What to do when you get a rejection

Today I got a very nice rejection email from the agent I queried about Storm Season. It wasn’t deemed a good fit for their agency, but they suggested I continue to look for other agents as opinions vary widely.

Now, rejections are normal in pretty much every writer’s life, and Lord knows I’ve collected enough in my career. Am I disappointed that the agent wasn’t interested in Storm Season? Yes, of course I am. Nobody likes to be rejected, and it would have been nifty to be represented by this agency.

Am I surprised that they passed on it? Honestly, not all that much. Storm Season is, after all, a MMM menage erotic romance, and while those are very popular with e-publishers, I suspect they’re a harder (hur hur) sell when it comes to print publishers. An agent is all about salable books, so their decision to pass is understandable. Also, it’s not like they said, “Whatever made you think you were literate in the first place, you babbling hag? Never darken our phosphors again.” So if I have something that might be a better fit for them (and I don’t have an agent by then), I can always try submitting new stuff in the future.

Am I giving up writing entirely, deleting the file and eating an entire half gallon of Butter Pecan to drown my sorrows in a diabetic coma? No. Rejections are part of the game — they happen, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and submit your work to the next person on your list. Now, I’m not going to do that exactly with Storm Season — yes, I could continue to ping agents, but I suspect I’ll get the same response from them simply because of the subject matter. As I already have an e-publisher in mind, I’ll be submitting it there as soon as I finish the polish and write a one-page synopsis.

Ultimately, I have faith in my writing. I know Storm Season will sell — my hard-nosed nitpicky beta readers have loved it — and I know it’ll find an audience. I just have to be patient and keep on looking for the right market. And I will sell other books as well, because I won’t stop until I do. It’s simple as that.

Although I have to admit, butter pecan does sound pretty good right about now…

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