Let’s Get Healthy: Day Forty-seven (AKA How My Brain Works) #romancefit

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Sinus condition: Seriously better after two neti pot sessions.

If I won the Powerball tomorrow, I would make a movie. No, I’m not talking about To My Muse, although I’d like to produce that at some point as well.

No, I would like to get some of my favorite actors together and let them do their thing. Here’s the plot as it stands — a former bassist in a well-known 70’s rock band (Louis Herthum) is now giving lessons in a NOLA music store, having a lethargic affair with the owner (Angela Bassett), and playing with local bands to pay the rent. To his bemusement, the band’s former manager (Brent Spiner) shows up one day at the store with an unrefusable offer — a current rock darling (Miley Cyrus) who is a huge fan of the band wants them to play with her at a major music festival. Manager also has the band’s drummer (Paul Guilfoyle) and his granddaughter (Priah Ferguson) in tow — the drummer is on the lam from the Boston mob due to a gambling debt.

Armed with a tour bus that has seen better days and equipment lent by the NOLA music store owner, bassist, drummer, and granddaughter go on the road to reunite the band for one last gig. Needless to say, this isn’t easy because the keyboardist (Jeffrey Combs) is newly retired from being a high school music teacher and just wants to stay home (his wife, however, wants him out of the house because he’s driving her nuts). I have a scene in my head where the bassist and drummer are standing on the keyboardist’s porch and knock on the door. Keyboardist opens it, takes one look at them, and slams it shut.

Bassist: (looks at drummer) That went well. (knocks on door again) Come on, man, open up.

Keyboardist: (muffled) Go away.

Bassist: Seriously, let us in. We’ve got a gig, a paying one. Rock Star Darling wants us to open for her.

Keyboardist: (muffled) Not interested.

Bassist: We’re talking a hundred grand.

Drummer: Minus Manager’s cut.

Bassist: (dirty look at Drummer) Really? You’re gonna do this now?

Keyboardist: (muffled) I’m calling the cops.

Drummer: (smirks) You know what we have to do.

Bassist: (sighs) Jeez. Okay.

They promptly start singing “If I Fell In Love With You” at the top of their lungs until the keyboardist lets them in.

Oh, and the lead guitarist (John Bishop) is a recovering alcoholic living with his daughter in Arkansas. They manage to get almost everyone on the bus, but the lead singer (Woody Harrelson), who is the bassist’s younger brother, has a sweet residency in Vegas and is not about to give it up. At that point an enforcer from Boston (Rory McCann) finally tracks them down, and the bassist fast-talks him into waiting until after the gig for the money — in exchange, he can tag along with them to guarantee that his boss gets paid (and maybe haul gear because hey, he’s big and strong). During a rehearsal warm, they find out that the enforcer can sing and press-gang him into the band. When Brother finds out he’s been replaced, he gets pissed off…

And that’s about as far as I’ve gotten (I think the band originally broke up because the bassist stole his brother’s girlfriend and the guitarist OD’ed, but I’m not sure about that) but it’s keeping me entertained while I clean.

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  1. You know you now to write this… I have to know what happens next!

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