Let’s Get Healthy: Day Fifty-five (AKA Nerves) #romancefit

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Wish to drink something soothing and alcoholic: Middling.

As it turns out, my contract job has some work for me and I need to go see the client tomorrow and get an idea of what they want me to do for them. Since I haven’t been in an office situation since May 2011, I am perhaps a bit nervous about this. I mean, I can do the work, no problem. But there are certain social cues you need to observe when in an office environment, and I’m gonna have to dredge those up and dust them off. Firm handshake, look the person in the eye, answer questions with the right amount of detail, give the impression that you are the answer to their prayers and can do anything they need, that sort of thing.

I suspect it’s going to be a dodgy night of sleep due to nerves and the fact that I seem to have pulled something in my foot which is making walking difficult. I got my thirty minutes in with Chuck tonight, but if I’m not feeling better tomorrow I may cut down my time or skip altogether.

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