Let’s Get Healthy: Day Sixty-seven (AKA Is That Cooler Weather Ahead?) #romancefit

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Mood: Tired already and I still have so much stuff to do.

We had an honest-to-God deluge here yesterday, which was great on the one hand because it brought the temps down nicely and watered everything.

On the other hand, it encourages everything green to put out more pollen/mold/whatever, and today I woke up with my eyes gummed shut and having to blow my nose repeatedly every time I went outside (and this is after taking Claritin and Flonase). Plus the temps went back up, and tomorrow we’re supposed to have the last three-digit day of the year before temps start to drop back into reasonable levels for the clavicle of Texas.

Which makes me happy, because hopefully it will cut down on all the allergens out there, plus it’ll be cooler when I work in the garage at night (Ramón keeps saying he has no idea how I’ve managed to work in the garage all summer. I keep reminding him that I do it late at night with a box fan blowing directly on me, and even then I’m still drenched in sweat and in need of hydration and a shower when I come back inside. And yes, I know this isn’t healthy. We’re looking into ways to heat/cool the garage so that I can work in there anytime, but that requires money and we need to keep a very close eye on ours for the meantime.)

On the plus side, we’re going to have a lovely pork roast with cauliflower mash and oven-roasted sprouts for dinner tonight, which means lots of leftovers, yay, and I’m going to do my best to polish off “Swan Mother and the Sea Wife: tonight so that I can get it into my writing group for critique.

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