The woman’s back was to Fae—shapely curves illuminated against the shadows, the stranger’s face just out view. They were in a dark and winding alley, with the back side of row houses and businesses cluttered with dumpsters and badly repaired fences. The area behind the shops looked ramshackle and smelled worse. A combination of rotting garbage and the reek of something far worse.

A sense of urgency pounded through Fae. She needed to find this woman. Needed to find her now.

Dark demonic wings fluttered in the background, causing the mystery woman to flee. Her skirts whipped up, revealing calves that sucked the air from Fae’s lungs.

An aura of silvery wings hung behind the woman, vanishing as quickly as they appeared. The alleyway grew disjointed—a true setting from a nightmare. The red of her hair was only visible for a moment.

“Help me!” the woman’s sultry voice begged, out of breath and shrill with terror.

Fae’s dream self darted behind her. Shadowy faces and writhing figures moved in the periphery of her vision. She stared straight ahead. She had to focus. To find the woman.

“Wait!” She reached out, but only caught the tendrils of mist that filled the void.

The air chilled as Fae streaked through the fog. A fractured scream echoed in the murky dampness. Seeing anything became more difficult. The swampy odor of decay made Fae gag but still she pressed on. Don’t look. Just move.

Fae panicked. “Where are you?” The need to find the woman was overwhelming. There was something important about her. Even if Fae didn’t know what it was—she had to find the stranger. With her heart racing, Fae kept moving.

“Stop!” A terrible scream rang out in the darkness.

Fae’s pulse thrummed in her throat; her fangs clenched in fear. Where was she? Fae’s footsteps rang hollow as she ran, eyes searching, senses reaching out for any sign of the woman. Around her the buildings changed. Cold concrete walls penned her in. There was only one way to go. Forward.

A dim figure loomed in the distance, barely visible against the mists. Large wings unfolded, the odor of sulfur and dark rotting things made her sour stomach flip once more. The sound of tearing clothes and panicked screams met her ears. Shit.

Fae snarled, racing toward the sound of sobbing. Her boots hit the pavement, puddles of water and filth spraying out as she ran.

There was the mystery woman. Long, red hair draped over the concrete, defiled by the refuse on the ground surrounding her.

A streetlight shone bright in the foggy night air, and Fae was finally able to see the woman’s face around the creature that held the woman prisoner in its grip.

Full, red lips parted in shock as the demon’s fingers tightened around her throat. With her wide eyes brilliant and dark against her ivory complexion, it was clear she was dying. Her gaze met Fae’s, a panicked expression of recognition, and as she looked at her attacker, fear.

Fae stepped forward. “Get off her, asshole,” she hissed, taking another step forward.

The being turned its head, empty eyes staring right into her soul.

“Fae.” Its lips tilted up into a satanic grin and he turned, revealing more of the partially nude woman.

Fae startled and took a step back. “How do you know me?” Her hand felt for a blade at her side. Nothing. Dammit!

Fae would have to try and save the mystery woman with only her strength.

Her fingers brushed the oily feathers of the demon’s wings, intent on pulling it away from the girl, but instead she ended up with nothing.

Dark laughter filled the hollow passage, and in a burst of noxious smoke, the being was gone.

Fae spun on her heel trying to see where it had gone, then moved back and knelt at the woman’s side. “Red.”

“Find me,” the woman whispered, her eyes locking onto Fae’s. A delicate smile drifted across her lips as she, too, began to fade into the mist.

“No!” Fae’s heart twisted in her chest. Just when she had found her, the woman was lost yet again. “No!” Despair clogged her throat.

The shadows of the alley loomed dark as the streetlight fell dim.


Fae jerked awake. She lay twisted in the sheets. Her breath came in gasps as the dream faded, leaving her cold and alone in her bed. She had seen the stranger’s face. Finally.

Her dog, Jellybean, whined in the darkness and snuggled in closer, her furry black face burrowing deep under the covers.

“Red,” she whispered. “I’ll find you.”

Staring out the window into the moonless night, Fae listened as the wind whipped the trees outside into a frenzy. Something was coming. But so was she.

Where to Buy

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Books2Read

About the Author

Erzabet Bishop is a two time USA Today award winning and bestselling author of paranormal and erotic romance. She lives in Houston, Texas and when she isn’t writing about sexy shifters or voluptuous heroines she enjoys playing in local bookstores and watching movies with her husband and furry kids.

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Want a free copy of Empress of Storms? #ebooks #kindle #romance #fantasy

Empress-of-storms-CustomDesign-JayAheer2015-smallpreviewNow that I’m back from my vacation and am tanned, rested, and ready, it is time to get serious about reviews for Empress of Storms. If you bought a copy, I adore you to pieces and ask you to pretty please leave a review somewhere — Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iBooks, whatever. It’s all good.

