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Nicola’s Sunday Shoutout: S.J. Maylee

Today’s Sunday Shoutout goes to S.J. Maylee and her new entry in her Assassins and Sweethearts series Unexpected Destiny, now available online from purveyors of fine erotic romance. Take it away, S.J.!

Thank you for having me today. I’m thrilled that Unexpected Destiny has released!

These assassins have really gotten a hold on me. I can’t wait till they all have their happily ever after. How did I get here, giving happy endings to assassins?

Initially I was looking to find love for a bad boy. Assassins aren’t usually the hero. They’re the villain. But I wanted to change all that. These four men came to me almost instantly. In no time, I had bits of each of their stories. I knew I had to write it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly on these men who want to save the lives of those who can’t get the help they so desperately need, whose lives are in immediate danger.

Now that I’ve pulled that string, I see a whole mess of stories. Once I tell the stories of these four men, more will come. Great things are in store. I can’t wait to experience it all.


Unexpected Destiny by S.J. Maylee 400x600Elizabeth Martin thought she had her happily ever after, until her husband mysteriously disappeared. Aidan Clery is a skilled assassin-for-hire who wants nothing more than to find the love of his life. Fate throws Liz in his path and everything is perfect, except Aidan just won the contract on her life.

The truth surrounding Liz’s estranged husband takes the pair on a dangerous journey. Nothing in their lives will ever be the same. Destiny may be unexpected but it will be up to Aidan and Liz to discover the truth and claim their real happily ever after.

Story Excerpt

Aidan turned off the faucet and caught the reflection of those gorgeous brown eyes in the mirror.

“Oops. Wrong door,” said his girl as she turned around.

“I can share.” He could handle the surveillance later. This woman deserved his attention.

She stopped and turned around. “Okay then.” She took a step toward him. “You know what? I should have asked for confirmation earlier.” Her gaze was full of mischief.

“You’re right. You should have asked.” He took a hold of her hand and pulled her close. “I sure would like to see that tiny scrap of lace.” And just like that his night got infinitely better.

She stopped her forward movement when their chests were a mere inch apart. A nice rosy blush heated her cheeks. He kept hold of her hand while her other played with the lapel of his dark leather jacket. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“You need to get back to your friends?”

“Yes, but…” She licked her bottom lip. “Maybe I could stay here for a few minutes.”

“At least a few.” He tapped the bottom of her chin. “How about you start by telling me your name?”

“Liz.” Her gaze met his and he wanted time to stop. Something about the lonely look in her eyes called to him to not let her get away. She shifted closer. “Who are you?”

He pushed his finger over her waistband, rubbing her hipbone. “I’m Aidan.” He squeezed the hand he still held. Her soft body relaxed against his.

“I should probably go. I need to get my friends home.”

“I don’t think you should go anywhere.” He brushed his nose against hers.

A delicious moan slipped from her lips. “I don’t want to leave but I need to make sure they get home safely.”

“It’s nice of you to look out for them.” Damn, she smelled good. It was lilacs or roses or something.

“I’d rather stay here with you.” She leaned in and their lips almost met. “My friends are always right. I should have gone out with them months ago.”

“Stay a few more minutes.” He caressed over her hips to her round ass. Hot tension filled his thoughts. Forget a few more minutes, he’d take all night and then some to explore this beautiful woman.

“More.” She scraped her teeth over her bottom lip.

A second later, the door opened. “Lizzy, we got to go. Emily isn’t feeling well.”

She dropped her head to his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Lizzy.” The woman held the door open. “You’re right. He is cute. Bring him with you. Emily won’t mind.”

“She’ll be right out,” he said. Once the friend left the bathroom, he brushed her hair behind her shoulders and stroked her back.

“I feel like I’m cursed.”

“You and me both, sweetheart.” He didn’t let her go.

“Well.” She looked up at him from under her long, dark lashes. “It’s not what I had in mind but would you help me with my friends?” The soft tone of her voice had him imagining how she’d purr if he made her come. “I think I might be the only one sober and they can be a bit much to wrangle into a cab. They live north in Edgewater and then we could do something, maybe go back to my place.” She worried her poor bottom lip once more.

“I’d like that.” He squeezed her ass. “Sure. I’ll help, Lizzy.” He tugged on her hair. Then he’d help himself to more of her.

