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I Am So Close

Maybe another day or two and Shifter Woods: Claw will be in shape to head off to the editor and betas. Which is good because my writing brain is ITCHING to get back to work on Crystal Blade and High Tide, plus I also want to start outlining To Love a Wild Swan. I’m also tempted to go with a trio for that one because hey, Nessa is a queen of Faerie and doesn’t have to stick with Victorian social rules. If she wants a Fae lord and a hot djinn as her consorts, why not?

I also think that my Patreon short story for March (yeah, yeah, I know. But I already missed the February deadline so I’ll launch it then) will be the springboard for To Love a Wild Swan. Fyodora and Callum arrive in Cairo and meet up with Louisa and Henry, they get involved with a Romeo and Juliet conflict between some Egyptian deities and a djinn clan, and the denouement of the story leads into Swan.

As for April, I’m torn between using my F*ck the Patriarchy novella for my Patreon or setting it as the free story that new newsletter subscribers receive. Since it’s a Why Choose story and not everyone enjoys that subgenre I may use it for the Patreon and come up with something more general for the new subscriber story. I haven’t written anything in the Two Thrones series for quite a while—I think I may do something set there, maybe a peek at how Amelie and Alain are settling in, or Matthias deciding to gift his overworked wife with a seductive holiday. I’ve been asked to do a story regarding Darius and Lars’s wedding and honeymoon but I think I want to save that for its own novella.

Boy, I’m doing a lot this month

Mrgh. In a rough chronological order, this is what I would like to achieve in January:

  1. Finish, edit, and publish Shifter Woods: Claw
  2. Compile and publish the Esposito County Shifters omnibus edition
  3. Write a short story set in one of my series for my Patreon (right now I’m leaning towards Louisa, Henry, Fyodora, and Callum getting into trouble in Egypt. Because that would be fun.)
  4. Launch my Patreon with said short story
  5. Finish, edit, and publish Crystal Blade (Paladins of Crystal 2)
  6. Start Crystal Reflection (Paladins of Crystal 3)
  7. Start High Tide (Olympic Cove 5)
  8. Put together the outline for To Love a Wild Swan (Hidden Empire 3)
  9. Start recording video for the Sekrit Project (more on that in March or so)
  10. Start recording Shadow of the Swan as an audiobook

Yeah, I know, it’s a lot. But I need to ramp up from what I achieved in 2022, and that means more books published and more income streams established (I’m putting off the Shopify store until February when I can focus on it).

I also need to come up with some rewards for hitting these milestones, ideally ones that aren’t expensive. Must muse on that some more…

As for 2023…

Yup, it’s definitely a new year. As I didn’t go anywhere last night to celebrate New Year’s Eve (mainly because I am Olde™) I woke up bright and early this morning, fed the J Crew, updated all of my ads on Amazon, and entered my December income and ad numbers into my tracking spreadsheet.

(BTW, If you’re hung over and glaring at me right now for my unholy bounciness, I do apologize. Go take some Alka-Seltzer and nibble on a piece of dry toast when you feel ready for it..)

Anyhoo, the data is pretty clear—my bestselling titles are definitely paranormal romance (I consider Olympic Cove to be paranormal since it’s not classic fantasy romance and technically you could call Bythos, Aphros, and all the merfolk shifters) and the Hidden Empire series did ridiculously well in 2022 considering that it only has two books in it. This is good because it allows me to drill down into my particular paranormal romance niche (historical paranormal romance with vampires/witches/shifters) and make it work for me. It also looks like I will definitely be writing To Love a Wild Swan one way or another this year (starring Louisa’s Fae cousin Nessa, now the Swan Queen, and what happens when she’s f/o/r/c/e/d/ persuaded to enter a betrothal to an arrogant Fae prince. Yep, it’s an enemies-to-lovers story—think Anna Joy-Taylor in full Emma. mode teamed up with Sam Reid from Interview with the Vampire and you’ve got the right idea).

Because hey, who needs sleep?

Also, I really, really, REALLY need to get the last two books of the Olympic Cove series done and out there. *rubs face* I think I have to try dictating books while I walk because that might be the only way I can get everything I want to write finished in a reasonable amount of time.