If you can’t buy a copy, man, I totally understand. Times are tight, the holidays are coming up, and your money needs to go elsewhere. So here’s the deal — email me at and tell me what your preferred ebook format is, and I will send you a copy of Empress of Storms.

In return, I ask that you leave a review for me at one of the places listed above. If you’re a blogger, I ask that you post the review on your site. Empress is getting some really good reviews, but I need more to promote the book. The more copies I sell, the more likely I am to write a sequel. Or heck, start a new series. There’s always room for a new series, right?

(I can hear my Muse cackling into her mojito in the background.)

So if you’re willing to get a free ebook in exchange for reviews, let me know. And as Bartles and Jaymes were wont to say, I thank you for your support.

TRR Readers’ Choice Awards

I am VERY happy to say that Breaker Zone (Olympic Cove Book 2) has been chosen to compete in The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Awards in the GLBT – Fantasy Romance category.

A HUGE thank you goes out to my awesome publisher Evernight Publishing and my hardworking editor Karyn who has been helping to shape this series from the first book. I also want to thank my awesome beta readers Ceit, Ang, and Peter, as well as fellow author L.D. Blakeley for keeping me on track and pointing out the places I slip up (and there are a lot of them). Finally, I want to thank each and every one of my readers. You are the reason why I write, and I’m so grateful that you like these crazy stories in my head.

There are a bunch of other terrific Evernight authors in the nomination round and I strongly encourage you to vote for them as well. You will need an account to vote, but it only takes a minute to set up and TRR doesn’t use their mailing list for spam. To vote, go here: And thank you SO much for your time and assistance.

Nomination Round: September 11th – 30th

Breaker Zone:

Finals Round: October 3rd – 31st

Mid Week Tease: Adira’s Mate #MWTease #MidWeekTease

MWTease15Hello, darlings! This week I’m at RT 2015, so today I’ll be teasing you with Adira’s Mate by April Zyon. Take it away, April!

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

Captured by his mortal enemy General Fintan Daykin is held for many long months in an Imarian Facility. On the day that he’s able to escape he’s faced with one of the biggest surprises of his life.

Adira Lora is the head of the Medical Ministries offices of Imaria and she learnt that there is something seriously wrong with one of the facilities. Something that she has to  go and figure out for herself since she trusts no one else.

Taken hostage by the tall, dark Craegin was not what Adira had in mind when she got to the facility, but it seemed as if Fate and the Spirits had something else altogether in mind for her.

She should be wary of the man who could tear her apart but she’s not. She’s drawn to him, she aches for him and she’s desperate to heal his injuries but he pushes her away at every turn.

He can’t let her too close, he’s far too attracted to the small Imarian that he dragged with him onto her crawler. He only wanted to get home, back to his people and away from the slow death that her people were giving him.

Once the pain of his injuries starts to ease and the reality of who little Adi is to him sets in Fin realizes that he will have to protect her from more than just his people. Fin realizes that he would also have to protect her from  hers as well.

When Adira finally submits to Fintan however he knows that he will never let her go. He owns her now, she is his in every sense of the word for now and all time and nothing would come between them.

Adira’sMate-EvernightPublishing-JayAheer2015-smallpreviewStory Excerpt

Adira went stiff as a board when the pistol was lifted to her temple. She took a deep breath and nodded. She understood what he was saying, understood and would comply. She had no idea who it was that had her, so she would play along until she could be free.

She listened to the man’s breathing and frowned. He was in pain; it was clear from how he was gasping for air but there was something more. He wasn’t breathing as an Imarian would, three sharp intakes of breath and one exhale.

Her stomach felt as if it were in knots. She felt ill because she suddenly knew that she wasn’t being held by someone that was on the island and had no idea who she was. She was being held by one of the Craegin that her people had kidnapped and had been torturing.

Stars. She was in deep trouble. “You really don’t want to do this,” she told the man. “I’m more trouble than I am worth. Ask anyone. I’m seriously not a good person to take hostage.”

“I don’t have what one would call a lot of choices here.” His voice was low, but she could hear the underlying growl that gave it a certain rough quality. “One way or another you are my ticket out of this hellish place. So you can either help me willingly, or I start to break bones. Nothing important, but I know the ones that will cause you immeasurable pain while still allowing you to function enough to get me free. The choice is up to you. What will it be?”

There was no choice. Adira was a lot of things, but able to withstand pain was not one of them. She just nodded. “What do you need?” She would get him to where he needed to be in order to get free. Then she would run as far and fast as she could.

He let out a harsh-sounding breath. “I need you to guide me to the ship bay here. Preferably to one of your crawlers. Then you and I are going to leave on that ship, and get me to a place where I can contact one of my own vessels to pick me up. If you behave yourself, don’t try anything to alert anyone, and generally do not make yourself an annoyance to me I might let you go free. Depends on how bad my mood is by that point.” She felt him shift slightly, his arm slowly letting go of her neck.