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Praise for the first book in the Assassins and Sweethearts Series

Desire Unexpected

5 stars from Cocktails and Books: “Their love for each other was very fierce, and when they began to have sex, it goes completely off the charts. Their love scenes were intense and oh, so hot!  They had feeling of a kind of desperation to them. They’ve found what they were looking for in each other, and they’re clinging to it with everything they had.”

4 Hearts from Sizzling Hot Reads: “It had the hot steamy sex scenes but also the mystery behind the group Ethan belonged too. I look forward to more from the Assassins and Sweethearts series.”

4 stars from Redz World Reviews: “over all this is a great start to what promises to be a good series

Where you can find Desire Unexpected
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Praise for the second book in the Assassins and Sweethearts Series

 Desire Protected


5 stars from Liz’s Reading Life: Desire Protected is a quick, sensual, heart pounding read that will have you desiring more.

5 stars from a reader, Tracy W: Another well done story from an author I come back to again and again.

5 stars from a reader, Doris O: Suspense, heat, and above all love. Read it, you won’t be disappointed.

Where you can find Desire Protected
Amazon | Evernight | Barnes & Noble | Bookstrand | All Romance eBooks| Kobo | iTunes | Smashwords

About S.J. Maylee

S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

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Fabulous Friday Reads: Desire Unexpected (Assassins and Sweethearts Series Book #1)

Let’s kick off this decidedly soggy weekend with the immensely talented S.J. Maylee and her hot new erotic romance Desire Unexpected, now available from Evernight Publishing and other purveyors of fine erotic romance. Here’s what S.J. has to say about the inspiration for this story:

When I initially started this story, it wasn’t with the intent to write about assassins. It wasn’t with the intent to create a new series either. My muse led the way. In only a few days, I had one scene from each of the stories and then I knew. I could see it all play out. Not only were they each strong male leads, but they were lethal. They exceled at their profession, but each of their lives was missing one important thing. The mission was laid out before me and I accepted the challenge.

In each story in the Assassins and Sweethearts Series, I’ll take on the task of finding each assassin his one and only sweetheart.

When I began building the story for Desire Unexpected, I knew immediately Ethan and Nadia were perfect for each other but it would test my match making skills. I didn’t see how they’d attract each other. So, I had them meet at one of my favorite places, Chagall’s America Windows at the Chicago Art Institute. My husband and I saw the windows on our first wedding anniversary. They’re breath taking and so is the way Ethan and Nadia fall in love.

These men may kill for a living, but they’ll capture your heart. I hope you fall in love with this new series just as I have.

the boys

DesireUnexpectedLife is passing Nadia Duskin by from her position in the mailroom. It only fulfills two necessities, keeping the repo man away and keeping her up to date on her sexy CEO. Ethan Wright is prepared to frighten and fire the nosey girl who sorts his company’s mail. After engaging with her at one of his favorite places in the world, he digs deeper.

Together, they find the kind of pleasure that could keep them satisfied for a lifetime. Her love may be the key to putting both of their lives back on track, but to what end? When a man he’s been contracted to kill threatens Nadia’s life, he forces her to face reality. Either they’ll delve deeper into the desires neither expected or they may die trying.

Story Excerpt

“It reminded me of you.” He shook his head. “It’s just from the museum gift shop. I wanted to give you something for putting up with me. I hope you like it.”

“Thank you.” She took the little box and sat on her battered sofa. “Please, take a seat.”

He sat next to her, but kept to the edge, confirming there was nothing relaxed about this visit.

After slipping the green ribbon from the box, she pulled off the lid and pushed back the tissue paper, revealing the item she’d so long desired. Her heart raced and she scooted closer to him. He had no idea what he’d done. Her secret crush giving her the piece of jewelry she’d long desired was incredibly perfect. Neither were really her style and she wanted them all the same. She looked at him with heavy tears stinging her eyes. Brushing the box from her lap, she slipped the bracelet onto her wrist.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I’ve enjoyed our time together.” He brushed away the tear that had rolled down her cheek and cupped her chin.

“Don’t say that like it’s over.” She took a hold of his wrist and pulled it into her lap. “It’s not, right?” Panic raced over her. If he wanted to leave, she wouldn’t stop him, but her whole body hurt with wanting him to stay.

“I’m no good for you, Nadia.” He took hold of her hands. “You deserve a nice man with an uncomplicated life. I can’t give you what you need.”

“That’s not true.” She put her fingers to his lips. “Don’t.”

He took a hold of her shirt, not pulling her closer, just squeezing the fabric in his fist.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you.” She brought her touch back to his hands, trying to ease the pressure. “I just know the only time I feel alive is when I’m with you. You’re on my mind constantly.” She lowered her gaze, losing her courage by the second. “There’s something between us and I want to explore it. I want to know what drives you insane with need. Don’t you want me too?”

