Mid Week Tease: Deep Water #MWTease #MidWeekTease

MWTease15Hello, darlings! Let’s get over Hump Day with a teaser from Book Three of my Olympic Cove series, Deep Water. Griffin is finally getting some sweet, sweet sexual healing from his sea god mate, but there’s one eensy problem. Luckily he manages to find a solution, clever boy.

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

“I just realized…you need to fuck me again, don’t you?”

Poseidon considered him thoughtfully. “If your tumor is as aggressive as it seems to be, you should have daily doses of my seed, yes.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. But right now my arse feels like someone drove a lorry through it, and I don’t think I’m going to be up for rum, buggery, and the lash today.”

“Ah.” The god dropped down to his side. “I see. Yes, you’ll need a day or so to recover.”

“But I also need your seed. So if you can’t bugger me…” Griffin swallowed, then realized what he was doing and grimaced. “I suppose I’ll have to blow you.”

Poseidon’s expression contorted in an odd way. After a moment, Griffin realized the god was trying not to smile. “What?”

“You needn’t make it sound like I’m asking you to slaughter innocents,” Poseidon said mildly.

Griffin flushed. “Fuck. Sorry. I just never did anything like that with a bloke. At least, not when I was the giving party.”

“It would be easier if you could get hard,” Poseidon agreed. “That way, we could pleasure each other at the same time. In the meantime, however, I could always masturbate and you could consume it in some sort of food. Oatmeal, perhaps, or a protein shake?”

Griffin made a face at the thought of adding Poseidon’s semen to a bowl of already glutinous oatmeal. The protein shake had some merit, however. “I suppose,” he said dubiously. “Then again, it would probably melt the blender.”

“There is that.” Poseidon rolled onto his back, stretching out with his hands tucked behind his head. “Tell me, love, have you ever pleasured a woman with your mouth?”

It was one of his favorite forms of foreplay. “Yeah, lots of times. I love it.”


That was a good question. “Honestly? It was a power trip. I liked knowing that I could make her scream and beg with just my tongue,” he said after some thought.

Poseidon raised an eyebrow, giving him a knowing smile. “How would you like to make a powerful, immortal god scream and beg?”

Griffin blinked. Put that way, it had the same damn effect on him as eating out a woman; namely, it turned him on something wicked. “I see what you mean,” he said. “Okay. I’ll try it. But I reserve the right to use protein shakes if I just can’t swallow.”

“Agreed.” Poseidon glanced down meaningfully at his tented trousers.

No time like the present. Feeling nervous and strangely excited at the same time, Griffin undid the god’s trouser catch and slid the zipper down, careful to avoid the rigid shaft underneath. He reached in and eased out Poseidon’s cock, taking the measure of it. It was definitely longer than average and thick, as the ache in his arse could attest to, but it wasn’t the monster dong you saw in porn videos. Instead, it was elegant, if that was a word that could be applied to a hard cock, a few shades darker than Poseidon’s skin and beribboned with an impressive set of veins. Underneath the foreskin the head was a fat mushroom cap with fine vertical striations running from the slit to the corona.

All in all, it was a gorgeous piece of equipment. Now all he had to do was man up and suck it. Experimentally, he licked the foreskin, letting his tongue drag over the soft, spongy flesh. In his peripheral vision he saw Poseidon’s thigh muscles tighten.

He smacked his lips. “Huh. Tastes like skin. Well, it wouldn’t, wouldn’t it?”

“I certainly hope so,” Poseidon said, sounding a bit strangled.

Weirdly, that made Griffin want to laugh. Well, I know what I like when it comes to cocksucking. Might as well see if he likes it, too.

Using his lips he teased the foreskin back and forth over the head, pausing every so often to run his tongue around the edge of the corona. Poseidon’s legs flexed slowly, tensing when Griffin dropped lower and placed an open-mouthed kiss against the shaft. The skin felt incredibly soft against his lips, and the flesh underneath was broiling hot and so very stiff. Idly he traced the path of a vein with the tip of his tongue, following it down to where it disappeared into the main body of the shaft near the balls.

Let’s see how he likes this. Flattening his tongue, Griffin licked a wide, wet stripe up the underside. When he reached the top he gently nudged the foreskin down, licking the ridged bit under the corona there.

There was no other word for it. Poseidon let out a whimper. Grinning inside, Griffin concentrated his efforts on the head, sucking it into his mouth and working it with his lips and tongue the way he liked it. It always sent him into orbit, and judging from the muffled sounds he could hear Poseidon making it was having the same effect on the god.

After a bit the foreskin retracted fully and he could lick under the corona, before coming up and dipping into the slit where a small, translucent pearl had formed. The taste of something fresh and pleasantly salty danced over his tongue, more like tears than anything. Reassured, he started tonguing the slit.

There was another divine whimper overhead. “Please, Griffin,” Poseidon ground out.

Yeah, I could get used to this. “Please, what?” Griffin teased.

The god audibly gulped. “Suck it. Please.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.”

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  1. Nothing like some good manners, eh? 😉

  2. He really did beg. LOL. I love the line “How would you like to make a powerful, immortal god scream and beg?” I was shouting “me! me! I’d like to make him scream.” 😀

  3. oh so smokin’ hot. And a man with manners too! LOL Love it!

    • It’s funny — I was having a hard time getting into this scene because, to be honest, Griffin is heteroflexible and had simply never thought about doing this to a guy. I had to figure out a way he’d enjoy it as well, and then I thought, “He makes Poseidon beg. Yeah, he’ll get into that.”

  4. Hehehe, he’s making the god writhe. Great tease, Nicola. 🙂

  5. I loved this, Nicola, So descriptive and just yummy, and hot! 😀 Fantastic tease.

  6. You get the trophy for starting my reading day out with this: “I just realized…you need to beep-boop me again, don’t you?” I. Love. You. Nicola.

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