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Two to Tango Salad

So I get home after a marathon shopping trip to buy fabric for office curtains and a window seat (don’t ask), and find that my dear buddy Epilonous has posted on Facebook about a delish new dish he whipped up tonight. He calls it Two to Tango Salad, in honor of my book.


This is what he had to say about it: “Winter greens, parsnip and beet salad. Secret ingredients include white quinoa, manchego cheese, and frisée. Dressing is basically a minced shallot and a grated bit of horseradish marinated in red wine vinegar and mixed with olive oil. Dressing soaked the beets rather than going whole hog into the salad. Toasted parsnips are tasty… Just need to not pour a bunch into the pan when the recipe says ‘drizzle’. There was a moment in a beloved Nicola Cameron story where a protagonist eats and makes indelicate moans over borscht. My first beet from this salad put me right on that spaceship.”

This kind of egoboo? Makes me grin like a little kid.