Mid Week Tease: Behind the Iron Cross

MidWeekTeaseHappy Hump Day! Here’s another delicious Mid Week Tease, courtesy of the lovely and talented Sandra Bunino. This week, I’ll be sharing a teaser from my seemingly neverending WIP Behind the Iron Cross. But damn, I enjoy working on this book!

Enjoy, and make sure to hit the list after the teaser to see other great Mid Week Teases!

In the aftermath of World War I, Berlin has become a hotspot of decadent pleasures, and American millionairess Kat Tracy is determined to enjoy each and every one of them with Sam Hellman, her late brother’s lover and her convenient “fiancé.” But when the two of them meet Friedrich von Bader, a former German Army officer turned reluctant prostitute, their wicked games take on a new meaning.


Kat stared up at the German, now perched between her splayed thighs. His sheathed cock, thick and throbbing, rested against her pubic mound, and her clit ached for contact with it. Behind him, Sam wore an intense expression as he did something to Friedrich’s lower body. From the sudden widening of Friedrich’s eyes, she could guess what Sam was doing with his fingers.

“Come on, then.” She stroked Friedrich’s cock, shifting herself slightly so that she could nudge him into position. “I want you inside me, colonel. Slowly.”

“Ja, Fräulein.” With exquisite slowness, he pressed into her. She took in a deep breath at the first delicious stretch, the thick heft of his shaft as it forced her body to accommodate it. Wet as she was, she wasn’t fully open, and he had to work for the last few inches. She watched, fascinated, at the play of emotions across his face; strain, concentration, followed by the most sublime look of amazement when he was finally seated inside her.

And then his eyes widened even more and he gasped, twitching inside her. Over his shoulder Sam loomed, his own look of pleasurable strain a close twin to Friedrich’s. “Relax, Friedrich,” he said hoarsely. “And breathe, dammit.”

Friedrich’s head dropped and he obeyed, pressing hard against her pubic bone as Sam pushed deeper. Her clit throbbed from the sudden attention, and she mewled happily. “Oh, I like that!”

“So do I. I wish you could feel it from this end, sweetheart,” Sam said, sounding breathless. “He’s so hot and tight. How are you doing, Friedrich?”

“Mmnn.” The German sucked in another breath, then nodded. “It’s good. More.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Sam said, still breathless. “Coming right up.”

At Sam’s careful thrust, Friedrich pressed harder against her, grinding oh so perfectly. She watched as pain flickered across his face, replaced by heavy-lidded pleasure. His sculpted mouth pursed into a soft oh, and he pushed back against Sam, then surged heavily into her.

Kat threw her head back, turning her cry of pleasure into a ragged gasp. She loved this, loved watching her colonel impale himself on Sam’s cock before pushing into her. He was trapped between them, a slave to both their pleasure and his own. She angled her hips to meet his next thrust, and moaned in surprise as his cock slid perfectly along her clit, setting off a firestorm in her lower belly.

Her eyes popped open. “Do that again!”

Friedrich obeyed, moaning as Sam’s thrust pushed him deeply into her. The same slide, and the same burst of ecstatic fire through her. That had never happened before, not with the pets she allowed to pleasure her, or even with Sam. “Keep doing that, just like that.”

Friedrich was breathing hard now, his large body trembling against hers from the strain of holding himself in position. Sam obviously felt it as well, because he said, “Friedrich, don’t work so hard. Let me do the driving. Just relax and enjoy Kat.”

“Ja.” It was a breathless grunt, but some of the tremors eased. Under Sam’s guidance, the three of them found a rhythm that drove Friedrich’s cock perfectly over her clit, pistoning deep inside her as Sam plunged inside the German. The bed began to creak, then squeak angrily under them.

“Good thing we have a suite,” Sam gasped. “Don’t — hah — want the neighbors calling — hah! — the cops on us.”

Even with her rising pleasure, Kat still managed to roll her eyes. “Just shut up and fuck him, Sam.”

She heard him chuckle, and then the pace stepped up, the bed now giving a cacophony of squeaks. Kat lifted up and took one of Friedrich’s hard nipples into her mouth, sucking it before biting down. His cock swelled inside her, and he buried his mouth in her hair and screamed as he exploded into the rubber.

“Oh, God, yes!” Sam gave another thrust, and another, them moaned loudly. The combined energy of their climaxes tipped Kat over the edge. She came hard around Friedrich, wrapping her arms and legs around him and Sam as she bucked against them, lost in the hot burst of pleasure.

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  1. *fans self*

    Hurry up and finish writing this, please!

  2. Wow. That was definitely an awesome tease.

  3. Sounds like a great story! I love the sexy menage scene and chuckled when Kat told him to shut up. LOL

    Thanks for teasing!

  4. Oh wow that’s a hot scene! *reaching for bottle of cold water* LOL

  5. OMFG! You had me at, “Kat stared up at the German, now perched between her splayed thighs. His sheathed cock, thick and throbbing, rested against her pubic mound, and her clit ached for contact with it.” And now, I need my A/C on.

  6. Oh wow. I don’t think I’ve read something like this before. 😀

  7. You had me at “the thick heft of his shaft”. My mind supplied some nice visuals from that point forward…but that poor bed!

  8. Sorry for the delay on commenting on your tease. I was in editing/writing hell all week. I liked the line about he was a slave to their pleasure and his own. Hot scene! Great tease! 🙂

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