Six Sentence Sunday: Behind the Iron Cross

Yes, angels, it’s Six Sentence Sunday, that time of the week when I join in with hundreds of other writers to blog six playful sentences from one of our works. This snippet really isn’t all that playful, but I think it’s a nice piece of character exposition and I’m rather proud of it.

Some background: after Friedrich’s first night with Kat and Sam, he heads home in the rain to the desultory working-class neighborhood of Friedrichshain, where he runs into a prostitute trying to hustle up rent money. When he turns her down, she opens her coat, exposing a pregnant belly, and offers to have sex with him for fifty cents (in Weimar Berlin Münzis, or pregnant prostitutes, were an exotic specialty and charged more than the average streetwalker, but she complains bitterly that the bitches won’t let her work their street). Saddened, he fishes an American dime, part of his own whoring fee for the night, out of his pocket and presses it into her hand. She starts to say that it isn’t enough.

“No, just — just take it. For the baby.”

He left her staring at the coin and started walking again. He still had the dollar, with a promise of more — he could spare a dime for a pregnant whore stuck out in the rain.

After all, he thought, they were both whores now. Nothing wrong with a little collegial assistance.

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