Bloody hell, it’s hot

Technically we haven’t had our first official three-digit day in the clavicle of Texas yet, but the heat index makes it feel like 107°F out there at the moment. Why yes, I know this because I just went shopping like an idiot in the hottest part of the day, why do you ask?

But I shan’t complain. People who have to work outside in this heat have it much tougher than I do, and my heart and appreciation goes out to them. And frankly it’s far worse out in the west proper, where it’s predicted to get up to 119°F in Phoenix on Monday. I think the highest temp I ever experienced in Dallas was 116°F back in 2006 or so, and we had rolling blackouts to handle the A/C load. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again (and I am SO glad we got the furnace replaced in spring since its fan runs the entire house’s cooling system) but this is only June and we have two more months of summer ahead of us here.

But there’s no such thing as global warming. Oh well — I can always remember this flashback to March 2015. Yes, we do occasionally get snow in Dallas. Could’ve used more of that this year.20150305_065440


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