“Shit, Nadia, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the first day at the windows.” He let her go and pulled out of her reach to slip around to the other side of the couch with his back to her. “I want things from you that I’m certain would frighten you.”

“I doubt that.” Knowing she had to make her move now or risk losing him forever, she pulled her shirt over her head and tugged off her sweatpants, tossing them both on the chair. “Do you remember the questions I asked about you before we met?”

“You’re playing with fire.”

“No, I’m not into fire play, but I have a feeling you know what I need.”

“What …” He turned, his gaze swept over her body and he brushed his hand over his mouth. “You take my breath away.” He stepped toward her, adjusting the bulge in his pants. “You think you want to play?”

“I do.” She sucked on her lip, wishing she’d worn her one set of matching bra and panties.

“Fuck, I want this” He brushed her skin ever so slightly up her arms, across her chest, and down between her breasts. “I’ve had dreams about this moment.” He raised her chin, forcing her to look at him. He dragged his fingers through her hair and tugged the length of it back. “I want you at my mercy. Do you have any idea what it’s like to give someone like me control?”

“Yes, sir.” She arched her back, revealing her neck. He kept pulling and tingles of pain danced along her scalp. “Please.”

“Are you already asking for mercy?” He tugged her hair again “I don’t think you know what you’re starting.”

“I don’t want you to stop. I want more, sir.” Her breasts pushed against his chest and her grip on his arms tightened. “I want to know.”

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About S.J. Maylee

S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

Where to find S.J. Maylee

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Fabulous Friday Reads: Taking Courage (Love Projects #2)

Let’s kick off this lovely weekend with my release day sister S.J. Maylee and her hot new erotic romance Taking Courage, now available from Evernight Publishing and other purveyors of fine erotic romance. Take it away, S.J.!

taking-courageJanna’s ready to make over her life and get out from under the controlling thumb of her father. She doesn’t want another failed arranged marriage. She’s ready to do whatever it takes for the career she wants, enter the lifestyle she craves, and to earn the trust and love of the man that has captured her heart, but heartbreak and career hiccups seem to be her destiny.

Simon’s still recovering after his last submissive lied her way into his life. He’s not ready for Janna and how she pushes against his prejudices. He needs to decide if he’s willing to lose her or if he’ll fight for her love and submission.

Story Excerpt

“Head up now.” Something was agitating the tender bundle in his arms. Simon wanted to help her through it. He may have taken a step back on his training responsibilities since his last experience, but Janna felt perfect under his hand. He’d have to find out if she’d be back.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What’s troubling you, pet?”

“I forgot to mention something earlier.” She tucked the blanket under her chin.

“Oh?” He rubbed in big circles around her back. “Why don’t you tell me now?”

“This was my first time, Sir.”

“Your first?” His confusion was thick. She tried to hide her eyes from him, but he saw shame. Sometimes newer submissives struggled with firsts. “Is this your first time being a guest?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Is your home club much different?” The safe rules of BDSM clubs were pretty universal, a real gift to traveling kinksters, but sometimes a scene in a different setting could be unsettling.

“I don’t have a home club, Sir. Well, not one that I physically visit.” She rubbed the edge of her blanket. “I’m an active member of their chat rooms.”

He hadn’t heard her right. No. She felt like an experienced submissive. Was she just playing the part? Anger ticked a quick pace up his spine.

“Are you telling me I just gave you your first scene?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Why did you withhold this information?” When she didn’t answer he added, “Why weren’t you honest with me?” He pushed her slightly, in part to get some distance and to keep her safe from him. “Answer me, now.”

“I forgot. It all happened so fast, and I forgot one of my lines.”

“Lines.” He finished shoving her from his lap and stood. “I hope you had fun tonight.”

“I did, Sir,” she said as she stood to join him. She tugged at the edge of the blanket that had stuck in the couch. “Please, let me thank you for tonight.”

“There is no need. You lied to me, and you had your fun.” He scratched his brow. “Go home now.” He took two storming steps away and stopped. He forced himself to return to her, disgusted by how good it felt to see her face once more. He stopped within an inch, forcing her to look up. “Do yourself a favor. Enter that club at home, get yourself in a training program, and do not ever lie to a Dom again.”

He wanted to hit something. What was it with submissives and their lies? The lie might have been smaller this time, but it was still a lie.

