The One Time I Didn’t Put The Car In the Garage…

I didn’t mention this before but we had a massive hailstorm roll through my area on Friday. All the weather services had said, “Yeah, you’ll get some rain maybe, maybe a little thunderstorm, no big deal” so I didn’t think anything more about it until I was out in the garage and suddenly it sounded like someone was emptying a rock hopper onto the roof.

I hustled into the house and looked out in astonishment at our apparently boiling pool. We were getting hail the size of quarters, and apparently east of us they were getting hail the size of ping-pong balls.

But the truly astonishing thing? No cracks in either of our windshields. Oh, I mean, our cars are ever so slightly dimpled here and there now, but a lot of that will pop right out with hot temps. No, the thing I was most worried about was taking a big ol’ crack in one of our windshields from a hailstone. But that didn’t happen, and the house roof seems okay from what we were able to see. I’m sure there are dents up there, but we won’t know if there’s a leak until we get a wet spot somewhere on a ceiling. *shrug* Not gonna worry about it right now.

One cool thing about the hailstorm, though; as the hail started melting the surface temps cooled to the dew point, causing the air to saturate, condense, and form one hell of a layer of fog. We had thick sheets of mist covering pretty much every green space in the area. The athletic fields over on McDermott looked like something from Ireland and I half-expected to see the Fellowship strolling out of a cloudbank.

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