Mid Week Tease: Two to Tango #MidWeekTease

MidWeekTeaseHappy Hump Day! Let’s celebrate it with another wonderful Mid Week Tease, courtesy of the lovely and talented Sandra Bunino. This week, I’ll be sharing a teaser from my current WIP, a M/M SF erotic caper story titled Two to Tango.

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

Rory MacLellan, aka the Highlander, is one of the most successful interstellar art thieves out there. He’s careful, professional, and plans his heists down to the microsecond. Surprisingly, he also has a conscience. So when he runs into a suicidal museum worker during his latest job, he has no choice but to stun the man and rescue him from certain death.

Dmitri Grigoryev was an up-and-coming exoarchaeologist until a disastrous dig left his career in tatters. Hungry, broke, and about to be laid off from the only job he’s been able to find in the last three years, he never expected a dashing thief to come along and ruin his suicide by saving his life.

With interstellar police on their tail, Rory and Dmitri reluctantly join forces for a major heist. But will their simmering attraction get in the way, or pull them even closer?


Dmitri felt Rory’s tongue dipping into his slit, tasting him there. Lips and a hand worked together, carefully urging his foreskin back, and Rory took the newly bared head into his mouth. Dmitri grabbed the sheets to stop himself from bucking up into that wet, perfect heat.

Rory’s mouth came off him with a luscious pop. “Jesus, you taste good. Why do you taste so good?”

Before Dmitri could answer, Rory sucked him inside again, running his tongue around and around the sensitive edge. He couldn’t stop a low, needy moan, and Rory chuckled, the vibrations traveling down the shaft and resonating in his balls. “God, don’t stop,” he begged.

“Wasn’t planning on it, angel.” Still chuckling, Rory alternated between toe-curling deep throating and intense, short strokes while he played with Dmitri’s balls, rolling them in his broad palm and teasing the softly wrinkled skin with the tips of his fingers. The combination of sensations set Dmitri’s nerve endings on fire, and he was on the verge of coming explosively when Rory suddenly pulled off.

Dmitri couldn’t help groaning at his balked orgasm. “No!”

“Gotta stop. It’s too soon.” Rory clambered up, moving until he’d caged Dmitri in his arms and legs. “I want to come with you. Let me do that, baby.”

Dmitri nodded and tried to regain control of his breathing as Rory leaned over, fishing in the toiletries kit next to the bed. Triumphantly pulling out two bottles, he held them up for Dmitri’s perusal. “Looky here.”

One was lube — Dmitri recognized the brand from their massage session — but the other was unfamiliar. “What’s that?”

“Latest in barrier technology. You’re gonna love this.”

Rory flipped open the bottle cap and turned it upside down. A soft purple blob with a shimmering swirl running through it extruded from the tip.  “Now, it’s a little warm when it goes on at first,” he said, reaching for Dmitri’s cock, “but some guys like that—“

“Wait.” Dmitri struggled to sit up, peering at the bottle. “You — I mean, you want me—“

“To top, yeah.” Rory hesitated. “Oh, crap. Do you only bottom?”

Dmitri couldn’t help laughing at the expression of dismay on the other man’s face. “No, either’s fine with me. I just assumed you’d top.”

“Yeah, well, I know it kinda clashes with the dashing art thief persona, but sometimes I like being fucked into oblivion by a nice, thick cock, thank you very much.” Carefully, Rory applied the blob to the head of Dmitri’s penis. The purple and silver mass dissolved, streaming down and coating the shaft in a warm, even layer before stopping just short of his balls. “Now, that’s not to say that I’m passive about it at all—“

“God forbid,” Dmitri murmured.

Rory shot a mock glare at him. “Do you want to fuck me or not?”

“Yes, please.”

“Good. How does that feel?”

Dmitri considered the thin nanosheath. It didn’t have the normal tightness of a regular condom, but still seemed secure. “It tingles a little. Feels nice.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Quickly shucking out of his clothes, Rory grabbed the first bottle and squirted a healthy dollop of lube onto his fingers, then slipped them between his ass cheeks and worked on opening himself up. “You can do this next time, I promise,” he said, slightly breathless. “But I really want you to fuck me, and I don’t want to waste too much time faffing around.”

“I don’t faff around, whatever that means—“

“You’d go slow, and be very nice and gentle, which will be great when we’re back on board and don’t have to worry about someone banging on the bedroom door.” With his other hand, Rory pushed Dmitri flat on his back and slung a knee across his body, positioning himself over Dmitri’s groin. “But right now, I just want you to fuck me hard and fast. Think you can do that?”

Dmitri felt the tight muscle against the head of his cock and groaned. “Yeah, I think so.”

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  1. Mmmm, delicious tease. And yeah, I reckon he’s more than up for the task 😀

  2. Hot tease! Enjoyed their banter. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. I adore the name Dmitri! I love the who’s going to top banter. Sounds like another winner!

    Thanks for teasing with me!

  4. Ok I’ll admit it…I don’t normally like M/M too much, but this I’d read. Good job.

  5. Love their chat, and definitely no faffing…

  6. OMG! My face is on fire. Love it.

    Sorry I’m late reading this. I’ve been in my editing cave.

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