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Getting a Grip on Things

So yesterday I outlined what I need to change in the first five chapters of Shifter Woods: Claw and implemented the Chapter One changes. Ideally I’ll get the other four chapters updated today, then proceed to finish the last five chapters, edit everything, and release this mother and the ECS omnibus.

Which will be 1) a frigging relief and 2) my first completed series. Apparently a LOT of romance readers don’t want to start a series unless it’s completed so I’m hoping that the omnibus will bring in additional sales, not to mention attention to my other paranormal romances. I also need to plan how I want to promote the omnibus—I think I’m going to go with FB ads for it since I’m already promoting Shifter Woods: Howl in AMS. I’ll be taking the Facebook Ads Expedition class with Mark Dawson next week so hopefully I’ll pick up some instruction on how to make my FB ads more effective.

Once Claw is done, it’s time to go back to Crystal Blade and get that puppy finished and out by the end of January, then I’ll be double-teaming Crystal Reflection and High Tide (Olympic Cove 5). One way or the other, I am getting up to twenty full-length books published by the end of this year. Who needs sleep, right?

Boy, I’m doing a lot this month

Mrgh. In a rough chronological order, this is what I would like to achieve in January:

  1. Finish, edit, and publish Shifter Woods: Claw
  2. Compile and publish the Esposito County Shifters omnibus edition
  3. Write a short story set in one of my series for my Patreon (right now I’m leaning towards Louisa, Henry, Fyodora, and Callum getting into trouble in Egypt. Because that would be fun.)
  4. Launch my Patreon with said short story
  5. Finish, edit, and publish Crystal Blade (Paladins of Crystal 2)
  6. Start Crystal Reflection (Paladins of Crystal 3)
  7. Start High Tide (Olympic Cove 5)
  8. Put together the outline for To Love a Wild Swan (Hidden Empire 3)
  9. Start recording video for the Sekrit Project (more on that in March or so)
  10. Start recording Shadow of the Swan as an audiobook

Yeah, I know, it’s a lot. But I need to ramp up from what I achieved in 2022, and that means more books published and more income streams established (I’m putting off the Shopify store until February when I can focus on it).

I also need to come up with some rewards for hitting these milestones, ideally ones that aren’t expensive. Must muse on that some more…