Cover Reveal: Trickster

Just got the final cover for Trickster from Evernight, and man, I adore working with a publisher who listens to your feedback and works with you on cover art instead of leaving you completely out of the loop. Ain’t it purty? As soon as I get a release date, I’ll be announcing it here, so stay tuned!


And just because I’m feeling really pumped about this, here’s another little snippet to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

“Kiss me,” Delaney repeated. “Just a plain old kiss, no tongues or anything. If you’re not my mate, then you won’t feel a damned thing. And if that happens, then I’ll leave you alone. You won’t even see me for the rest of your contract with Trickster.”

Mark looked torn. “And if I feel … something?”

Delaney shrugged. “Then you give me a chance. Go on a date with me, get to know me, let me get to know you. I swear to God, I’m actually pretty personable when my dick isn’t trying to drain all the blood from my body.”

That dragged Mark’s attention downward, and his eyes widened. “Jesus. You’re–”

“Hard. Yeah, I know.” Delaney looked down at his throbbing cock and sighed. “If I can ignore it, so can you. Just kiss me once, and we can get this all over with.”

“This is insane.” But he could already hear Mark’s heartbeat speed up. “One kiss. And no tongues.”

“Shifter’s honor.”

Mark muttered something under his breath, then nervously licked his lips before puckering them in a perfect duckface.

Delaney grinned. “Really? That’s how you kiss someone? No wonder you haven’t gotten to first base with Whatsername.”

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