“We’re going to take the path of least resistance. No guards, as few cameras as possible, and you are not going to let anyone know anything is amiss in any way. I have zero problem shooting a woman, but I’d rather not have to drag you around at my heels to break free of here.”

Stars. “Okay,” she said with a wobbly voice. “Then the best way to go will be back the way that I came.” She had already killed a guard. This had to be her punishment. She knew it. She had killed one of her own people so this was the spirits’ way of punishing her. She was going to be this Craegin’s shield to get free of her people. “I have a crawler. I came over from one of our other worlds.”

The weapon lowered until it was pressed into her lower back, right on her spine. At that range he’d never miss, and if she wasn’t dead she’d definitely be paralyzed. “How many guards between here and the bay?” he asked. He’d given her a nudge to get her moving, but a hand on her arm slowed her pace. Adira couldn’t see much of him beyond the one arm down at his side. But she did notice he seemed to be limping, even dragging one of his legs slightly.

“None. There was one but he won’t be a problem.” The physician in her wanted to heal him. She wanted to reach out and find out what was wrong, but the prudent part of her kicked in and she knew that would be just plain dumb. She did, however, slow down. She ensured that she kept a pace that would keep them moving, but wouldn’t push him too far. She didn’t know what to expect of this Craegin, especially since the female captive had so easily sold out her people.

“What about the cameras? How many are we going to have to contend with once we’re past the holding areas?” The pressure of the weapon on her spine eased a little. She knew it was still there, but he wasn’t digging it in any longer. He might be injured, but she didn’t think for one moment he wasn’t aware of everything around him.

“None.” She had disabled them so that she could wheel the body out and dispose of it. Why hadn’t she thought to reenable them? “I had disabled them,” she told him. “I had been so caught up in my own mind that I forgot to reenable them,” she added honestly. “My crawler is the one closest to the exit doors as well, so there shouldn’t be anyone in the bays that will see us as that side is blocked from view by my crawler.”

“Good,” he grunted out. Suddenly his hand came up to her arm, pulling her to a stop. “Shh,” he hissed. The pressure of the weapon was back for a moment as the sound of boots on the tiled hall could be heard. They faded a few minutes later, and he released her arm. “Go.”

She nodded and went. There was something about his touch. It was odd. She didn’t focus on it, though. Instead, she concentrated on getting through this alive.

Where to Buy

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Amazon US
Amazon CA
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Mid Week Tease: Deep Water #MWTease #MidWeekTease

MWTease15Hello, darlings! This will be the last teaser from Book Three of my Olympic Cove series, Deep Water, so I decided to go out on a high note with a scorching three-way between Poseidon, Amphitrite and Griffin. No, don’t thank me — I live to serve. 😀

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

Late afternoon found the three of them naked and in bed, languidly kissing and touching. When Poseidon nudged Amphitrite’s thighs apart and slid between them she was more than ready, sighing happily as she worked to take all of him in. He started a slow, deliberate stroke, making minute adjustments each time until he found the angle that made her gasp in pleasure.

Griffin stretched out beside her, kissing and nibbling her neck while he played with Poseidon’s flexing ass. “Christ, I love watching you two,” he said, brown eyes glowing with desire.

“I know,” she gasped, abruptly breathless after a deep thrust. Griffin’s cock pressed against her hip and she slid her hand down between their bodies, just managing to wrap her fingers around him and stroke the tip. “I want you next.”

Poseidon chuckled, pausing in mid-stroke to kiss her chin. “Not if I wear you out first, beloved.”

She grinned up at her husband, flexing her inner muscles and wringing a moan out of him. “That’s the lovely thing about being female,” she said. “I’m multi-orgasmic. You’re going to have to make an effort to wear me out.”

Poseidon gave Griffin one of those amused male looks. “I do believe we’ve been challenged,” he said.

“Challenge accepted,” Griffin said, gleeful.

To Amphitrite’s delight they proceeded to do wonderfully wicked things to every erogenous zone on her body that they could find, and a few new ones that she didn’t even know she had. She had two orgasms before Poseidon finally came with a lovely groan. He switched places with Griffin, who was currently teasing her with a slow, shallow stroke while Poseidon used his mouth to map every inch of her torso.

“Wait, I’ve got an idea.” Griffin pulled out and shifted until he was sitting back on his heels. Sliding his hands under her thighs, he pulled her up into his lap until her head and shoulders were the only parts still resting on the mattress. He slid back inside her, hands splayed over her hipbones as he started the same shallow thrust. In this position, however, it rubbed directly against that lovely spot behind her pubic bone. “How’s that, love?”

Pleasure burned through her, sharp and pure. “Don’t stop.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.”