He thundered past the scene areas and kept walking, increasing his speed. Folks saved themselves and moved out of his way. Fury radiated down his arms curling his fingers into fists, almost there.

Some members thought Keller was crazy when he’d installed the small gym next to the club. When the roster quickly filled, it was Keller that was laughing all the way to the bank. Simon had a regular date with the bag hanging in the corner. He may no longer enter the ring, but the regimented workouts kept him strong and centered.

A couple more steps and he’d entered the gym and saw the innocent bag hanging right where he needed it to be. He slammed his fist into the bag. Pressure reverberated from his hand straight to his heart, but it didn’t release the revulsion.

“Damn her.”

He needed to get this out and get back on the floor. One of his best friends was about to collar his sub. The bag swung around. He walked around it and rolled his shoulders back. He wanted to witness the happiness a pair could have when things worked out and no one lied.

It was just a scene, something he could shake off, and she was just a guest sub. There was no possible way she could have felt as right as he thought. The anger was tricking him. She was just another lying sub. A sub to forget. A sub he would never see again.

“Damn her.”

An image of her regret filled face tugged at his resolve. His fingers flexed as he remembered her velvet channel. His cock twitched, and he hit the bag again.


SJ’s giving away one $10 Amazon gift card and THREE swag packs. To enter: read the excerpt, answer this question in the comments, and click away on the rafflecopter.

Simon definitely sees Janna again. Do you think she’ll get a second chance with him?

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About S.J. Maylee

S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

Where to find S.J. Maylee

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Marvelous Monday Reads: Unholy Matrimony

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Marvelous Monday Reads, angels! Today I’m participating in a blog tour for Roane Publishing to promote their latest publication Unholy Matrimony by Sonny Zae.


To celebrate the release, Roane Publishing is giving away an eCOPY of UNHOLY MATRIMONY, as well as a $10 Amazon Gift Card. To enter the raffle, click here.

And now, here’s an interview with the main character supplied by Roane Publishing — read on!


What do you look for in a woman?

Interviewer: Tell me, Sonny, as an infamous lover, what do you look for in a woman?

Sonny: The word is notorious, as in Sonny the Scoundrel, the notorious lover. As a lover, I am both infamous and notorious. Have you never done an interview before? Did you not hear the stories about me? As to what I look for in a woman, she should be lovely, of course, tall and willowy, with long, cascading hair. But she should also be able to work and cook and clean, so she can have big, muscular arms.

Interviewer: Ah, I think I know where this is going. You like a big, strong woman who can slap you around a little, don’t you.

Sonny: No, do not be ridiculous! It is only so she can work hard, supporting me if necessary.

Interviewer: Fine, I’ll take your word for it, for now. But I know what you like, and know your penchant for falling for women who keep a tight rein on you.

Sonny: Contrary to the ugly rumors that persist about me, no woman has ever put a bridle on Sonny the Scoundrel.

Author: What about a riding crop?

Sonny: No comment. What happened to your questions about the women I prefer?

Author: Right. So, tall and with long hair and big biceps is how you like your women. What else? A good sense of humor?

Sonny: No.

Interviewer: Wealthy?

Sonny: Certainly. That goes without saying.

Interviewer: What about personality?

Sonny: Optional.

Interviewer: Come on, that is the most important part of finding love, isn’t it? What was it about Ariella that drew you to her?

Sonny: Fair enough. Ariella has personality, and loads of it. She is a very smart girl and knows how to get the better in any business deal.

Interviewer: And your respect that? Admire her for it?

Sonny: Of course.

Interviewer: But could you trust her?

Sonny: Certainly not!

Interviewer: Then how could you find her so attractive?

Sonny: It is … I suppose because she is so much like me, both strikingly beautiful on the outside, and ruthless and calculating on the inside.

Interviewer: So, what is the probability of impending marriage?

Sonny: Pretty good, if she plays her cards right.


How will you survive on your own once Grandpap is gone?

Interviewer: Sonny, how old is your grandfather, the wizard Zuthar Zaeffom?

Sonny: Older than the oldest tree in the forest.

Interviewer: And how old would that be?

Sonny: He must be drawing up on one-hundred and fifty years of age.

Interviewer: That old? How old are you?

Sonny: Thirty-three.

Interviewer: So then, hold on, if your mother was thirty when she gave birth to you, then at the time you were born, Grandpap would be around one-hundred?

Sonny: If you say so. I never engage in tasks so mundane as mathematics. It is quite beneath me.

