Mid Week Tease: Deep Water #MidWeekTease #MWTease

MWTease15It’s Wednesday? Well, we all know what that means! As Deep Water, the third book in my Olympic Cove series, is now available from Evernight and other online retailers, I thought I’d offer one last look at Olympic Cove and my first MMF trio.

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

DeepWaterPoseidon, God of the Sea, has spent millennia alone due to a single terrible act. His consort Amphitrite has sworn never to forgive him, and he’s forced to live with the knowledge that he drove an innocent girl to her doom.

But when one of the Olympic Cove cottages gets an occupant with an all-too-familiar soul, Poseidon discovers that the Fates have given him a second chance. Now he must try to right the wrongs of the past and win back both his beloved consort and the mate he betrayed.

Assuming, of course, that the Mad Nereid Thetis doesn’t interfere…

Griffin twisted in the water. Something heavy slammed into his chest, shoving him backwards and driving the water from his lungs in one great whoosh. Dazed, he looked down and saw a thick wooden shaft sticking out of his chest.

And then agony washed everything away.


Amphitrite darted to Griffin’s side, catching him before he could sink to the lagoon floor. She stared in horror at the spear protruding from his sternum.

Then up at her sister Thetis. The First Nereid hovered in the water, tattered robes streaming out from her disfigured body.

“Well met, sister,” Thetis called, sneering. “Although I didn’t expect to find you slumming with landwalkers.”

Amphitrite’s lips pulled back from her teeth in a rictus snarl. “Thetis, you bitch!”

“Now, now, Ammie. You killed my pet,” Thetis called mockingly. “It’s only fair that I kill yours.”

Amphitrite tore her attention away from her gloating sister, focusing on Griffin. “Beloved,” she begged, “please, don’t leave me!”

There was a last flicker in Griffin’s aura as if in answer. Then it disappeared. Her newly found agapetos was dead, lost once again to her.

Amphitrite let them both drift to the lagoon floor, laying his body down as gently as she could. Her shaking hand closed his eyes. I will avenge you, beloved. I swear this.

Looking up at her smirking sister, she held out a hand. Her trident flew to it, the now-separate tines glowing with power. “I’m going to kill you for this,” she snarled.

“Oh, really?” Disdain and something akin to eagerness flickered over Thetis’s face. “You think you can do battle with me, sister? Then come and find me.” The Mad Nereid disappeared into a whirl of sickly grey, streaming out through gaps in the coral.

Amphitrite let out the underwater equivalent of a whistle. Sthenios and Skylla tossed their heads and pulled the chariot to her. She leapt into it, not daring to look at Griffin’s still form. The seahorses surged out of the lagoon after Thetis.

I’ll return for you, beloved, she thought, hoping his spirit could hear her on its way to the Underworld. Just as soon as I kill my sister.

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  1. Great snippet, Nicola, well done!

  2. What an end to the snippet. Your writing blows me away, Nicola!

  3. Oh no. Not Griffin. I hope she does kill the mad Thetis after all. Great teaser, Nicola.

  4. angelicadawson

    I really like this scenario and characters. Great story.

  5. No, he can’t be dead??? Eeek! Fabulous tease, Nicola.

  6. Hell hath no fury like a sister harmed. Damn, Nicola, that’s not fair! Great tease. 🙂

  7. This was a fabulous book! I really loved it! 🙂

  8. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Talk about sibling rivalry. Nice tease!

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