“Mm, perfect.” Poseidon turned, getting on his knees and kissing his way down her stomach. The soft prickle of his beard added an additional layer of teasing sensation. She felt him kiss the curls on her pubic mound, and then his tongue lapped at the junction where Griffin entered her, finding her clit and going to work on it with ravenous eagerness. She wasn’t sure what turned her on more, that her formerly staid husband was eating her out with such abandon or that he was tasting both Griffin and her while he did it.

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Mid Week Tease: Deep Water #MWTease #MidWeekTease

MWTease15Hello, darlings! Let’s get over Hump Day with a teaser from Book Three of my Olympic Cove series, Deep Water. After all the sex of the last few weeks, let’s have an action scene where Poseidon and his sons are taking on some mutated whales while Griffin and Amphitrite watch. Of course, things aren’t going to stay that simple.

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

Griffin could feel his jaw muscles bunch as he watched Poseidon face down and kill the mutated whale. The thought of his mate so near to something that huge terrified him on a primal level.

“Does he have to get that close?” he asked Amphitrite. “Can’t he kill them from a distance?”

“Yes, but that takes more effort on his part, and its messy,” she said, her hands clenched around around the chariot’s reins. “This way, the deaths are quick and clean. He doesn’t want them to suffer.” Her tone made it clear that she’d be willing to live with more suffering if it improved Poseidon’s safety. Griffin agreed wholeheartedly with her.

Grimacing, Amphitrite clucked at the seahorses. “Come on, we have a job to do.”

Under her guidance Sthenios and Skylla pulled the chariot around to the area where the right whale had first appeared. Griffin was able to adjust his visor until he could see turbulence patterns in the water. “Looks like some massive displacement there.”

“Yes. That whale was definitely not alone. So where are the others?” With a flick of the reins she guided the seahorses lower towards the ocean floor. “There should be—”

Something massive slammed into the bottom of the chariot, shoving them upwards. Cursing, Griffin clung to the chariot’s rim while Amphitrite fought to keep control of the vehicle. The seahorses screamed in rage, surging forward and pulling them along. He risked a look back and almost pissed himself when he saw a yawning mouth lined with saw-like teeth snapping closed just inches from the back of the chariot.

Amphitrite yelled something in Ancient Greek to the seahorses, and they lunged forward. Griffin held on, wishing desperately that chariots came equipped with safety belts as Sthenios and Skylla raced away from the second whale. He looked back again and noticed to his relief that they were pulling ahead of the beast.

Then he spotted something behind the bullish, mottled head. Oh, my God. That’s impossible.

There was no choice. He had to get a closer look. “Can you get around to its side?” he yelled to Amphitrite. “I need to look at its flippers.”

The Nereid gave him an “Are you shitting me?” glance but hauled on the reins. Sthenios and Skylla abruptly slewed to the right in a tight turn, flinging Griffin bruisingly hard against the side of the chariot. Holding on like grim death, he stared back at the whale, tracing along the creature’s midline to where its flippers should have been. Fuck. I was right.

“Get us out of here!” he yelled.

“I’m trying to!” Amphitrite yelled back. They had dropped down to mere feet above the ocean floor now, racing along it with the right whale in pursuit. The seahorses arrowed through the dark water, swerving through rocky outcroppings and seaweed stands like rats running through a memorized maze, but the whale stayed with them.

The grim expression on Amphitrite’s face made it clear she knew about their tail. She steered the chariot down even further, angling them towards a jagged outcropping of coral growth. “Hang on!”

Griffin did, gut going cold in horror as they headed straight for the hill-like outcropping. At the last moment the white seahorses plunged through an opening that he hadn’t even seen. It was barely wide enough for them and the chariot followed with a horrible grinding noise, shattered bits of rock dancing in its wake.

Panting, Griffin stared up at the underside of a covered coral lagoon. The lacy structure appeared to be solid from the outside, but allowed dim light and water to flow freely through it.

A loud crack sounded behind them. He turned and saw the right whale’s snout pulling back from a hole it had broken in the coral. “Can it get in here?”

“With enough time, yes,” Amphitrite said, handing him the reins. “Here.”

“What are you doing?”

She plucked her trident from its holder, glaring at the tines. They collapsed inward, forming a single vicious-looking barbed blade. “I’m going to kill it.”

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Mid Week Tease: Deep Water #MWTease #MidWeekTease

MWTease15Hello, darlings! Let’s get over Hump Day with a teaser from Book Three of my Olympic Cove series, Deep Water. And woohoo, we have a three-way!

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

Poseidon glanced over his shoulder when he felt something thickening against his ass. “Griffin?”

“Oh.” A look of almost comical surprise crossed Griffin’s face, before it was blown away by a huge grin. “Fuck. I’m getting hard. I’m actually getting hard!”

“Oh, beloved, that’s wonderful!” Amphitrite said happily. She reached across to stroke their mortal mate’s arm, giving Poseidon a look that could only be called saucy. “We should celebrate this, shouldn’t we, husband?”

