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MWTease15Hello, lovelies! This week I’m teasing you with a snippet from a story I’ve just submitted to Evernight’s Lawless antho call. Colton Jackson is a hitman from Shreveport, Louisiana who accepts a contract on a shady Dallas lawyer, but when the lawyer’s secretary witnesses the hit things get complicated. It doesn’t help that Ria Guzman turns out to be the younger sister of one of the most powerful gang leaders in the US. What’s a gentleman hitman to do? Take her into his own form of “protective custody,” of course.

I’m also including a pic of the lovely man who inspired Colton. Thank you for being your buff self, Chip!

Many thanks to Angelica Dawson for hosting us, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

“Hands against the wall, baby girl. I’m gonna bury my tongue in that sweet pussy of yours, whether you like it or not.” Colton chuckled. “Although I think you’re gonna like it.”

Ria hissed at the sudden pressure across her mound and ass, then it was gone. The hitman let the fragments of her panties drop to the floor and finished pushing up her skirt, staring at her trimmed mound. “Nice. I appreciate a little hair down there. Makes me feel like I’m loving a woman, not a doll.” He ran his lips over her curls, taking in a deep breath. “Oh, yeah. Hot and tangy, just the way I like it.”

She squeaked when he shoved one thigh over his thick shoulder, opening her even more. He blew a breath across her exposed pussy lips, already wet from her arousal, then ran the flat of his tongue up them, finishing off with a flicking lick over her clit.

Moaning at the sinfully good sensation, she let her head thump back against the wall. He was too big, she couldn’t stop him. All she could do was stand there and let him worship her pussy with his lips and tongue. He ate her like he was a starving man and she was a feast, sucking and nibbling her inner lips before sealing his mouth over her clit and lashing it with his tongue. The sensation was too good, too strong, and she shoved a fist against her mouth to muffle a cry.

He backed off a bit, lapping her wet flesh softly before sliding a thick finger inside her. This time her fist didn’t stop the cry, and she wailed softly as he massaged her inner pussy walls. His tongue returned to her clit, fluttering slowly over it.

Then he touched something inside her that sent stars across her vision. She swallowed a scream, her free hand searching for something and landing on his hair. Some last shred of sanity told her not to pull. Instead she ran her fingers through the straight, thick strands, petting him and using him to ground herself at the same time.

A soft purr that made her thighs tremble indicated his approval, and the finger inside her began to rub gentle circles on that amazing spot. His tongue picked up speed, sending bursts of electricity skittering across her nerve endings. She was trapped between two sources of pleasure, unable to escape either one and forced to enjoy the exquisite torture he was inflicting on her.

He slid in a second finger, stretching her wider and setting off another flare of sensual fire inside her. She was going to come so hard, and there was nothing she could do to stop it, nothing but ride it out—

Her orgasm tore through her like a hurricane, just this side of pain it was so strong. Her muscles clamped down hard on his fingers as he sucked her entire clit into his mouth, rubbing the flat front of his teeth across the bundle of nerves. It set off a second, smaller orgasm and she wailed, knees unlocking. He shoved his shoulders between her thighs, holding her against the wall with his own body as he continued to lick and suck.

She was seconds from begging him to stop when he pulled away, breathing hard and grinning up at her. “Sweet as a peach. I could eat you all day and twice on Sundays.”

He guided her down the wall until she was straddling his knees, arranging her limp arms around his shoulders and guiding her head to rest in the crook of his neck. She could still feel aftershocks rolling through her, making her muscles tremble. This was totally insane. She’d just had the best orgasm she’d ever had riding the mouth of a man who had killed her boss not an hour ago. “I don’t believe you just did that,” she panted.

His soft laugh was warm on her ear. “Told you I could be persuasive. And if you think that was good, cher, imagine what else I could do for you.”

He pressed her hips closer, making her ride the ridge in his pants. She imagined it thick and red, ribboned with veins and a drop of salty pre-cum sitting like a pearl in the tiny eye. “Feel that? It’s all for you. I’m gonna take you to bed and make you come at least two more times, and that is a guarantee.”

She groaned as his bulge rubbed across her clit. “You make me come two more times like that, you won’t have to shoot me. I’ll die from sexual exhaustion.”

He leaned back to look at her. The coldness from the office was gone, replaced by a hot little glint of desire. “That sounds like a challenge to me, baby girl. And I do love a challenge.”

He lifted her, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist as he got to his feet, hands cupping her ass securely. “Where’s your bedroom?”

Oh, what the hell. There are worse ways to die. She nodded at the door on the angled wall. “Through there.”


The bedroom was as small and neat as the rest of the place, Colton noted, with a Mission-style queen bed in light pine, matching nightstands and a chest of drawers. Ria had hung a Chinese parasol on the wall over the bed, but the rest of the walls were blank. The only other decoration was a framed picture, a family shot from the look of it, on the nightstand.

The blandness of her apartment said a lot about his hot little secretary. It wasn’t a home so much as it was a temporary resting place, somewhere she could leave at a moment’s notice and not look back. He tried to puzzle it out as he put her down next to the bed, but was distracted by the way her tits slid along his chest and abs. Once he was sure she could stand under her own steam, he got to work on unbuttoning her blouse. Pulling it off exposed more tan skin and a lacy white bra that molded two ripe mounds. Her nipples were hard points pushing through the delicate fabric and he couldn’t wait until he had them in his mouth. Tossing the blouse to the floor, he traced the soft skin along the upper edges of the cups, enjoying the way it made her shiver.

Pretty as it was, that scrap of fabric had to come off. Reaching around, he unhooked the clasp and pulled the bra free, his mouth watering at the sight of her teardrop breasts with their dark areolae and pebbled nipples. He couldn’t resist bending down and taking one in his mouth, slipping an arm around her lower back to hold her in place while he licked the firm nub.

A soft spill of Spanish danced through the air, close enough to Acadian French that he could get the gist of it. She didn’t want him to stop. That was just fine with him. He switched his attention to the other nipple, his finger coming up and tracing circles around the abandoned one. Shifting his weight, he urged her back onto the mattress, joining her and kissing a wandering spiral path over both breasts. Her skin was warm velvet against his lips, and she smelled so damn good he seriously wondered if he was going to come in his pants before he got a chance to get inside her.

He leaned up for a moment, taking her in. Her face was flushed and damp, and her eyes had that glossy haze of need that he loved to see on a woman. Her lips were slightly parted, full and ripe. He hadn’t even properly kissed her yet, apart from that little liplock in the office, and wasn’t that a damn shame?

Rising, he moved until he could brace a hand on either side of her shoulders and bend down to claim her lips. Christ, they were so damn soft, and they opened so sweetly to his tongue. Her own tongue rose to meet him, shy at first but growing bolder as he lured her into a swirling, sensual dance.

While their mouths were busy, his hands fumbled at the waistband of her skirt, finally finding the little zipper that held it closed. He pulled it down, sliding his hand inside the waistband and running it across the soft skin of her stomach. His fingers could just touch the crisp curls on her mound and he toyed with them, working his middle finger down until he could tap the very top of her slit.

She broke the kiss with a gasp. “Do that again.”

He did, adding a double tap this time. She made a happy little squeal, arching her back and pressing her hips into his hand. “Oh, yeah. I like that, papi.”

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