Let’s Get Healthy: Day Twelve (AKA Learning Curves)

So today has been pretty much spent at my bench working on earring settings (7 AM – 12 PM because it was the only time when the garage was at a bearable temperature), eating lunch and cooling off (12 – 1PM), collapsing into a weird but desperately needed doze (1-5 PM), then getting up and puttering around, watching more episodes of Fleabag, going out and deadheading some of the plants before we got hit with yet another small but powerful storm, making dinner, then wrestling with a store-bought prong setting for some earrings only to find that I’d used jump rings that were too big (5 PM – now). I was able to salvage the other setting and put on smaller rings, and it looks faboo, but now I have to wait until Rio Grande ships me another 10x12mm pre-notched sterling silver setting to finish the earrings.

And let me tell you, I now understand why jewelers prefer to make their own prong settings because trying to shape a one-size-fits-all piece so that it’ll take your stone is a pain in the freaking ass. But at least I now know how to do it, so I’ve got that going for me.

No, I didn’t walk at all. Gonna go do that now, whee.

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  1. Hopefully you got some writing done as well!

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