Interviewer: Have you never wondered how old your grand-sire was when he begat your mother?

Sonny: No.

Interviewer: So, in your world, it is of no concern to bear a child out of wedlock?

Sonny: It is considered most inappropriate.

Interviewer: Then how did your Grandpap avoid being punished by the villagers?

Sonny: He is a wizard! No one talks back to a wizard. He can do what he wants, when he wants.

Interviewer: Then what about you? What will you do when he is dead and is no longer around to protect you whenever you get your … tail feathers in a trap?

Sonny: It will be a problem, I am sure. No one in the village cares overmuch for me. When Grandpap kicks off, I will not have a champion here.

Interviewer: What will happen?

Sonny: The villagers will likely chase me into the woods with torches and scythes.

Interviewer: What is your plan for that day?

Sonny: Plan? I have no plan … save running for my life.


If you could have only one wizarding power, what would it be?

Interviewer: Sonny, if you could have only one wizarding power, what would it be?

Sonny: That is the most difficult question you have asked me. There are so many magical powers I have coveted. Let me see. Of course, my first thought is that I crave the desire to turn objects into goald.

Interviewer: Alchemy?

Sonny: Yes, most definitely. Then I could glamour any number of stones or twigs to look like goald, and I would be able to drink for free every day for the rest of my life.

Interviewer: What about the ability to mesmerize?

Sonny: True, that would be a wonderful magical power to wield. But at times it could be a bothersome amount of work to push people around. I would much rather they anticipate what I wanted and do it without needing to be compelled by me.


What is your most outrageous secret?

Interviewer: Tell us, Sonny the Scoundrel, what is your most outrageous secret?

Sonny: What secret do I harbour that I would never want anyone to know? Only that I am a warm, sensitive, and caring person deep inside.

Interviewer: Oh, come on! I read the story.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Interviewer: I suppose there could be a good person hidden deep inside of you, but no one has ever seen that side of Sonny Zaeffom. Seriously, what would shock the people who know you if they were ever to find out?

Sonny: Truly, I have no secrets.

Interviewer: I could interview everyone in your village and dig up some dirt.

Sonny: Oh, very well. My shameful secret is that I once tricked a visitor to our village into dressing up as a … no, that was not a secret. Ummm, you will tell this to no one?

Interviewer: Of course not. What?

Sonny: Strange, as I have never told this to anyone, and have buried it so deeply in my memory that I have not thought about it in years.

Interviewer: Go on.

Sonny: As the grandson of a wizard, it is no secret that I have a pedigree that shames every other person around me. I never violate my station in life by doing common labor. Work is for peasants and dull-witted clods. But despite that, I once … umm, this is very hard for me to talk about.

Interviewer: Take your time. Would you like a cup of tea?

Sonny: Do you have any ale? Tea does not loosen tongues. As I was saying, I had occasion to visit a distant relative several years ago, who lived in a distant village. Hagan was a cooper in the village of Trowspood, widowed and with a small daughter. His daughter was exceptionally cute, only five years old, with curly brown hair and the most serious eyes I had ever seen. When I arrived, he was finishing an order of oak barrels. Hagan’s customer had arrived with a wagon and waited for Hagan to finish the last barrel.

Interviewer: What did you do during this time?

Sonny: I … played with the child. I entertained her, played games with her, and kept her busy and happy until Hagan had finished his business. There was not much day left. Hagan cooked an evening meal and we talked and downed a few ales, then went to bed. By the next morning, when I set out to walk home, she was calling me “Da-Da.” Is that not the most wonderful thing you have ever heard?

Interviewer: So your deep, dark secret is that you once spent a day with a young child and actually didn’t hate the experience?

Sonny: Umm … yes. Do not think me a monster.

Interviewer: Well, as sordid as that all sounds, you haven’t answered my question, haven’t admitted to some dark, hidden personal shame. What is so bad about being tricked into doing manual labor? Or amusing a small child for a few hours?

Sonny: You really expect me to answer that?

Interviewer: Yes, I do. Or I shall not give you this shiny, new quarter, as promised.

Sonny: Oh, very well! Why is it painful to talk about? Because I actually enjoyed it! I labored with my hands, cleaning the child’s face when she was covered in food, and carrying her around like a mere pack animal. Several people in Trowspood saw me do so. At least they were not aware of how I debased myself, did not know who I was or where I was from. There, are you happy now?


What is the most dastardly deed you have ever done?

Interviewer: Sonny, what is the most dastardly deed you have ever done?