“Indeed we should, wife.” He shifted onto his back, sliding his arms around each of their shoulders and pulling them close. An idea hit him then, brilliant in its simplicity. “And if I remember correctly I believe I promised you something, Griffin, for when you regained this particular function.”

Their mortal mate blinked at him. “You’re serious?”

“Indeed. I think it would be an excellent way to celebrate our union.”

Amphitrite propped her chin on Poseidon’s chest, studying them both. “What are you two talking about?”

Griffin hesitated, and Poseidon chuckled. “We had a very philosophical discussion about penetration a few nights ago, my dear. I told Griffin that when his issue abated, he could take me.”

Amphitrite’s eyebrows rose almost to her hairline. “You’re going to let Griffin top you?” she said in obvious disbelief.

“Yes. I’m rather looking forward to it.” He gave her a seductive smile. “And I was hoping that you would let me make love to you while he did it. I find the idea of the three of us together like that extremely arousing.”

Griffin’s cock twitched against his ass. “You’re not the only one,” Griffin said, half groaning. “Christ, just thinking about it makes me want to come.”

Poseidon ground back against his mortal, earning another groan. “Ammie?”

Amphitrite’s expression was that of a child who had just been given a key to a candy store. “Oh, yes,” she said her voice dropping into the throaty tone that he still remembered. “I’d enjoy that very much. But Griffin will have to prepare you first. Am I allowed to watch?”

“I would certainly hope so.” Poseidon ran a thumb down Griffin’s shoulder. “What do you say, beloved? Should we give our lady a show?”

“Fuck, yes.” His mate scrambled up to kiss him. Poseidon gave himself over to the hunger in Griffin’s lips, enjoying his heat and need. In mid-kiss he glanced over at Amphitrite. High points of color had come out in her cheeks, and her nipples were already peaked. Yes, she definitely liked the thought of watching them together.

He lay back and surrendered himself to Griffin’s attentions. His new mate had been a surprisingly fast study when it came to anal sex and he suspected Griffin would do as well, if not better, taking the top role. Still kissing him, Griffin trailed light fingers down his chest and abdomen, toying with the auburn curls that graced his groin, before taking his cock in a loose clasp. It began to thicken as Griffin played with it.

“I’m going to need some lube, love,” he murmured against Poseidon’s mouth.

The god reached out and fetched some of his favorite unguent from Olympus, handing it over. “Here.”

Griffin stared at the small cut-glass jar and its creamy contents. “Is that what you were using on me?”

“Yes. Why?”

The mortal made a face. “It explains a few things.”

‘Oh, dear,” Amphitrite said, sniggering.

Poseidon flushed. “Why are you giggling?” he complained.

Amphitrite’s eyes twinkled. “It’s just that for someone who’s incredibly up to date when it comes to technology, you’re somewhat old school when it comes to sex,” she said merrily.

“I haven’t had sex with anyone in centuries until recently,” Poseidon said, aware that he sounded a bit huffy. “It’s not my fault if I’m somewhat behind on the cutting edge of lubricants.”

“Never mind,” Griffin said, sitting up and shifting until he was sitting between Poseidon’s legs. “I did a bit of reading up on the topic. Why don’t we try something that’s made for the activity?”

He named a specific brand of modern lubricant, one that was silicone-based. Poseidon sent the unguent away and fetched a black tube, handing it over. “Is this it?”

“Yeah, perfect.” Griffin uncapped it and pumped a thick, clear glob onto his fingers. Tossing the tube onto the bed, he urged Poseidon’s legs up until they were bent at the knee. “Ammie, could you keep his mouth occupied while I’m working here?”

His consort made a sort of purring noise that sent even more blood rushing to Poseidon’s cock. “I believe I could do that.”

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Mid Week Tease: Deep Water #MWTease #MidWeekTease

MWTease15Hello, darlings! Let’s get over Hump Day with a teaser from Book Three of my Olympic Cove series, Deep Water. The three mates finally face each other, and Poseidon has to do the hardest thing he’s ever done in his immortal life. The question is, will Griffin and Amphitrite let him get away with it?

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

Griffin felt it first. He opened his eyes, blinking against the darkness. Someone’s there.

Lightning flashed outside, revealing a figure at the foot of the bed. He jerked up, throwing an protective arm across Amphitrite.

And then stopped as another bolt of lightning illuminated a golden trident.

Fumbling, he reached over for one of the tiny bedside lamps and snapped it on. The room lit with a faint glow and he stared at a wet and dripping Poseidon.

“Oh, my God,” Griffin breathed in relief. “You’re back.”

Amphitrite slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes. “Griffin?” she mumbled, before noticing her husband at the foot of the bed. With a soft gasp, she tugged the blanket to her chest. “Poseidon.”

