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MidWeekTeaseHappy Hump Day! I thought I’d give you a little more this week from Olympic Cove Book Two, Breaker Zone. Here’s a teaser from Chapter Four, where my favorite ER doctor goes swimming with a handsome but injured merman and they discuss comparative anatomy. Ahem.

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

When Dr. Nick Gardiner goes on the run from a psychotic ex and ends up at Olympic Cove, the last thing he expects to find is his friend Ian living with two redheaded demigods and learning how to be a storm god. Adding to the confusion is a wounded merman named Aidan who washes up in the cove, requiring Nick’s professional help. As it turns out, the handsome mer and his partner Liam have other plans for the ER doctor — to claim him as their agapetos, their destined mate, and fulfill his need to submit.

A chance encounter at a local junk shop reveals that Nick has his own role to play in the battle against the insane Nereid Thetis. Under the reluctant mentorship of Chiron, Nick must master the use of the Rod of Asclepius if he wants to rescue his mates from a ghastly fate and help Ian save the planet.



A long, thick tail brushed against his legs, scales prickling against his skin. He studied it through the water. “How’s the wound?”

“It feels a lot better.” Aidan rotated, and an elegantly shaped fluke popped above the surface. It waved at Nick before sinking back into the water. “Still aches, though. Want to check it?”

“That’s probably a good idea.”

Aidan closed the distance, taking Nick’s hand and pressing it against his scaled flank. “It’s right here.”

Gently, Nick probed the healing divot in the scaled flesh under his fingers. “Feels like it’s healing really well. But I’d like to take a look at it out of the water, if you don’t mind.”

“No problem. We’ll need to be in the shallows for that, though.” With a twist, he dove under the water and headed for the shore. Pulling himself onto the damp sand with surprising grace, he turned over and leaned back on his arms, sleek fish tail extending into the water. “How’s this?”

“Perfect.” Nick sat down more gingerly on the shifting sand, studying the mer’s tail. It was tinted a deep moss green around his waist, shading to midnight blue at the sleek, powerful flukes. The scales also reflected a rainbow iridescence as they dried, glittering gently in the Florida sun.

The puncture wound showed as a peach-grey interruption in the iridescence. Cautiously, he pressed around it, waiting Aidan’s face for any sign of pain. “This is healing amazingly fast,” he admitted. “Lift up a bit, let me see the other side.”

Aidan rolled onto his other hip. Nick steadfastly ignored the delineated musculature in the mer’s back, focusing on the exit wound. It looked as healed as the entrance wound. He patted Aidan’s thigh/upper tail. “Okay, you can sit back.”

The mer did, and his motion made a slit along the upper front of the tail gap a bit. Inside, something shifted. Nick blinked in surprise. “Is that a cloaca?”

Aidan glanced down at his lap. “Dunno. We call it a pouch.” He ran a finger along the slit, widening it. Inside, Nick could now see a thick, green-tinted penis that shaded to red at the tip. It twitched a bit under his gaze, exactly like a human male’s would.

He leaned closer, fascinated. “Internal genitalia for streamlined swimming. That makes total sense. Does it contain your scrotum, too? How far out can you—” He stopped abruptly, wincing. “Jesus, I’m sorry. That’s intrusive.”

The mer chuckled. “No, you’re just curious, plus you’re a physician. This is, what, comparative anatomy?” He reached into the slit, pulling out his flaccid shaft and stretching it a bit. “When I’m in this shape my sack is attached to the pouch’s inner wall, but my cock comes out when it gets hard.”

“So mers have sex? I mean, in mer form?”

Aidan gave him a “are you shitting me?” look. “Uh, yeah. How do you think we have babies?”

“I wasn’t sure. With your tails, I thought you might do it like fish.”

The merman hooted at that. “Laying eggs and milting them? Gods, do I look like a tuna to you?” He tugged on his cock again, and Nick could see it getting thicker as blood flowed into it. “Trust me, mers like to fuck just as much as humans do.”

Nick felt an answering thickening in his swimsuit. The remembered sensation of a legged Aidan rubbing up against his ass that morning didn’t help. “Yeah, I can see that,” he said hoarsely.

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