Sonny: Oh, I cannot pick a single favourite out of all of my achievements.

Interviewer: It doesn’t have to be the worst thing you have ever done, just one of the many really terrible things you have done.

Sonny: Very well, but it is still a difficult choice for me to make. Let me see. Once, when Abnelius and I went to Cappersham’s tavern in the early afternoon, Abnelius drank so much that he fell over outside the tavern and I could not rouse him, he was so besotted.

Interviewer: So the dastardly deed was that you were a bad influence on this Abnelius fellow?

Sonny: Oh, no, I was not the bad influence, Abnelius was. That is not what the story is about. Abnelius is as old as Grandpap, but much shorter and scrawnier, with skinny little bow legs. But he can put away the ale, he can. But on this particular evening, he did not hold it well, and staggered outside to relieve himself and did not return. When I found him, I could not get him to wake up.

Interviewer: That sounds like a problem.

Sonny: Surely it was! He was buying. And without him, Capper would not let me back into his tavern.

Interviewer: What did you do?

Sonny: What could I do? I waited for him to revive, to regain his senses.

Interviewer: Are you telling me that you waited patiently for him to sober up?

Sonny: Of course not! I searched his pack until I found one of his energy slugs. They can revive a besotted man quite quickly. You just slip one up–

Interviewer: No! I don’t want to hear any more, not about the slug. So then, when he revived, you two went back to drinking?

Sonny: Yes. But before I administered the slug, I … ummm, changed his attire a bit.

Interviewer: I’m afraid to ask, but … what did you do?

Sonny: Dressed him up like a girl. He did not notice. But the men in the tavern did. They thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. I had a fancy bonnet on his head, and nicked Roswitha Ulver’s bloomers, the bonnet and bloomers where the only clothes on him. And I rouged his lips up to a bright red.

Interviewer: What happened then?

Sonny: A fight, of course. Abnelius may not have been alert enough to tell what I had done to him, but he had enough wits to lose his temper. Abnelius is always able to lose his temper. So when the mule drover laughed at him, he lit into the drover like a rooster after a bull.

Interviewer: Was he injured?

Sonny: Abnelius? No. He may be a scrawny old wizard, but he is still a wizard. And he fights dirty. It was one hell of a scrap, it was.

Interviewer: What were you doing during this time?

Sonny: I did the only thing I could do, under the circumstances. I slipped around and drank every cup dry as the other people in the tavern watched the fight.


What is your most secret ambition?

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your future. What is Sonny Zaeffom’s one secret ambition? What is the one thing you would most like to do in life?

Sonny: One thing? Hmmm. Well, this may sound rather bizarre to you.

Interviewer: Go on.

Sonny: I was once told a crazy story by Grandpap’s best friend, Abnelius.

Interviewer: Who is that?

Sonny: Abnelius is a wizard from a nearby village. He specializes in healing. He and Grandpap have been best friends forever—and Grandpap is very old, one-hundred forty-five, I believe. Anyway, Abnelius comes by on occasion to visit Grandpap, to eat and drink and share an evening. Abnelius is even stranger than Grandpap, which is quite a feat—though all wizards are mighty strange. Anyway, one night when Grandpap had to go and do some magical chore for a neighbor, Abnelius and I had a good time, drinking all the ale in our house. Just for fun, I asked Abnelius to tell me about alchemy, and he told me about Grandpap’s younger days, when he my grandsire was considered the most likely up-and-coming wizard, the wizard most likely to solve the riddle of alchemy. Abnelius told me all about Grandpap’s alchemy wand, how it seemed to actually work, and how a rival wizard caused it to be destroyed.

Interviewer: This is all very interesting, but do you have a point? What does this have to do with your secret ambition?

Sonny: Do have some patience. Abnelius claimed that Grandpap had figured out the secret of alchemy and was on the cusp of becoming the most successful and acclaimed wizard of his generation. But then it was ruined by a rival wizard, supposedly when that wizard was under the influence of … too much ale. So, in jest, I said to Abnelius, would it not be most wonderful if one could use a magical wand to both conduct alchemy and stir up a fine drink?

Interviewer: What did your friend Abnelius say?

Sonny: He gave me a sideways look and asked how I had heard such a strange tale. I told him it was not a tale, but just a thought that had come to me in the moment. Abnelius grew serious and informed me there were rumours in the wizarding community that such a thing was possible, that it was possible to construct a wand which could create both spirituous drink and goald.

Interviewer: What is your secret ambition?

