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Sleep? What means this word, sleep?

December 14, 2018: Hoo boy. Well, Behind the Iron Cross was finally released after six years of work, research, and broken promises, so I’ve got that going for me. I currently have King of Blades (Two Thrones #4) and Windrider and the Deuce (a Two Thrones novella) on the writing desk, and I’m noodling with a holiday romance that I may save for next Christmas. Right now this is the plan for 2019 — first off I’m going to do a new contemporary romcom, title TBA, set in the same world as To My Muse about two actors who find out that they might have accidentally gotten married for real during a film shoot and have to travel to Romania to get it sorted out (yes, you all know what this is based on). After that I need to do the last Esposito County Shifters novella, Shifter Woods: Scream, then Uncertainty Principle (Pacifica Rising 2), then Two Thrones 5 (title TBA). Next year I will also get the rights back for Breaker Zone (Olympic Cove 2) and Two to Tango (which will be renamed Stealing Dmitri and will get a re-edit and additional chapters), so keep an eye out for those as well.

And since I’m getting questions about the Olympic Cove books — I promise you that I will finish the series. But contractually I can’t release any new books until all the rights for the current books revert to me. That will happen in early 2020 so you can look forward to books 4-6 coming out then.

October 4, 2016: Palace of Scoundrels is done and out, and Behind the Iron Cross will be out in two weeks, plus I may get Do No Harm out this month as well, whee! The last book for the year will be my bisexual, quasi-historical, blatant sex comedy The Chevalier (think The Three Musketeers if d’Artagnan was bi and getting talked into bed by pretty much everyone in the palace) with a stunning cover featuring the inimitable Colby Keller as model (photographed by the amazing Javier Cortina).

March 26, 2016: Might be nice if I updated this, hey? So, on the writing table is Cross Current (Oympic Cove #4), Palace of Scoundrels (sequel to Empress of Storms), and a short story for Evernight’s Dark Captive anthology, plus I’m editing Iron Cross. Once all that’s done, it’s time for that Trickster sequel to finally get finished, and then there are the non-romance writing projects that are pending. On the plus side, I’ve made way more on Empress of Storms than I expected, so that means the kitties get the GOOD kibble, plus I can come to RT this year with costumes for Cirque du Punk. This is gonna be good.

November 23, 2014: Two novels, two novellas, and one short story sold to Evernight this year (two short stories if they accept “Fine Dining” for their uniform antho. Concurrently editing Breaker Zone and writing Deep Water (Books 2 and 3 in the Olympic Cove series), after which I still need to finish Iron Cross, write the Harlequin novella I want to do, then do the Trickster sequel. Plus I now have an idea for a stingray shifter story. Will settle for minions at this point, clones being unrealistic.

June 25, 2014: I’m 20K away from the end of Breaker Zone, I have a sequel to Trickster in mind, I want to do a Planet Alpha novella, and I still have to finish Iron Cross and get it off to my betas (and then, please God, to potential agents). Plus I have another project to work on. Plus I need to edit and submit my non-erotic romance novels. I need clones.

March 30, 2014: Holy crap. Two to Tango was bought by Evernight, Storm Season is coming out in print, as of tomorrow I’m back to work on Breaker Zone and Iron Cross, and I have a really, really good short story idea for the EP Office Assistant anthology. When it rains it pours!

March 24, 2014: The WIP That Would Not Die (aka Two to Tango) finally clocked in at 65.5K, and may grow a bit if Evernight buys it and I have to do edits. It was SUPPOSED to be around 40K, but this is what happens when your brain comes up with plot, plot, and more plot. Anyway, it’s off and now I can go back to work on Breaker Zone and Behind the Iron Cross.

January 13, 2014: Back in November I came up with a M/M Alpha shifter story idea for an Evernight antho call, but that was also the month I came down with the plague. Thanks to the various medications I was on the story idea just wouldn’t gel properly, and after three failed attempts I gave up and stuck all three versions in the “maybe someday” file.

Fast forward to last week. While I was working on Two to Tango, I decided to take a break and flip through my “maybe someday” file as a palate cleanser. I found the most advanced version of the Alpha shifter story at 6K words and thought, “Hmm, this is kind of a cool concept, really. If I expand it I can submit it as an ROTG story. I’ll just add a little more on, then go back to my original project.”

Ho ho ho. The next thing I knew, it was Sunday, my sleep cycle was completely flipped, I was knee deep in corporate espionage and the complications of M/M human/shifter mating when neither of them were gay, and I’d gone straight past ROTG length and was closing in on 20K. Plus my shifter was no longer an Alpha (which actually worked better, considering one of the other characters really needed to be the Alpha), and I came up with a novel way to send Morse code in an office environment.

TL;dr — My newest story Trickster has been submitted to Evernight as of this morning. Keep your fingers crossed!