The god gave them both a pained smile. “I see the two of you have met already,” he said. “That’s good. I won’t have to worry about introductions, then.”

Griffin stared at him, then at Amphitrite. He could feel the welter of emotions rushing through her; confusion, embarrassment, a lingering irritation, but no anger. “Yes, we’ve met,” she said softly, giving her husband a brief nod. “And thank you for saving him. Griffin’s told me what you’ve done.”

Poseidon nodded back, fidgeting with a fold of his sodden chiton. It was painful to watch. “I did what I had to do,” he said, his smile clashing horribly with the sorrow in his eyes. “You have my apologies for intruding. I just wanted to make sure Griffin was all right. I’ll leave the two of you now.”

“What? No!” Griffin blurted, appalled. “You can’t just leave.”

Poseidon paused, resignation clear on his face. “It’s all right, Griffin. The two of you belong together. I knew this would happen.” His mustache twitched as he pressed his lips together. “I wanted this to happen. I wish you both all the happiness you were denied because of me.” He gave Amphitrite a brief glance, but Griffin could sense the yearning beneath it. “If he begins to weaken, let me know and I will come and help. Otherwise, I won’t touch him. I promise.”

“Wha — oh, bugger this.” Griffin threw off the covers and stood up, realizing too late that he’d gone to sleep naked. “Listen to me, you great oik. You’re my agapetos, too,” he snapped, glaring at his mate. “I want you in my bed, and not just because of your magical joy juice. I love you, and I’ll be damned if I’m letting you wander off and play the martyr now.”

“He’s right, Poseidon,” Amphitrite said, her voice quiet but firm. “Griffin is your agapetos just as much as he is mine. He loves you, and he deserves to be in your arms.”

The god had gone still, hands clenched at his sides. “I want him in my arms,” Poseidon said hoarsely. “I want…I want both of you in my arms. Amphitrite, I am sorry. I am so very, very sorry for what I did. Griffin knows everything. Out of the gracious kindness of his heart he’s forgiven me. But you’ve had to live all these centuries without him, because of what I did.” He struck himself on his chest, and Griffin winced at the solid thud of the impact. “I don’t deserve his forgiveness, and I know I can’t hope to earn yours. Please, let me do this one thing to make it up to you. Take Griffin, and be happy with him.”

“I am happy with him,” Amphitrite said, her eyes shimmering now with tears. “But I cannot be completely happy as long as you hold yourself apart from us, even for the best and most selfless of reasons.” Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the edge of the blanket and lifted it in an unmistakable gesture. “For the love of Gaia, husband, come to bed.”

Poseidon stared at her with longing, but didn’t move.

Right. If the pillock needs a push, I’ll give him one. Moving deliberately, Griffin sat back down on the bed, swinging his legs up and getting comfortable against the pillows. He’d very carefully left a space between himself and Amphitrite, and patted it now. “She means you’re forgiven, mate,” he said. “Now get in here. If nothing else, you’ve got over seven thousand years of makeup orgasms to get started on.”

Amphitrite gulped and laughed at that, wiping at a stray tear that had trickled down her cheek. “Come to bed,” she repeated, smiling now. “You great oik.”

Poseidon let out one low, ragged breath. His clothing and armor disappeared, then, and his skin and hair dried instantly. Naked, he crawled onto the mattress to them, hesitating one last time before lowering himself into Amphitrite’s arms.

His shoulders began to shudder. Understanding, Griffin spooned around Poseidon’s back and pulled the covers over the three of them as their mate cried out the loneliness of the last seven millennia.

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Mid Week Tease: Deep Water #MWTease #MidWeekTease

MWTease15Hello, darlings! Let’s get over Hump Day with a teaser from Book Three of my Olympic Cove series, Deep Water. Surprise — this is an honest-to-Zeus M/F scene! Yes, I can write them. 😀

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

Griffin wasn’t quite sure how they got to the bedroom. He wouldn’t have been surprised if Ammie had simply portaled them there, goddess that she was.

He didn’t really care. All that mattered was that after far too many years apart they were together in a dark room with a bed, listening to the gentle patter of the rain on the cottage roof.

A flash of lightning lit her face momentarily, a study in light and shadow. She tilted her head up in silent invitation. He took it, kissing her. The act was both familiar and wonderfully new as he sank into the kiss, relishing the flavors of her.

Her arms slid around him, pulling him closer. He did the same, running his hands over her back and feeling soft skin over rises of bone and the sleek play of muscles. The weight of her breasts pressed against his chest, intensely erotic. He smelled salt air and something deliciously light and citrusy, blessedly different from her sisters’ perfume.

When the kiss broke he felt her smile against his mouth. “I do believe that was worth waiting for, beloved,” she whispered.

