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Mid Week Tease buttonHello, chumrades, and welcome to Mid Week Tease! This week I’m featuring another snippet from Do No Harm, where Daniel takes his first shower with Simon. Er, is it wrong that I keep hearing Mads Mikkelsen’s voice in my head when I write Simon’s dialogue? 😀

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

All Daniel Graff wanted to do on Christmas evening was finish his surgical rounds at Lakeside Memorial Hospital and go home. When he’s kidnapped from the hospital parking lot, he’s astounded to find out that his captor is also his colleague, world-famous neurosurgeon Simon Falk.

Simon has good reasons for his actions, but Daniel is determined to fight him every step of the way, bringing Simon’s Dom side to the fore. When he learns something very unexpected about his handsome captive, he decides to make Daniel his, no matter what it takes.

After finishing with Daniel’s legs and feet, Simon straightened and quickly shampooed his own hair. Reaching for the body wash, he paused as a marvelous idea occurred to him: why clean myself when I have a pet to do it for me?

“Here,” he said, handing the bottle to the patiently waiting Daniel. “Wash me.”

The surprised look on his pet’s face would have made him laugh in any other circumstance. “What?”

“Obviously I need to clean your ears more often. Wash me.”

Daniel gawked at him for another moment, then fumbled with the bottle, pumping a dollop of gel into his palm. “Do you—I mean, should I use a washcloth?” he asked awkwardly.

“Your hands are fine.” Simon spread his arms, resting one palm on the stall wall and the other on the sliding glass door.

Swallowing hard, Daniel rubbed the body wash between his hands to make it foam, then brought them to Simon’s pecs and rubbed in hesitant circles. It was too light, but the stroking sensation make Simon’s nipples pebble up. “You can use more pressure. I won’t break.”


Simon raised a critical eyebrow.

“I mean yes, Sir.” The strokes became firmer as Daniel washed his chest and shoulders, focusing on the task at hand. Simon relished the tactile pleasure of being touched and the visual pleasure of watching his pet, lower lip caught between white teeth, serving him. The steam became perfumed with the body wash’s notes of cut grass, sweet wild fig and powdery sandalwood, adding an olfactory treat to the sensory banquet. His pet’s cock was still hard, and bumped against his own quickly rising erection.

He smiled when Daniel noticed it. “You’re, uh….”

“I’m hard, yes. Just as you are,” Simon said evenly. “Keep washing me.”

“Yes, Sir.” Daniel ran his soapy hands over Simon’s hips, but seemed reluctant to go lower. “Are you–I mean, do you want me to wash you everywhere?”

Meaning his groin. “Wash my legs and feet first,” Simon ordered. “It’ll be easier if you kneel.”

Daniel glared at him but obeyed, sinking jerkily to his knees. Simon added posture and movement training to the ever-growing mental list as his pet soaped his calves and feet.

Daniel’s hands rose to his thighs, then paused again. He stared up at Simon, wordlessly asking to be ordered.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” Simon said, making his voice firm. “You know how to wash an uncut cock properly. So do it.”

Daniel’s shoulders squared and he reached for Simon’s groin. Cautiously skinning back the foreskin, he ran his slick fingers over the sensitive flesh underneath. Simon sucked in a breath at the sensation, balanced so sweetly between pain and pleasure.

Daniel finished cleaning the rest of the shaft, then focused on Simon’s balls, rolling each testicle in his palm as he washed the softly wrinkled sac. He paused, looking up at Simon. “What about your, uh.…”

“Anus?” Said, amused. “Really, pet, for doctor you seem to have a very difficult time naming body parts.”

Already flushed from the hot water, the color in Daniel’s cheeks deepened. “Fine. Do you want me to wash your perineum and anus?”

“You forgot my buttocks. But no, I’ll wash those myself.” Simon selected an unlabeled jar from the rack holding his toiletries and handed it to Daniel. “While you’re down there, however, you may bring me to orgasm.”

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  1. LOL, love that last line! Great tease!

  2. Sounds like he hasn’t explained the rules very well. Good snippet, Nicola. I’m intrigued to see how this plays out. 🙂

  3. These two are so tantalising. And I love how Simon is so formal. LOL

  4. Lol, i’m loving that dry sense of humour Fabulous tease, Nicola 🙂

  5. Great tease. Thanks for sharing.

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