Let’s Get Healthy: Day Ten (AKA Kinda Got Distracted By the Dem Debates)

So today I only got twenty minutes in on the mill due to a combination of this lingering cold and needing to get some work done. While I feel a bit bad about that I know it’s not the end of the world. I still got off my butt and walked for twenty minutes, which is far better than spending the entire day sitting.

In fact, with the improving leg strength and stamina I think I’m going to start back at the gym on Monday and see if I can add some weights in three days a week with the daily cardio. I know I may look like Mrs. Potatohead but I like the way I feel when I lift, so it’s probably time to start throwing iron around.

Oh, and I said I’d check in on any weight loss on Day Ten. Yes, there has been some, not a huge amount but that’s not the goal with all of this. It’s more important to regain strength, stability, and flexibility, and that’s all starting to come back. If I get smaller, too, that’s a nice fringe benefit but I’m not going to obsess about it.

That being said, MAN my calf muscles are starting to shape up nicely.

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