Let’s Get Healthy: Day Forty (AKA Yup, I’m 53) #romancefit

Time on Treadmill: 30 minutes.
Cleanliness: Squeaky and sweet-smelling

I made a command decision today. I have a pendant on the bench that is a really lovely two-tone carnelian oval cabochon in a sterling setting where the bezel has been ringed with tiny hand-sawn flames.

And I’m keeping it. It’s my birthday, I bought this cab for myself, I wanted a sun/flame pendant to celebrate the fact that I’m a Leo born in July, and now that it’s all together and sitting in the pickle waiting for its bail to be attached, I’ve decided screw it, I want it for myself. I have more than enough stuff for next weekend (I’m going to be at WORDfest SW in Burleson, TX, if anyone wants to stalk me or buy books and jewelry), and I still have at least two more pairs of jewelry and another pendant to make before then, so I can afford to keep this one. It’s mine, and I shall treasure it.

And yes, I’ll post pics when it’s done. Seriously, this one is going to be so damn cool.

In writing news, I’m back at work on both King of Blades and Uncertainty Principle, and Blades should be available by the end of August while Uncertainty should be available by late September.

In health news, the bad knee is still acting up after my lark with interval training last weekend, so I think I’m going to maybe give that a miss for a few more weeks. On the plus side, however, Aunt Flo left the building on Friday in one of the briefest periods I have ever experienced, so I’m hoping that the end is near and I’ll be in full-fledged menopause by 2020 or sooner. I know women can look on that with horror, but having my PCOS’ed ovaries finally go into hibernation will be a blessing for me. I can always get HRT if I need it — hell, I’m already using progesterone cream. Best of all, the retained water is already coming off, and I suspect I’ll hit a new milestone sometime this week, which will be fabulous.

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