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MidWeekTeaseHappy Hump Day! So I’m still working on Breaker Zone, and I thought you might enjoy seeing the scene where Nick Gardiner first finds out that the world isn’t quite what he always thought it was. Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

When Dr. Nick Gardiner goes on the run from a psychotic ex and ends up at Olympic Cove, the last thing he expects to find is his friend Ian living with two redheaded demigods and learning how to be a storm god. Adding to the confusion is a wounded merman named Aidan who washes up in the cove, requiring Nick’s professional help. As it turns out, the handsome mer and his partner Liam have other plans for the ER doctor — to claim him as their agapetos, their destined mate, and fulfill his need to submit.

A chance encounter at a local junk shop reveals that Nick has his own role to play in the battle against the insane Nereid Thetis. Under the reluctant mentorship of Chiron, Nick must master the use of the Rod of Asclepius if he wants to rescue his mates from a ghastly fate and help Ian save the planet.


A loud peal of thunder boomed through the house, making everything vibrate for a second. Nick looked up at the ceiling, wondering if the cottage could handle a lightning strike. “That was close.”

“Yeah, that was,” Ian agreed. “I’m just going to go upstairs, make sure—“ He broke off, turning to his boyfriends. “By? Aph, what’s wrong?”

The two redheads had gone rigid, heads up as if listening to something far off. Bythos broke the stasis first, turning and sprinting for the kitchen. Aphros followed on his heels, both of them stripping off their shirts as they ran. “Stay here!” the blue-eyed twin threw over his shoulder.

Ignoring the order, Ian followed them, Nick lurching in his wake. They both reached the kitchen in time to see By and Aph dashing out the back door. Nick stepped to the window, staring at the storm outside. He could just make out two pale shapes heading for the beach. “Where are they going?”

“I’m not sure. Dammit, I should go with them.”

He turned in time to see Ian yanking off his own shirt. “What? Dude, you cannot go out there,” he blurted. “They shouldn’t be out there, for God’s sake.” A horrible thought occurred to him. “Oh, Jesus. Tell me they’re not going in the water.”

Ian grimaced. “It’s a long story, and I don’t have time to explain it right now. I’m going after them.”

“The hell you are,” Nick snapped, moving to the back door and blocking it. “It’s storming out there, there’s going to be be heavy surf, plus it’s nighttime. I don’t know what they think they’re doing, but I know damn well you’re not trained to swim in that kind of weather.”

The smaller man squared his shoulders. “Get out of my way, Nick.”

“Make me.”

“All right.” Hands suddenly clamped onto his upper arms in an iron grip, and his forearms went numb as he was lifted into the air, spun and deposited away from the door.

“Stay here,” Ian ordered, as if he hadn’t just lifted someone five inches and fifty pounds heavier and moved him like a sack of groceries. “If we aren’t back by morning, call the sheriff’s department, ask for Jimmy Connors. Tell him I’m missing and you need help. He’s a friend, he’ll know what to do.”

He yanked open the back door, just in time to reveal a naked, dripping Aphros. “Move,” the redhead said breathlessly, pushing past him. An equally wet and naked Bythos came through the door next, carrying—

Nick felt his eyes bug. “Oh, my God.”

“Demigod, actually,” Bythos panted, glancing down at the unconscious merman in his arms.

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  1. Oh. this is fabulous. You’ve got me hooked!

  2. Great stuff! I agree with Doris. I’m hooked.

  3. Wow, gripping stuff.

  4. Yes! This. Is. Awesome!

  5. I love the tension in this scene. Great teaser.

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