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MWTease15Here’s a bit more from Empress of Storms, and Danäe and Matthias are talking about their future children. Okay, maybe they’re doing a little more than just talking.

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When widower King Matthias IV of Ypres is called upon to fulfill a treaty with the neighboring country of Hellas and provide a royal consort for young Queen Danäe, the only Ypresian royal available for marriage is himself. Can he overcome his grief for his late wife and risk letting a blue-haired witch queen into his heart? And can Danäe, only half-trained as a water mage, root out a magical threat against Matthias before it kills the man she’s loved since childhood?

“We might have twins, you know,” Danäe warned. “They do run in my family.”

“We’ll double up on the palace guard and outfit their nursery with cages,” Matthias said, sounding complacent.

“That’ll only work for a little while. Darius knew how to out-argue our nanny and the guards by the time he was six, and if logic didn’t work he used charm to get his way. If I know my brother, he’ll be more than happy to pass his skills along to his nephews or nieces.”

“Noted. And what skills did you bring to your twin reign of terror?”

Danäe smirked. “I was an accomplished sneak thief. I could get in and out of the kitchens without anyone noticing, and I was a dab hand at picking locks.”

“Shocking,” Matthias said in mock disapproval. “And who corrupted the crown princess of Hellas in such a way?”

“Nidas, the palace chamberlain.”

It was Matthias’s turn to lift his head and stare at her. “Your chamberlain?”

“Yes. Apparently he had quite the spotted background when it came to criminal activity, but he also saved Father’s life many years ago. When Nidas got married and needed a steady job, he asked Father for work. Father hired him immediately. Within a year he’d been promoted to chamberlain. Father used to say that all chamberlains stole as a matter of course, so at least he was hiring a professional.”

“Your father was a wise man,” Matthias said. He eased a bit closer, resting a hand over Danäe’s stomach. “Back to the subject of children. Gaspar and Elusine approve of you, you know. They said you should have babies as soon as possible so that they can play with them.”

“Oh, really?” She pretended to think. “Well, if we want some of our own, we should get started on the production process.”

She stretched up ad kissed him, enjoying the gentle firmness of his mouth and the way it opened under her own. Their tongues danced together in a long, slow swirl, only ending when Matthias pulled back and nipped gently at her lower lip.

He rolled her under him in a quick movement, making her giggle, before returning to their kisses. Danäe let her hands roam over the muscled expanse of his back, loving the way he moved under her touch. His chest brushed against the tightening points of her breasts, making them ache.

As if reading her mind he eased her gown up, nuzzling his way down her neck and covering her exposed breasts with warm, teasing kisses. To her surprise he started kissed a line down her sternum to her belly, then lower.

Hope began to build inside her. She loved giving him oral pleasure, but he hadn’t shown any interest in reciprocating and she wasn’t sure how to bring it up. “Matthias?”

He paused just above her mound, lips warm against the sensitive skin there. “Please, Danäe, let me do this,” he murmured, his voice rough and hungry somehow. It was astoundingly erotic. “I swear I’ll give you nothing but pleasure.”

She reached down and stroked his hair. “You never have to ask permission to do that, love.”

“Ah. Good.” He urged her thighs apart, kissing and nuzzling the soft skin on their inner surfaces. The light scratch of his stubble added a teasing prickle to the sensation, something that was trebled when he bit down gently. The unexpected sting sent a wave of sensation flooding upward, and she gasped in pleasure.

He raised his head, grinning at her. “I take it you liked that?”

“Yes,” Danäe managed, slightly breathless. “In fact, do that again.”

“As you wish, my queen.” He repeated the process on her other thigh, laving the bite mark before kissing it. She could feel herself growing wet, wondering if he could see it shining on her flesh.

He teased closer and closer, rubbing his nose across her pubic curls and laying closed mouth kisses along the outer lips. The sensation started out as intensely ticklish, but transmuted into pleasure under his slow, deliberate nuzzling.

He paused. “I’m going to open you now and kiss you inside, all right?”

She suppressed a growled order for him to get on with it, wiggling under his hands instead. He chuckled and stroked her with his thumbs, delicately parting her and exposing her wet inner core. “Oh, yes, all slick and eager for me,” he murmured. “I’ve wanted to taste you here since our first night together. And now I’m going to feast on you, little bird.”

She felt his warm breath gust across her, and then the deliberate brush of his tongue. She gasped as desire flamed through her, heating her belly and making her moan. He licked her again, more firmly this time, sending up another rush of need.

“Gods, yes. More, please,” she begged.

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    I’m sure their kids will be impossible!

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