Onward, Forward, Upward on a Sunday

With Storm Season about to be released, it’s time to start the outlining process for Book Two in the Olympic Cove series, Breaker Zone. I’ve had the general romance outline of the story in my head for quite some time, now — Dr. Nick Gardiner, a friend of Ian’s from Chicago, shows up on the cottage doorstep after a traumatic experience sends him running for his life. After a shocking introduction to Ian’s new existence, Nick becomes the student of a contentious Chiron, and falls in love with Kieran and Liam, two mermen with a shared secret.

Apart from that, however, I didn’t really have details about how this new triad plays into the war with Storm Season‘s Big Baddie, nor did have details about Nick, Kieran and Liam apart from what they looked like and the fact that both Ki and Liam have kids (merfolk society is gender-indifferent, but requires its members to reproduce in order to keep up population numbers). After spending the last couple of days noodling, however, I now, have the theme of the book — losing and regaining trust (Storm Season‘s theme is personal responsibility, in case you’re interested, and the third book, Deep Current, has a theme of faith). With that in place, I’m moving forward on the plot outline, which looks to include quite a lot of suspense if my early plot points stay true. I also discovered that Nick used to play drums with a grunge band back in college, Ki is a brilliant hunter and loyal lover but not the sharpest shell in the sea, and Liam is more than a bit kinky (which appeals to Nick’s submissive side and will play nicely into certain scenes I’ve already mapped out).

So yeah, that’s my Sunday. How is yours shaping up?

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