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Interview with Daniel Riding and Update on Palace of Scoundrels

melwritingThe lovely and perspicacious Daniel Riding recently interviewed meĀ  on his blog about writing MM erotic romance, the Olympic Cove series, and just where do I get all those marvelous ideas from, anyway? I forgot to mention my writing tiara (shown at left), but the interview is here — thanks again, Daniel!

In writing news, I’m firing away on all cylinders on Palace of Scoundrels, with a plan to have it released on (checks calendar) September 20. Less than two weeks, in other words. Whee! Sleep’s overrated! After that I plan on sleeping even less and finishing edits on Do No Harm so that I can get it out a few days after Palace, because not only am I going to the Evernight Publishing writer’s retreat in October, I’m also schlepping my sister on a 3-day cruise a few weeks after that (mainly so that she can see if she can tolerate a cruise — she gets terribly motion sick, poor lamb), and I have to pay for all this travel without actually selling an organ or a cat.