Sonny: I would do almost anything to have such a wand, to be able to sit back, wave a wand, and create a fine drink at a moment’s notice. One would not even need goald, then, would one?

Interviewer: That is tremendously ambitious of you.

Sonny: Indeed! But I have even more ambition than that.

Interviewer: Do tell.

Sonny: You will wonder why you did not think of this. What would you do if you had a wand, a wonderful and powerful magical implement, wherein you did not even have to go through two separate incantations to make goald and fine drink?

Interviewer: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Sonny: Of course not! You are not the genius that I am. But I suppose you want to know what I am hinting about?

Interviewer: I suppose I can’t end this interview until you tell me?

Sonny: Very well, if you insist. My secret ambition, what I would do if I had such a wand, is … please, remain seated for your own good. I would be able to mix up a fine drink with the wand, then after I tossed it down, the magical wand would do its duty and strange things would happen inside me, just as you must suspect by now.

Interviewer: I have been suspecting strange things going on inside you since the beginning of this interview. What, pray tell, would be the result?

Sonny: The drink would produce goald in my bowels. What do you think of that?

Interviewer: Your secret ambition is to, to—

Sonny: Yes. I would be the first person to have shat out goald.

Interviewer: This interview is over. Does your Grandpap have any potion that could wipe the last few minutes from my memory?

UnholyMatrimonyCoverSonny is so handsome, he doesn’t need magic to get what he wants, except when he gets into trouble. And, he’ll do anything for love or money, except work. So, the thought of marriage represents the worst of all possible worlds, a danger he avoids at all costs.

His plans for getting rich the easy way—by stealing—go awry when he meets Ariella. She is not only lovely to look at, but just may be as slippery and greedy as he. Better still, she becomes highly stimulated at the prospect of helping him hijack a treasure.

But, in addition to helping him steal “goald”, the cunning Ariella might just steal his scoundrel heart.

Story Excerpt

“Tell me where you hid the amulet.” Her lips touched my ear lobe and I almost lost control of my spleen. “Confess your theft, and I will reward you, will complete the passionate interlude left unconsummated last night.”

“For you, my dear, I would confess anything.”

“Go on, do tell.”

“I confess my desire for you, my passion is aroused by your touch.”

“That is not what I want to hear. Confess you took the amulet, and tell where you hid it.”

“I will.” My heartbeats pounded in my ears. “But first, caress my trouser weasel, stroke it as you were doing last night.”

“Oh, no,” she cooed into my ear. “You tell me where the chicken foot is, and then you will be rewarded.”

I smiled to myself, despite my predicament. Such moments in life were few and far between, moments when fools thought they had the better of me, then discovered they needed to curry my favour, instead of the other way around. “My dear, I will confess nothing. Abler men than you—well, men, at least—have tried to break my spirit, and all have failed.”

“Where is the chicken foot?” she hissed, grasping my ear and twisting it. The pain was sharp and delicious.

“I do not know!” Strangely, it was true.

“Liar! Tell me, or I shall kick you.”

“Kick me if you must, but I refuse to tell you.” I fervently hoped she would carry through her threat. “What will you do with the wedding gifts? I shall tell the people of your village it was all your idea.”

“Oh, my! Dear me!” Ariella responded, mock fear dripping from her lovely lips. “Do you think they will believe you, a stranger, over a beautiful and innocent young girl?” She punctuated the question by kicking me in the gut.

“That did not hurt,” I lied. “Throw your whole body into it. Do you have a pair of pointy shoes? Kicking me with pointy shoes might at least discomfit me…while you are kicking, at least. The pain fades almost immediately and you shall never get the truth out of me at this rate.”

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About Sonny Zae

Sonny Zae lives in a small town on the edge of reality. His only remarkable characteristic is imagination. He ignored his grade school teacher’s repeated admonitions to stop daydreaming and get to work.

Sonny’s book WIZARD SEEKING TROPHY BRIDE, is also available on Kindle. It is a story about the exceptional difficulties involved in finding love and happiness for an elderly and strange wizard, not to mention the difficulties of dealing with an elderly relative—an elderly relative who is also a wizard.