September 25, 2013: This summer has sucked, pure and simple. If you read my blog, you know that my cat Jordan developed GI lymphoma over the summer, and a great deal of time was spent taking care of him, trying to get him to eat, and generally worrying my ass off over him. He died on 9/19/13, and we just got his ashes back today. I was going to work on Two to Tango tonight, but couldn’t quite get myself to focus (quelle suprise). So yeah, Breaker Zone, Iron Cross, and Two to Tango are all in the writing queue at the moment. I’m hoping to get TtT done by next week so that I can submit it to Evernight (and then tell John Barrowman what he inspired at Dallas ComicCon the following weekend).

July 20, 2013: So, yeah, I should be at 57K on Breaker Zone right now, but due to a holiday weekend away and the fact that Ramón has been working nights and this has thrown my circadian into a tizzy, I’m only at 24K. Theoretically I could make up 33K along with my standard daily work count by the end of the month, but I’m not holding my breath. It doesn’t help that Barrowman and Collins are up to their usual tricks at ComicCon this weekend, and I have new inspirational pics for Two to Tango. Will you two keep your hands off each other already?

June 11, 2013: Who puts a mini-discussion about Brazilians into a seduction scene? Me, because my characters are very weird. Also, 6,200 words into an erotic romance story, halfway through a sex scene, is not when you should realize that your hero hasn’t kissed your heroine yet. 8,500 words into the story, and suddenly I’m writing about being deserted on prom night. Well, that angst escalated quickly. But finally “Grading the Curve” was finished and sent off to Evernight for their HIM: Strength and Innocence antho. Phoo. I need a drink.

June 4, 2013: Okay, so the HIM: Strength and Innocence antho call from Evernight Publishing temporarily pulled me off Two to Tango and Behind the Iron Cross, plus I had a house guest and had to dig this place out of the dust rhinos and piles of crap that built up while I was working on Storm Season. I’ve already sent off the MM short story entry and am in the middle of finishing the MF entry (I know, me writing het sex. Who’d a thunk it?). Once that’s submitted, I’m back to work on Two to Tango and Behind the Iron Cross, I promise.

And for eager fans of Storm Season, once Iron Cross is done I’ll start work on Breaker Zone, Book Two in the Olympic Cove series. After that, I’ll be working on my yet-untitled MMF Victorian paranormal erotic romance — a flash fiction section of it is available here.

  1. When will book three of the Olympic Cove Series be done?

  2. Do you know when Deep Water will be out and be able to be purchased? I would like to be able to know so I can look for it. Thank You.

    • I’m finishing up Evernight’s edits right now and plan on turning it back in on Thursday, so we’re looking at a late July/early August release. As soon as I know the exact date, I’ll post news on the front page here and social media.

  3. So after reading “Deep Water” and that cliffhanger ending this leads me to conclude that there is going to be more in the series….please…..cause you can’t let it drop there with a duh duh daah! So give….you have plans to write more down the line?

    • There will be three more books in the series. The next book, CROSS CURRENT, features a recently divorced human named Matt Taber who gets co-opted by the Oracle of the Waters, a merman, a selkie prince, his betrothed and her handmaiden/lover. Yeah, it’s MMMFF. My editor said, “Um…are you sure?” I promised her it would work. It’s going to be more comedic action/adventure than anything.

      After that is LAND LOCKED (working title) featuring a human female who works at Atlantic Rentals who discovers a merman and a satyr in flagrante delicto while prepping one of the cottages for rental. The three of them have to team up and investigate the nanotech company that poisoned Thetis, and wind up falling for each other in the process.

      The last book will be DARK TIDE (working title) which features Chiron. After being struck by lightning, he wakes up on a beach in a living body — a living human body. He winds up at Olympic Regional Medical Center’s ER where Nick claims he’s his uncle Kai. Chiron must now figure out how he wound up alive again (and human to boot), while falling for ORMC’s chief of Emergency Medicine Laura Reyes. Both of them get roped into helping Ian, Poseidon and the rest of the Olympic Cove crew in the final battle against Thetis and her allies.

  4. Oh and can you post a picture of the symbol that Ami, Posideon, and Griffon had on their backs. It would be neat to see.

  5. Those I would love to see. Cause it is hard to imagine them in your mind when reading and sometimes it is nice to have a visual image to go back to. So when you get them done let me know so I can take a gander at them.

  6. Put any work into the Olympic Cove series lately? Cause I am still looking out for more of that series to come out.

  7. A long, long, long, long, time ago you stated that you were working on three mor books for the Olympic Cove series. Are you still working on them or are you going to update the other three first and the do it?

    • Here’s the deal — I’m getting the rights for the books back from Evernight. Until I get all three books back, the last of which will revert in 2020, I can’t release any new Olympic Cove stories. That being said, I’m working on books 4-6, will have them all done and ready for release once I get Deep Water back, and will be releasing them one a month once the newly re-edited and recovered Deep Water goes out. I’m really sorry about the delay, but I have to comply with my contract. But if nothing else, you have three new OC books to look forward to in 2020.

  8. I truly am sorry about the delay — I’d much rather have the new books out in the next year myself.

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