He decided right then and there that he was going to do everything in his power to give her an unforgettable night. His cock might be out of the picture, but he still had fingers and a mouth. Let’s see what it’s like to make a goddess beg.

He kissed her again, reverent, as he slid a hand into her thick hair and stroked her scalp. She made a little needy sound and he ate it up, nibbling her upper lip, then her lower one. He brought his hand down, massaging the nape of her neck. He could feel a little button at the back of her neckline, and flicked it open.

There was so much he wanted to do to her. But it would be easier if they were both in bed. “Let me take off your clothes,” he murmured.

She nodded, and held her arms up as he stripped off the silk shell, reaching around to unhook the obviously expensive bra and pull that off next. He knelt, undoing the button and zip on her slacks and easing them down, followed by a pair of lace panties. He sat back on his heels, then, gazing at her. Her body epitomized the beauty ideal of a past culture: sloping shoulders, full breasts tipped with dark red nipples, and a waist that curved in before spreading again into the swell of womanly hips. He noted the soft tangle of curls at the top of her thighs, dark against her creamy skin, and was glad to see something that had always represented the most delicious of forbidden fruit to his generation. He suspected she could change her shape at will, remove hair, do whatever she liked to fit in with the current fashions. The fact that she stood here looking like she had in Medusa’s day, however, was exactly what he wanted.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. “My beautiful goddess.”

She lifted her chin in acknowledgement, lips curving. “Would you worship me, then?” she said, her voice sweet and imperious at the same time. “Pay homage to me in your bed?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Then stand.”

He did, wincing a bit as his knees popped, and gave himself over to her. It was her turn to take off his shirt and shorts, letting them fall silently to the floor. He braced himself, wondering what she would think of his diminished body.

She ran her fingertips along the line of his collarbones, tracing the shape of his sternum, the lines and hollows of his abdomen, the jut of his hipbones. One hand reached down and gently cupped his balls, as if cradling something infinitely precious. He groaned softly at the heat of her hand.

She slid her fingers up, running the backs of them along his cock in a featherlight touch, a promise more than an actual caress, before toying with his crisp pubic hair. “Believe me, beloved, I find no fault in you,” she said. “I see what you once were, and what you will be again. I see you as you are right now. You are a strong, vital man, and you please me deeply.”

He sighed. Yet another knot in his gut unraveled. “Thank you, love. I’m sorry for being so ridiculous about it, but—“

She put fingers across his lips. “How we are seen by others matters to us. How we are seen by the people who love us matters even more. I see you, beloved, and you are beautiful to me.”

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Mid Week Tease: Deep Water #MWTease #MidWeekTease

MWTease15Hello, darlings! I’m doing another tease today from Deep Water and bringing you the first meeting between Griffin and Amphitrite. It’s not exactly what Poseidon had planned, but I think it’s all going to work out all right — at least until Thetis finds out what’s going on.

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

Griffin sat on the cottage’s small deck, watching the dusk gather on the horizon and wondering where Poseidon was.

No, let’s be honest here. You’re wondering if he’s all right.

They’d been just finishing up the curry when both Poseidon and Aphros’s heads rose like greyhounds catching the scent of a rabbit. Aphros had bolted out of his chair, speeding through the porch and discarding clothes as he went.

“What the hell?” Griffin had said, amazed at the sight of a now-nude Aphros diving into the water. Moments later a huge silvery tail burst up, slapping the water once before disappearing beneath it. “What’s going on?”

Poseidon stared at the cove with a thunderous expression. “Thetis.”

The name sounded vaguely familiar, something out of Greek mythology. Before Griffin could ask anything else, however, Poseidon had grabbed him and kissed him once, fast and ruthless. Griffin was shocked when his knees buckled in a sudden blazing rush of desire, leaving the god to hold him up.

When they separated, however, Poseidon said, “If you don’t hear from me in a day, get on a direct flight to Athens. Go to the Parthenon as soon as you land and call out for Athena. Tell her that I charge her by Zeus Horkios to protect you, for your past service if for nothing else.”

“What? Why?” Even feeling better as he was, the idea of getting on another trans-atlantic flight was out of the question. “What’s going on?”

“I’ll explain it to you later, beloved.” With a final kiss, the sea god turned and left the cottage, following the path of his son. As Griffin watched, Poseidon’s linen slacks and polo shirt disappeared, replaced by a chiton topped with bronze greaves, breastplate, and gauntlets. He reached into empty air and pulled out a classic Greek helmet with nose piece and metal crest. Clapping it on his head, he reached out again and pulled back a massive gold trident. Now armed, he strode into the water and quickly disappeared beneath the waves.

Alone, Griffin had gone back to his cottage. With nothing else to do, he found himself staring at the water, wondering what the hell was going on. If it was serious enough that Poseidon thought something might happen to him—

His throat tightened. He’s the bloody God of the Sea. Nothing’s going to happen to him, dammit.

