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So, it’s December…wait. it’s DECEMBER?

getlitAw, crap. What with the plague knocking out most of November and then getting sucked into the Plushie-Making Hellmouth (one more to do and then I’m finally free, and dear Lord I have GOT to learn how to say no), I don’t have a lot of time to finish Two to Tango and Breaker Zone before the end of the year, but I’m going to do my damnedest to get them finished and out.

In the meantime, since I apparently like pain, I was thinking of doing a Christmas free read about Paul, Rory and Tim, my menage from Vanilla-Free Christmas: Manlove Edition and “Tied with a Bow.” Well, it is their first anniversary as a triad, and I’m sure I could get them into some entertaining trouble if I put my mind to it, plus I’m wondering how Amira is doing and if Paul’s hired any new staff for the bookstore during the Christmas rush. If this is something that would appeal to you, let me know downstairs in the comments and I’ll see about getting it cranked out this weekend.

NickLiamAidanSpeaking of writing, as you may know (Bob), Breaker Zone will feature a pair of mermen as major characters. In fact, the Christmas ornaments at right are my present to myself this year to celebrate Aidan and Liam (I know that technically Nick is a human, but I couldn’t pass up the doctor merman), so, yeah, I’m rather fond of fishy hunks at the moment. That being the case, I would like to tell you all about a very nifty Kickstarter project called Myth as Object by sculptor Cameron Stalheim. This is what he has to say about it:

This project aims to realize a monumental work of sculpture for my MFA graduating thesis at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I will be creating a massive, thirty-foot long merman. I have enlisted adult film star Colby Keller to model for the life cast that will become the base for the sculpture. Using skin-safe silicone, a three-dimensional replica of Colby’s body will be made and cast into plastic. The cast will then be transformed into a merman, lying serpentine in the middle of the gallery floor.¬†

Stemming from my experience as a gay male from the Midwest and transitioning into the gay culture of the east coast, this sculpture, the first in a new series of work, questions the relationship between fantasy, reality and the objectification that happens in between.

We Camerons have to stick together, and Mr. Stalheim is only a measly $170 short of making his goal, so if you have a few extra shekels in your pocket I urge you to consider donating. It’s going to be a gorgeous sculpture (unsurprising, considering that the brilliant and delightful Colby Keller is the model), plus you’ll become a patron of the arts, which is always nice.