Yeah, Still Not Seeing The Joy in Vellum

I’m sure Vellum is a great tool for people who want a one-stop-shop for great ebook formatting and don’t want to be mucking around with the book code. But one of the reasons I bought this app last year was because it came touted as, “You can export multiple publishing formats from a single file!” I took that to mean that I could store Amazon, Smashwords, and Google Play-specific pages in the same file, then select which pages I wanted to include when it was time to compile an ebook.

Yeah, no. Vellum will compile multiple ebook formats for Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google, Generic Epub, and 5×8″ print and that’s faboo. Except that they seem to think that you’ll be using the same content for all those formats and no, I don’t—back matter links for Amazon and Smashwords/Google are completely different.

But I’ve already uploaded To My Muse to Vellum and I’ve been editing as I’ve checked pages to make sure that no weird formatting issues popped up (and they did, by the way), so I guess the wide version of Muse will be a Vellum edition. I really do need to move all of my publishing work up here to the desktop anyway so I’ll suck it up and go with the three platform editions like I did with Calibre, I guess.

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