Reaching for his mug, he realized it was empty. He grabbed it and headed into the kitchen, turning lights on as he went. When all else failed, by God, the British made tea.

He’d just started pouring hot water into his teabag-stuffed mug when someone knocked on the back door. It made him jump, splashing hot water over the counter. Cursing, he fumbled for a dishcloth, tossing it over the puddle before hurrying to the door. Maybe it’s Nick checking up on me. I’m not in the mood for company—

He opened the back door, ready to tell his neighbor that he was fine and didn’t need the services of a doctor. And stopped. A stunning brunette stood on his deck, one elegant fist still raised from knocking on his door. Blue eyes widened in shock as she stared at him.

He recognized her immediately. Amphitrite. Poseidon’s consort, and his own long-lost agapetos. She was even wearing the same expression she’d had in his dream.

“I was looking for Griffin,” she said slowly, then shook her head. “I mean, I was looking for my … husband.” She continued to stare at him. He had the distinct impression that she wasn’t just looking at him, the outside surface. She was seeing right down to his soul.

He forced himself to swallow, to smile. “Hello, Amphitrite.”

The simple pendant around her neck trembled with her sharp breath. “How do you know my name?”

“I know a lot about you.” One side of his mouth twitched. “Well, I think I do, anyway. I don’t know how much of it is still valid, considering how I learned it. But yeah, I know who you are.” He stepped back, gesturing her inside. “Please, come in.”

She moved past him without hesitation, still gazing at him. “You are Griffin, yes? Griffin Moore?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” And then he remembered the cooling kettle in the kitchen. “Uh, can I get you something to drink? I was just making tea.”

“Tea? Oh. Yes, thank you.” With a visible effort she regained control of herself, following him through to the kitchen.

He gestured for her to sit down at one of the high stools lining the the breakfast nook and went to refill the electric kettle. As an afterthought he dumped out his half-made tea. “You said you’re looking for Poseidon?” he asked over his shoulder.

When he turned, he realized she only been surprised before. This was the proper gobsmacked expression of the Nereid. “You know his real name?” she said, stunned.

“Yes. And I know you’re his wife. And I know your boys Aphros and Bythos are sea centaurs, Ian’s a storm god, and there’s something bad going on out there that Poseidon has to deal with. That’s where he and Aphros are right now, I think.”

She put a hand to her temple and went still. “Of course,” she finally said, half to herself. “Dammit.”

Griffin’s fingers closed hard around his tea mug. “Is he in danger?”

“Poseidon? A month ago I would have said absolutely not. Now…” Her gaze cleared and she focused on him again. “He’s very strong, though, and dangerous in his own right. I don’t think Thetis can overpower him, at least not yet.”

That name again. “Thetis is a Nereid, isn’t she?” Griffin asked. He’d used the time after Poseidon’s departure to do some research on his smart phone. “And your sister, according to Google.”

Amphitrite hesitated, then nodded. “Yes. Thetis is the First Nereid, my oldest sister and a powerful sea goddess in her own right. But something happened to her a few years ago. It changed her into something very dangerous and vicious.”

The electric kettle clicked, catching his attention. “Let me get this tea made, and then I’d really like to hear the whole story, if you don’t mind.”

He busied himself with the tea things, feeling Amphitrite’s attention on him like a warm touch. When he added milk and sugar to his own mug, something told him to add only milk to hers. He stirred both mugs, then handed hers over.

Their fingertips brushed and a delicious tingle burst along his nerves, the same feeling he’d gotten when he’d touched Poseidon for the first time. Judging by Amphitrite’s expression, he wasn’t the only one, either.

He grabbed his tea and sat on the stool next to hers. “You felt that, didn’t you? That spark?”

“Yes.” Her reply was awed. “Do you know what it means?”

“Yeah.” He swallowed once. “I’m your agapetos. And I know this is going to be hard to believe, but apparently I’m also the reincarnation of Medusa.”

Amphitrite took in another ragged breath. “I know.”

That surprised him. “You do?”

“Yes. I think I knew it when you answered the door. Your aura is faded from illness, but the shape and the colors are the same as hers.” Her eyes sheened with unshed tears. “And then you touched me, and I knew for sure.”

Griffin felt a sudden, almost overwhelming urge to take her in his arms and kiss her. With an effort, he restrained himself. “Is that going to be all right? I mean, I know I’m not the girl you knew,” he said, trying for a wry tone to cover his self-consciousness. “And God knows I’m not exactly a GQ model—”

“Stop, please,” Amphitrite begged. Her hand darted out, grabbing his as if to keep him from escaping. “If I want you? Beloved, I have wanted you for millennia. I don’t care what you look like. I will want you when you are old and grey, until the end of time.” She started crying and smiling at the same time, a thunderstorm of joy that melted his heart. “You’re the missing part of my soul. How could I not want you?”

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