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MWTease15Welcome to 2015! And with the new year, here’s a teaser from Book Two of my Olympic Cove series, Breaker Zone (now available from Evernight Publishing and other online retailers of fine smut). In this scene, Nick is in mid-foreplay with his now-ex patient Aidan the merman. But I’m afraid something interrupts their happy ending (I’m so mean!).

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

When Dr. Nick Gardiner goes on the run from a psychotic ex and ends up at Olympic Cove, the last thing he expects to find is his friend Ian living with two redheaded demigods and learning how to be a storm god. Adding to the confusion is a wounded merman named Aidan who washes up in the cove, requiring Nick’s professional help. As it turns out, the handsome mer and his partner Liam have other plans for the ER doctor — to claim him as their agapetos, their destined mate, and fulfill his need to submit.

A chance encounter at a local junk shop reveals that Nick has his own role to play in the battle against the insane Nereid Thetis. Under the reluctant mentorship of Chiron, Nick must master the use of the Rod of Asclepius if he wants to rescue his mates from a ghastly fate and help Ian save the planet.


The mer roamed over the dips and ridges of his lower abdomen, finding more spots that made his muscles shiver and clench. Nick focused on his white-knuckled grip on the sofa arm, the only thing anchoring him to obedience. For a moment he wished Aidan had tied his hands together. That way he could writhe freely under the merman’s mouth, unable to get away.

But in a way, this was even better. He had to focus on obeying, force his hands to stay where they were. He had to work to be a good boy, Aidan’s good boy.

And then the mer’s hot, wet mouth dropped onto the head of his cock, sucking hard once before pulling off with a soft pop. Nick clutched at the upholstery, moaning at the sensation of Aidan’s velvet tongue licking round and round his over-sensitized head before dropping down for a long, wet stroke straight up his shaft.

Aidan lingered on the head, delving into Nick’s slit and lapping up drops of pre-cum. “You taste amazing, chuisle,” he said. “Salty and clean. I love it.”

Before Nick could ask what the pet name meant, Aidan took his entire length in, massaging it with his lips and tongue. It was the first time a Dom had sucked him since Aaron, and he fought against thrusting up into that wet heat, desperately wanting more of it. In an embarrassingly short amount of time his orgasm began to build, the charge humming nicely between his cock and balls. “Sir!”

Aidan pulled off with a teasing lick and gave Nick a filthy smile. “Not yet, boy. You don’t come until I tell you to, you understand.”

He writhed, trying to obey despite his need to come. “Yes, sir.”

Aidan came back up, slotting their bodies together again. He winced suddenly, rubbing his injured thigh. “Ow.”

Nick blinked, shaking off the lure of subspace. “You okay?”

“Cramping a little.” Aidan grimaced apologetically. “I don’t think I can stay in this position. Let’s try something else.”

He flipped them, stretching out on the couch and pulling Nick over him in a kneeling position. “Yeah, that’s better,” he said, grinning. “Give me a show, boy. Rub on me.”

Nick sank down, making soft noises as his balls rubbed so sweetly along the mer’s dick. He moved forward a bit, wanting to feel that heat on his perineum. Imagining Aidan sliding along the furrow of his ass, so close—

Hands gripped his hips, holding him in place. “Please!” he begged.

“No,” Aidan said roughly, smacking him on the ass. The stinging pain went straight to his cock, making it burn. “Not yet. Behave yourself, or I’ll send you to bed.”

As long as you come with me, that’ll be just fine. Nick bit his lip but shifted back until his balls settled on top of the mer’s. “Sorry, sir.”

Green eyes narrowed as they studied him, but he could see an echoing need in their depths. “Keep your hands behind your back. You can only touch me with your body.”

Nick did, rolling his hips so that his sack rubbed against Aidan’s. “Like this, sir?”

“Oh, yeah.” Aidan’s hands dug into the muscle of his ass, guiding him. “Just like that, baby.”

It was a beautiful tease, just enough friction and rubbing to keep him rock hard, and not nearly enough to help him come. He looked down, ready to beg to be allowed to worship Aidan’s body with his hands and mouth—

The mer suddenly looked past Nick, eyes widening. “No!”

Something large wrapped around Nick’s throat, squeezing until his eyes bugged. He clawed at the hand, it’s a hand, struggling for air.

The massive hand wrenched him off Aidan’s body and sent him flying. He slammed hard against the wall and slid to the carpeted floor, air exploding from him in a creaking, diaphragm-emptying whoosh. Black and red flowers began to bloom around the edges of his vision.

Dimly, Nick stared up at the very tall, angry stranger now holding a trident at his throat.

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  1. Mean author, mean, lol. Great tease, Nicola, but I do feel sorry for poor old Nick 🙂

  2. Loved loved loved it.

  3. That broke the mood. Great tease.

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