Marvelous Monday Reads: Untangle Me

Hello, and welcome to this holiday edition of Marvelous Monday Reads, angels! Let’s warm up the last Monday before Christmas with the smouldering paranormal erotic romance Untangle Me by S.J. Maylee. This is what S.J. has to say about her book, its hero and the pleasure of little luxuries:

The hero of Untangle Me is a successful businessman. With all his wealth, extravagances are easy to come by. I believe luxuries don’t have to be costly or out of reach. Here are my top five inexpensive favorite things:

  1. Spritz of lavender water on my pillow. Certain smells can take my stress away. There’s nothing like my mom’s cooking or a fresh cup of coffee, but when I need to quiet my mind and breath deep, a simple spray of lavender can help my mind let go and relax.
  2. Chocolate. Any kind of sweet yummy chocolate is an indulgence. It doesn’t take long to enjoy a little morsel either, but they take me to a happier place.
  3. A snazzy drink. For me it will probably be a cup of coffee from my favorite local coffee joint. I make an excellent cup of coffee at home, but there’s something about going out and having it done for me that makes it better.
  4. Watch something funny. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old favorite or something new. Every week, I take the time to sit down, put my feet up, and laugh.
  5. Call a friend. I have several friends that live several states away. Although I might not have seen them this year, a few minutes on the phone will bring us right back together and will do wonders at stripping away my stress.

These are just a few of my favorites. One of them is Ivy’s favorite too. She’s the heroine in Untangle Me. You’ll have to read the story to find out which one and the heart breaking reason why she needs it. I wish I could talk about it more. I love this story and I hope you will too.

Untangle MeIvy’s revenge on the people behind her family’s downward spiral is simple and it’s working. There’s no need to long for help from the wealthy business owners who turned their backs on her father. Ivy may be worn out, but she’s finding herself again after joining the local BDSM club.

Seth has it all. He has homes around the world and the little red speedster he dreamed of as a little boy, but none of the things he can buy satisfy him, not the socialites hanging on his arm or the submissives falling at his feet. Then, he hires Ivy to plan his next event.

Seth and Ivy enjoy each other’s company in and out of the planning stages for Seth’s charity event. Their playful bets lead them to a first date. When their secret kinks are revealed, the pair fall deep, but it’s not meant to last. Past hurts come back to haunt Ivy. Now, it’s time for Seth to use all he’s learned, regardless if he can win back the girl.

Story Excerpt

Where was Seth?

Once in the center of the dance floor she turned in a circle, looking every direction.


From the center seat at the bar, Seth’s direct stare held her captive. A new song excited the crowd and cheers surrounded them, but neither of them paid it any attention.

His jacket and tie were gone, giving her a closer look at his all-male body. The top button on his white shirt was undone. She wanted to undo the rest and get a glimpse at what lay underneath. Round shoulders tapered to his waist. She bit her lip as she imagined his length.

He made no move to come to her, his elbow still rested on the bar. He was a man waiting for the world to come to him.

Not the world. Her.

The comfortable confidence and the heat shining in his eyes turned her on. She swayed her hips to the hypnotic beat. Her hands felt their way up her thighs, around her hips, and an inch past her waist, he got up and walked towards her.

In no time, his feet stepped in between hers and together they rocked to the music. The drums and base from the band pushed a rhythm into her body, driving her desire. Their fingers interlaced. She snuggled closer and breathed in his clean musky scent.

She wanted to touch him, but he kept a hold on her hands. He pushed them both behind her, causing her back to arch and her breasts to press deliciously into his hard body. Heat rolled through her. She let her head fall back, exposing her neck.

His lips brushed across her collarbone. They continued to rock back and forth, their hips swaying and rubbing together. He took her wrists in one hand and his other stroked down her neck, over her shoulder, caressed the side of her breast, and around her waist to land on her butt. He squeezed her ass and pressed her into the hard ridge of his cock. She lowered her chin and moaned as she took in his expression filled with raw desire. A slow devilish smile lit his features and sent a tremble through her.

The song ended and another began while they continued their dance. He let go of her hands and she wrapped them around his neck. Both of his hands molded her ass. She nuzzled his neck, taking a nibble and a few kisses as she breathed him in. She wanted more.

Lots more.

She made her way closer to his mouth. Before she stole a kiss, she looked into his eyes. His brown eyes had darkened to the color of night, matching his hair. She sucked on her lower lip.

“You know what you’re doing, right?” he asked.

“I know I want you.”

“The Masters work the back rooms on club nights. But we can stay on the dance floor all night, if you want.”

“You’re talking about the one on one rooms?” She sucked in a breath.

“I don’t think this crowd is prepared to see what I want to do to you.”

“Can we go back there? I want to go back there.” She looked directly into his eyes.

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About S.J. Maylee

S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

Where to find S.J. Maylee